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Law via the Internet 2005

7th Conference on 
Computerisation of Law via the Internet

University of the South Pacific
Emalus Campus, Port Vila, Vanuatu
17-19 November 2005

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Submission of papers is  invited on the following topics, but papers on other aspects of access to law via the Internet are also  welcome:
  • 'Point-in-time' and other enhancements to online legislation
  • Free access to law in developing countries on the Internet: How to obtain and sustain it?
  • Multi-lingual issues in access to law
  • Quality control and timeliness of online legal services
  • Social impact of access to law - Self-representation, privacy etc
  • Who owns the law?; politics, copyright, and the commons movement
  • Legal information for fee and for free: A symbiotic relationship?
  • Standards for law on the web - citations, metadata, legalXML etc
  • Community legal services - using and providing information
  • International law on the web: Treaties, International Courts etc
  • Finding law across the web - indexing and searching
  • Litigation support on the web
  • Innovative research uses of online legal data
  • Court registries and electronic filing / transactions
  • The effect of the Internet on legal practice
  • Interactive and 'intelligent' legal services on the web
  • Globalisation of free access to law
  • Teaching law using internet resources
  • Automation of large-scale legal data on the web
  • Commercial legal publishing via the web - survival or maturity?

This year we hope to have a particular focus on the following areas: encouraging free access to law in developing countries; Europe's moves toward coordinated free access to law; social impact of access to legal information; legislation systems; search techniques for legal information; and innovative research uses of online legal data. Papers in these areas are particularly welcome.

Papers may be submitted on other topics dealing with internet-based legal resources. Papers will not be accepted concerning 'cyberspace law' (except those relating directly to legal resources on the web, such as liability issues or Crown copyright), or concerning legal computerisation unrelated to the internet (CD-ROM products etc).

Papers submitted should constitute more than a site description , and should raise issues of theoretical or practical importance to others who are developing or using internet-based law resources.

We hope you can join us in November.

Robynne Blake, Director, PacLII
Graham Greenleaf, Co-Director, AustLII and WorldLII
Programme Co-Chairs

Submitted, Refereed and Invited Papers

Submitted papers / abstracts will be considered by the Programme Co-Chairs (Robynne Blake and Graham Greenleaf), PacLII/AustLII staff and selected referees, at the discretion of the Programme Chair. Submitted papers will not be automatically subjected to a formal refereeing process, but submitters may request formal refereeing of their paper. Any papers accepted after refereeing will be marked 'Refereed Paper' in the Conference Proceedings. PacLII/AustLII may also invite the presentation of papers, at its discretion.


Key Dates

  • 12 August 2005 - Submission of extended abstract / draft full paper
  • 16 September 2005 - Notifications of acceptance sent out by PacLII/AustLII (unless advised earlier)
  • 14 October 2005 - Finalised / revised papers due
Submissions may be made by email to the Programme Co-Chairs ( by these three means: 
(i) plain text in the body of the email (for abstracts only); or 
(ii) an attached RTF file (only); or 
(iii) the URL of a web page containing the abstract / paper.

Submissions/attachments in other forms will be ignored unless prior enquiries are made.

When submitting a paper, please indicate if formal refereeing is required. If a paper is by joint authors, the name and email address of the author who is to receive any notifications should be provided.

The finalised paper will be required in RTF (exceptions may be made on request), and a style guide will be provided with the notification of acceptance. Please use styles recognised by RTF to HTML such as: 'Heading 1' for the title of the paper; 'Heading 2', 'Heading 3' etc for sub-headings in the text; 'bullet list' for lists etc.

Publication of Papers

Papers are to be submitted on the following basis:
  • A CD-ROM will be provided to Conference delegates.
  • CD-ROMs will be available for purchase after the Conference.
  • All Conference papers will be available in the 'Computerisation of Law Resources' database on AustLII within 6 months of the completion of the Conference.

Authors are free to publish their papers elsewhere once the Conference has concluded. AustLII will assist editors of print and electronic journals to contact authors to discuss publication of papers.

See the Conference Home Page for Registration and other details