Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary matters  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- General matters  

   4.      Approved VET courses (Act s. 5(1))  
   5.      Corresponding laws (Act s. 5(1))  
   6.      Prescribed VET qualifications (Act s. 5(1))

   PART 3 -- Regulations for Part 7A of the Act

           Division 1 -- General matters  

   7.      Terms used  
   8.      Council to have regard to, and apply, certain standards  
   9.      Register

           Division 2 -- Registration of training providers  

   10.     Applying to be registered training provider  
   11.     Dealing with applications  
   12.     Registering training providers  
   13.     Conditions of registration  
   14.     Period of registration  
   15.     Annual fees payable by registered training providers  
   16.     Renewal of registration  
   17.     Varying registration  
   18.     Cancelling registration if provider’s operations change  
   19.     Suspending or cancelling registration  
   20.     Suspension of WA registered provider may be on terms  
   21.     Effect of suspension of WA registered provider  
   22.     Requests for reassessment of decision to suspend WA registered provider  
   23.     Fees

           Division 3 -- Audits of, and investigations into, training providers  

   24.     Terms used  
   25.     Audits  
   26A.    Compliance audits  
   26B.    Investigations of complaints  
   26C.    Circumstances in which a charge may be waived in whole or in part  
   26D.    Rounding

           Division 4 -- Obligations of registered training providers and of the Council  

   26.     Reporting to Council  
   27.     Giving Council information on ceasing operations  
   28A.    Person may obtain from Council certified copies of information

           Division 5 -- Accreditation of VET courses  

   28.     Applying to have VET course accredited  
   29.     Dealing with applications  
   30.     Accrediting VET courses  
   31.     Period of accreditation  
   32.     Renewing accreditation  
   33A.    Varying accreditation  
   33.     Cancelling accreditation  
   34A.    Validity of decisions unaffected

   PART 4 -- Regulations for Part 7 of the Act

           Division 1 -- General matters  

   34.     Term used: nominated training provider  
   35.     Chief executive may delegate

           Division 2 -- Classifying prescribed VET qualifications  

   36.     Who Board must consult (Act s. 60C)  
   37.     Board’s advice and recommendations to Minister (Act s. 60C)

           Division 3 -- Training contracts  

   38.     Form and content of training contracts  
   39.     Probation periods of training contracts  
   40.     Children’s capacity to enter into training contracts  
   41.     Lodging training contracts for registration (Act s. 60F)  
   42.     Registering training contracts (Act s. 60F)  
   43.     Training plans for training contracts  
   44.     Cancellation of registration by chief executive (Act s. 60F)  
   45.     Chief executive may require persons involved in training contracts to provide information  
   46.     Variation of training contract by parties (Act s. 60E)  
   47.     Assignment of training contract to another employer (Act s. 60E)  
   48.     Suspension of training contract by parties (Act s. 60E)  
   49.     Suspension by employer (Act s. 60E)  
   50.     Termination of training contract by parties (Act s. 60G)  
   51.     Approval of termination of training contract by chief executive (Act s. 60G)  
   52.     Completion of training contract  
   52A.    Resolution of disputes by chief executive

           Division 4 -- Procedure and appeals  

   53.     Procedure on applications  
   54.     Appeals

   PART 5 -- Repeals and transitional matters  

   55.     Term used: commencement  
   57.     Registered training providers  
   58.     Accredited courses  
   59.     Traineeship contracts  
   60.     Apprentices learning trades, transitional provisions for

   PART 6 -- Transitional provisions for Vocational Education and Training (General) Amendment Regulations 2015  

   61.     Terms used  
   62.     Mandatory conditions applicable to WA registered providers during transitional period  
   63.     Applications before commencement day
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Training contract
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Provisions about old agreements and old training contracts  
           Compilation table

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