AustLII's 2022 End of Year Appeal - Please support free access to law


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has already donated to AustLII in 2022 so far. Donations are our core income.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who makes a donation, not only because you donated, but also because your contributions are a vote of confidence in us and in our mission of helping others find and understand the law. AustLII's fundamental guiding principles are that free access to public legal information is a democratic right that promotes justice and the rule of law, and that public legal information is digital common property and should be accessible to all on a non-profit basis and free of charge.

Your support helps people access and understand the law each year, and it is a powerful affirmation of AustLII's mission. You help us to serve the millions of people who rely on AustLII to keep them informed about the law in Australia.