AustLII's 2015 End of Year Appeal

AustLII 20th

We are asking you to help us make sure AustLII stays free for everyone to use.

This year AustLII celebrated its 20th Anniversary. We are proud to have reached this milestone. We believe that over the past twenty years we have developed the most comprehensive online resource of free-access legal information in any jurisdiction in the world.

We rely on the support of our users to provide the essential funding that enables the AustLII Foundation to maintain the human resources, technical capacity and computing infrastructure to keep AustLII on line. It takes approximately $1 million dollars per year to maintain the free-access electronic library. To date our contributions have reached just over $800,000.

For twenty years AustLII has provided free access to public legal information for everyone, irrespective of their means. This supports the effective functioning of the rule of law, and provides essential legal information that benefits the community. AustLII does not sell advertising or seek user access subscriptions because they are inconsistent with our commitment to free access. Read our Case for Support for more information.

AustLII is Australia's most widely used source of legal information. In 2014, the AustLII website received over 223 million hits and over 18 terabytes of data were downloaded. AustLII maintained its number one market position in the online legal category throughout 2014 and increased its market share to over 30% (figures provided by Hitwise). This category includes websites from legal information providers in government, publishers, courts and tribunals, law societies, legal firms and the bar. We are currently maintaining over 700 databases of Australasian legal information. The costs of maintaining and improving AustLII’s services are necessarily increasing each year.

In order to maintain our service, AustLII asks all its users who can afford to do so to make a regular contribution that reflects the value of AustLII to them and to the Australian community. The legal profession, business and industry, courts and tribunals, government agencies, educational institutions and the general community all make contributions to support AustLII. See who supports us.

The AustLII Foundation Limited, a not-for-profit company with charitable Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, maintains our Australian services. This means that all contributions to AustLII (over $2) are tax deductible.

Please support AustLII by making a contribution today.

Thank you.