Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   2AA.    Term used: head office

   PART 2 -- Administrative matters  

   2A.     Draft policies, where and when public may inspect (Act s. 26(1)(d))  
   2B.     Minutes of EPA, public inspection of  
   2C.     Proposals of prescribed class (Act s. 38)  
   3.      Details prescribed for records of proposals (Act s. 39(1)); where and when public may inspect records

   PART 3 -- Control of pollution generally  

   4.      Terms used; amounts of units for fees  
   5.      Premises prescribed (Act Part V)  
   5A.     Registration of Sch. 1 Part 2 premises, effect and cancellation of etc.  
   5B.     Registration of premises, application for etc.  
   5BA.    Fees prescribed for works approval (Act s. 54(1))  
   5BB.    Fees prescribed for amending works approval or licence (Act s. 59B(1))  
   5C.     Fees prescribed for transfer of works approval or licence (Act s. 64(1))  
   5CA.    Fee for works approval, CEO may waive  
   5CAA.   Manner of advertising prescribed (Act s. 54(2a))  
   5CB.    Replacement of expiring licence, application for  
   5D.     Prescribed premises, fee for licence for  
   5DA.    Payment of licence fees  
   5E.     Amount in r. 5D(1a)(c), calculation of  
   5EA.    Fees under r. 5D(1a)(b) and (c), CEO may waive  
   5EB.    Fees under r. 5D, CEO may waive  
   5F.     Fee under r. 5D(1a)(c) if discharged waste harmless  
   5G.     Maximum fees under r. 5D(1a)  
   5H.     Partial refunds of fees for licences  
   5I.     Certain matters relevant to fees to be determined by CEO  
   5IA.    Compliance with best practice criteria may be condition of licence (Act s. 62(2))  
   5J.     Manner of advertising prescribed (Act s. 57(2a))  
   5K.     Details of discharge prescribed (Act s. 72(1))  
   5L.     Manner of notifying prescribed (Act s. 72)  
   5M.     Changes in information given to Department, occupier etc. to notify Department of  
   5N.     Transitional provision (reduced fees)  
   5O.     Reduction, waiver, or refund of fees, CEO’s powers as to

   PART 4 -- Audible alarms  

   6.      Period prescribed for audible alarms (Act s. 99(1)(a))

   PART 5 -- Appeals  

   7.      Commencing appeals under Act Part VII, manner of  
   8.      Decisions on appeals, Minister to publish  
   9.      Decisions on appeals, persons to be notified of

   PART 6 -- Tyres  

   11.     Terms used; calculating quantity of used tyres  
   12.     Disposal and storage of tyres prescribed as alteration of environment (Act s. 3(1) pollution)  
   13.     Transport of used tyres for reward etc., when permitted  
   13A.    Tyre retailer not to damage used tyres  
   14.     Disposal of tyres, permitted means for  
   15.     Used tyres, storage of on licensed premises

   PART 7 -- Anti‑fouling paint  

   16.     Organotin anti‑fouling paint, restrictions on use, sale etc. of

   PART 7A -- Burning on development sites  

   16A.    Terms used  
   16B.    Burning vegetation etc. on development sites in Sch. 5A areas restricted

   PART 8 -- Monitoring  

   17.     Terms used  
   18.     Conditions prescribed (Act s. 62(2))  
   19.     Approved monitoring equipment, to be used in specified monitoring programmes  
   20.     Approved monitoring equipment, duty to ensure accuracy of  
   20A.    Approved monitoring equipment, duty to comply with conditions of approval of  
   20B.    Approved monitoring equipment, duty to report results of to CEO  
   20C.    Approved monitoring equipment, presumption of accuracy of  
   20D.    Report of specified monitoring programme, presumption of accuracy of measurement in  
   20E.    Inaccurate measurement in r. 20B report, duty to notify CEO of  
   20F.    Monitoring equipment, approval of  
   20G.    Monitoring equipment, conditions of approval of  
   20H.    Approval of monitoring equipment, revoking  
   20I.    Appeal against r. 20F, 20G or 20H decision  
   20J.    Revocation of approval, use of monitoring equipment pending determination of appeal against  
   20K.    CEO’s signature, judicial notice of  
   20KA.   Guidelines for performance of CEO’s functions, Minister may make etc.  
   20L.    Review of this Part

   PART 9 -- Landfill levy  

   21.     Terms used  
   22.     Application of this Part  
   23.     Exemptions from this Part; refunds etc. of levy  
   24.     Financial assurance, CEO may require from licensee with r. 23(1)(b) exemption  
   25.     Waste received at category 64 or 65 licensed landfill, calculating amount of  
   26.     Waste disposed of in category 63 licensed landfill, calculating amount of  
   26A.    Breach of r. 26, CEO may estimate amount in case of etc.  
   27.     Levy, determining amount of  
   28.     Financial assurance, licensees to pay  
   29.     Records of waste received, licensees’ duties as to  
   30.     Levy, payment of; returns to be lodged  
   31.     Audits, CEO’s powers to direct etc.  
   32.     CEO’s decisions, review of and appeal against  
   33.     Payment of levies is condition of licence

   PART 10 -- Things seized or forfeited  

   34.     Ways prescribed of dealing with seized things (Act s. 92B(1))  
   35.     Manner of giving notice prescribed (Act s. 92D)  
   36.     Ways prescribed of disposing of thing forfeited to Crown (Act s. 99W(1))

   PART 11 -- Modified penalties and Tier 2 offences  

   37.     Form of modified penalty notice prescribed (Act s. 99B(1))  
   38.     Form of notice of withdrawal prescribed (Act s. 99D(1))  
   39.     Particulars prescribed (Act s. 99E(3))  
   40.     Where and when public may inspect register (Act s. 99F(2))

   PART 12 -- Infringement notices and offences  

   41.     Infringement notice offences and modified penalties prescribed (Act s. 99H and 99K)  
   42.     Form of infringement notice prescribed (Act s. 99K(1))  
   43.     Form of notice of withdrawal prescribed (Act s. 99N(1))

   PART 13 -- Miscellaneous  

   44.     Maximum amount prescribed (Act s. 99Y(1))
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Prescribed premises
           SCHEDULE 3 -- Works approval fee
           SCHEDULE 4 -- Licence fee
           SCHEDULE 5 -- Tyre landfill exclusion zone
           SCHEDULE 5A -- Areas where burning matter on or from development sites is prohibited  
           SCHEDULE 6 -- Infringement notice offences
           SCHEDULE 7 -- Forms
           Compilation table

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