About this Database

This database contains decisions from June 1995 of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The decisions in this database are all those that have been selected and provided by the Court. Decisions are usually sent on a daily basis. Decisions are also available at the Court site.

Database Statistics

  • 12/11/2015 last updated
  • 12/11/2015 most recent decision
  • 26,524 number of decisions

About this Journal

This database contains documents from the Aboriginal Law Bulletin (AboriginalLawB). In April 1997, it was renamed as the Indigenous Law Bulletin (IndigLawB). More information can be found on the Bulletin website.

Names of Deceased People

The Indigenous/Aboriginal Law Bulletin may contain names of and other references to deceased persons. This may cause distress, especially to the relatives of these people.

Where requested by relatives or representatives, names which have appeared in the original print edition have been suppressed for this reproduction.

Sensitive Use

Users are required to treat this material with sensitivity, being aware that it may contain words or descriptions which may be offensive or distressing.

Reproduction for Online Use

The ILB/ALB is now fully text searchable on AustLII. The wording of all articles is in its original form, except where names have been suppressed as above. For older material, where original digital material was not available, original print editions have been scanned, and the text extracted by character recognition software. All possible efforts to proofread the material have been made, but it is possible some errors remain where words have been wrongly recognised by the software. References in the text to other articles in the ILB/ALB are print citations.