Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Terms used  
   4.      Application of regulations  
   5.      Radioactive substances for purposes of Act  
   6.      Irradiating apparatus for purposes of Act  
   7.      Prescribed and exempted electronic products  
   7A.     Exemption for radioactive substances contained in certain self luminous devices  
   7B.     Exemptions relating to Americium 241 contained in certain smoke detectors  
   7C.     Exemption for certain radioactive substances contained in electron capture detector  
   7D.     Exemption for Nickel 63 contained in ion mobility spectrometer  
   8.      Period for registration

   PART II -- General precautions and requirements relating to radiation safety  

   9.      Restriction on advertisements and advertising material  
   10.     Applications for licences and registrations, and prescribing of registers  
   10A.    Industrial radiographers to carry and produce licence cards  
   10B.    Employment of radiation workers under 16 years of age prohibited  
   11.     Personal files  
   12.     Records relating to radioactive substances, irradiating apparatus and electronic products  
   13.     Records of surveys, tests and calibrations of equipment  
   14.     Reporting of losses and thefts  
   15.     Action to be taken if excessive dose equivalents of ionising radiation received or excessive concentrations of radioactive substances released  
   16.     Monitoring instruments  
   17.     Shielding, protective equipment and safety devices in relation to repair or installation  
   18.     Appointment of radiation safety officers and radiation safety committees  
   19.     Responsibility for radiation safety precautions generally  
   19A.    Abnormal or unplanned radiation exposures  
   20.     Manufacture, use etc. to be confined to certain premises  
   21.     Medical examinations  
   22.     Warning signs and labels  
   23.     Radiation surveys and calibrations  
   24.     Dose equivalent limits and maximum permissible exposure levels not to be exceeded  
   25.     Personal monitoring devices  
   25A.    Radiation monitoring organizations  
   26.     Monitoring of radiation otherwise than by personal monitoring devices

   PART III -- Radioactive substances  

   27.     Restrictions on activities of licensees and others in respect of radioactive substances  
   28.     Conditions on registration of premises  
   28A.    Exemption from registration of premises for temporary storage while in transit  
   29.     Labelling of radioactive substances  
   30.     Storage of radioactive substances  
   31.     Release or disposal of radioactive substances  
   31A.    Near‑surface disposal of radioactive waste  
   32.     Records, reports and notifications relating to radioactive substances  
   33.     Control of exposure to radiation

   PART IV -- Irradiating apparatus  

   34.     Exemption from licensing in relation to irradiating apparatus  
   35.     Information to be furnished by suppliers of certain irradiating apparatus  
   36.     Conditions on registration of irradiating apparatus  
   37.     Conditions on registration of premises  
   38.     Restrictions on use of irradiating apparatus

   PART V -- Electronic products

           Division 1 -- Microwave ovens  

   39.     New microwave ovens to comply with microwave oven standard  
   40.     Commercial microwave ovens to be tested

           Division 2 -- Lasers  

   52.     Terms used  
   53.     Lasers to be in compliance with the laser safety standard  
   53A.    Regulations 54, 55 and 56 are in addition to regulation 53  
   53B.    Laser pointers  
   54.     Regulated class 3B lasers  
   55.     Class 4 lasers  
   56.     Requirements for enclosed lasers

   PART VI -- General  

   57.     Penalties  
   58.     Fees  
   59.     Forms
           SCHEDULE I
           SCHEDULE II
           SCHEDULE III -- Exemption Label
           SCHEDULE IV
           SCHEDULE V
           SCHEDULE VI
           SCHEDULE VII -- Exempted electronic products
           SCHEDULE VIIA
           SCHEDULE VIII
           SCHEDULE IX
           SCHEDULE X
           SCHEDULE XI
           SCHEDULE XIII
           SCHEDULE XIV
           SCHEDULE XV -- Fees
           SCHEDULE XVI
           Compilation table

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