Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- General matters  

   4.      Approval of manner or form of things (s. 3)  
   5A.     Authorised persons (s. 3)  
   5.      Building surveyors (s. 3)  
   6A.     Building work (s. 3)  
   6.      Classification of buildings and incidental structures (s. 3)  
   10.     Owners of land (s. 5(1))  
   11A.    Restriction on circumstances where person treated as owner (s. 5(2))  
   11.     Fees  
   12.     Building records to be kept (s. 130)  
   13.     Inspection, copies of building records (s. 131)  
   14.     Provision of information to Building Commissioner (s. 132)  
   15A.    Provision of information to FES Commissioner (s. 149)  
   15B.    Modifications to AS 1926.1‑2012 (s. 150)

   PART 3 -- Building and demolition permits  

   15.     Uncertified applications (s. 14(2))  
   16.     Application for building and demolition permits (s. 16)  
   17.     Further information (s. 18(3) and (4))  
   18A.    Certificate of design compliance -- contents (s. 19(5))  
   18B.    Certificate of design compliance -- preliminary action (s. 19(6))  
   18C.    Certificate of design compliance -- things to accompany (s. 149)  
   18.     Grant of building permit (s. 20)  
   19.     Grant of demolition permit (s. 21)  
   20.     Time for deciding application for building or demolition permit (s. 23)  
   21.     Form and content of building permit (s. 25)  
   22.     Form and content of demolition permit (s. 25)  
   23.     Application to extend time during which permit has effect (s. 32)  
   24.     Extension of time during which permit has effect (s. 32(3))  
   25.     Review of decision to refuse to extend time during which permit has effect (s. 32(3))  
   26.     Approval of new responsible person (s. 35(c))  
   27.     Required inspection and tests: Class 2 to Class 9 buildings (s. 36(2)(a))  
   28.     Required inspection: barrier to private swimming pool (s. 36(2)(a))  
   29.     Inspection certificates (s. 36(2)(h) and (j))  
   30.     Transitional provisions (s. 203)

   PART 4 -- Building standards

           Division 1 -- Applicable building standards

              Subdivision 1 -- Building standards in relation to construction  

   31A.    Applicable building standards generally (s. 3, 19(3) and 37(1))  
   31BA.   Applicable building standards for buildings and incidental structures in bush fire prone areas (s. 3, 19(3), 37(1) and (2), 57(3), 49(b), 51(2) and (3))  
   31B.    Applicable building standards for alterations etc. before 1 May 2015 (s. 3, 19(3) and 37(1))  
   31C.    Applicable building standards for swimming pools (s. 3, 19(3) and 37(1) and (2))  
   31D.    Applicable building standards for relocated buildings and incidental structures (other than swimming pools) (s. 3, 19(3) and 37(1) and (2))  
   31E.    Applicable building standards for building work done without permit (s. 3 and 37(2))  
   31F.    Applicable building standards for replacement occupancy permit for permanent change of building’s use or for occupancy permit or building approval certificate for registration of strata scheme, plan of re-subdivision (s. 3, 57(3), 49(a), 50(1)(a) and (b) and 50(2)(a) and (b))  
   31G.    Applicable building standards for occupancy permit for unauthorised work to building, or for building approval certificate for unauthorised work to building or incidental structure (s. 3, 57(3) and 51(2) and (3))  
   31H.    Applicable building standards for modification of occupancy permit for additional use of building on temporary basis, for occupancy permit for building with existing authorisation or for building approval for building or incidental structure with existing authorisation (s. 3, 57(4)(b), 48 and 52(1) and (2))

              Subdivision 2 -- Building standards in relation to demolition  

   31I.    Applicable building standards in relation to demolition work (s. 3 and 38)

           Division 2 -- Demonstrating compliance with building standards  

   31J.    Compliance with building standards -- CodeMark certificates

           Division 3 -- Non‑application, modification, of building standards  

   31.     Terms used  
   32.     Statements to accompany application (s. 39(8)(b))  
   32A.    Statement to accompany transitional bush fire application (s. 39(8)(b))  
   33.     Decisions on applications (s. 39(9)(a))  
   34.     Revoking or amending declarations (s. 39(9)(b))

   PART 5 -- Occupancy permits and building approval certificates  

   35.     Display of occupancy permit details (s. 42(a))  
   36A.    Further information (s. 55(3) and (4))  
   36.     Certificate of building compliance (s. 57)  
   37.     Grant of occupancy permit or building approval certificate (s. 58)  
   38.     Time for granting occupancy permit or building approval certificate (s. 59)  
   39.     Occupancy permit and building approval certificates (s. 61(2))  
   40.     Extension of period of duration of time limited occupancy permit or building approval certificate (s. 65)

   PART 6 -- Circumstances in which building, demolition or occupancy permits not required  

   41.     Building work for which building permit not required (s. 9(b))  
   42.     Demolition work for which demolition permit not required (s. 10(c))  
   43.     Buildings for which occupancy permit not required (s. 41(2))

   PART 7 -- Work affecting other land  

   44A.    Terms used  
   44.     Owner of land for purposes of PART 6 of Act  
   45A.    Minor encroachments (s. 76(1)(c))  
   45B.    Circumstances prescribed for purposes of section 76(1)(e)  
   45.     Content of notice about effect on other land (s. 85)

   PART 8 -- Existing buildings

           Division 1 -- General  

   47.     Notification of change of classification of certain buildings and incidental structures

           Division 2A -- Maintenance  

   48A.    Maintenance of buildings

           Division 2 -- Private swimming pools  

   48.     Terms used  
   49.     Application of this Division  
   50.     Barrier to private swimming pool  
   51.     Approvals by permit authority  
   52.     Concessions for pre‑November 2001 private swimming pools  
   53.     Inspection of barrier to private swimming pool  
   54A.    Temporary pool barriers  
   54.     Transitional provisions -- persons authorised to carry out inspections of private swimming pools

           Division 3 -- Smoke alarms  

   55.     Terms used  
   56.     Requirement to have smoke alarms or similar prior to transfer of dwelling  
   57.     New owner must install smoke alarms or similar, and right to recover costs  
   58.     Requirement to have smoke alarms or similar prior to tenancy  
   59.     Requirement to have smoke alarms or similar prior to hire of dwelling  
   60.     Requirements for smoke alarms  
   61.     Local government approval of battery powered smoke alarms  
   62.     Requirement to maintain certain smoke alarms

   PART 10 -- Infringement notices  

   69.     Prescribed offences and modified penalties  
   70.     Approved officers and authorised officers  
   71.     Forms
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Estimated value of building work  
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Fees
           SCHEDULE 3 -- Inspections or tests of systems  
           SCHEDULE 4 -- Building work that does not require building permit  
           SCHEDULE 5 -- Areas of State where Part 8 Division 2 applies
           SCHEDULE 6 -- Prescribed offences and modified penalties
           SCHEDULE 7 -- Forms
           Compilation table

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