Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation  
   2.      Transitional provision  
   3.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- Licences, fees and commissions  

   9.      Application for licence  
   9A.     Application to conduct a designated sporting event  
   10.     Application for approval  
   11.     When licence may be renewed  
   12.     Grant of licence  
   14.     Effect of licence  
   16.     Duplicate licences  
   17.     Fees and charges  
   17A.    Bookmakers’ annual licence fee  
   17B.    On‑course totalisator annual licence fee  
   17C.    Percentage of bets to belong to RWWA  
   17D.    Percentage of bets to belong to racing club

   PART 3 -- Provisions relating to bookmakers  

   17E.    Levy which may be retained  
   18.     Security to be given  
   25.     Register  
   27.     Change of address  
   28.     Return of licence  
   29.     Production of licence  
   30.     Advertising  
   36.     Betting tickets  
   37.     Written record of betting transactions  
   38.     Supply of books  
   39.     Loss of books etc.  
   43.     Betting material  
   48.     Rules of Betting  
   48A.    Minimum bet obligations  
   49.     Bets on more than one result  
   50.     Permitted bets  
   51.     Place betting  
   52.     Concession betting  
   53.     Doubles other than multiple doubles  
   54.     Trebles  
   55.     All‑up  
   57.     Stand  
   58.     Use of stand  
   59.     Name of bookmaker to be shown  
   60.     Betting boards etc. to be approved  
   61.     Betting boards  
   62.     Omissions from betting board etc.  
   63.     Bets with domestic betting operators and totalisators  
   64.     Bet back by means of a betting exchange  
   68.     Cooperation with Commission in matters relating to betting disputes  
   71.     Telephone betting on sporting events  
   72.     Telephone betting on racing  
   73.     Credit betting other than by telephone  
   74.     Internet betting (sporting events)  
   75.     Internet betting (racing)  
   76.     Procedures for internet betting  
   77.     Form of search warrant

   PART 4 -- General conditions relating to bets made at or through on‑course totalisators and local on‑course totalisators

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   78.     Terms used

           Division 2 -- Betting with on‑course and local on‑course totalisators  

   79.     On‑course totalisator bets accepted subject to the rules and these regulations  
   80.     Local on‑course totalisator bets accepted subject to the rules and these regulations  
   81.      All bets to be 50 cents or multiples of 50 cents  
   82.     On‑course totalisator dividend as declared  
   83.     Local on‑course totalisator dividend as declared  
   84.     Bets may be refused  
   85.     Only authorised bets to be accepted  
   86.     Hours for opening  
   87.     Bets may be made by various methods  
   88.     On‑course totalisator bets to be properly marked  
   89.     Local on‑course totalisator bets to be properly marked  
   90.     Tickets to be properly marked  
   91.     Host racing club to exhibit notices at on‑course totalisator and local on‑course totalisator  
   92.     Correction of errors and omissions and the giving of certain refunds  
   93.     Time for payment of dividends or refunds for cash bets  
   94.     Presentation of tickets or claims  
   95.     When refunds of bets are payable

           Division 3 -- Miscellaneous discipline and offence provisions  

   96.     Person making bet bound by these regulations, the rules of wagering and instructions  
   97.     Offences relating to making and accepting wagers

   PART 5 -- Approval to publish or make available WA race fields  

   98.     Terms used  
   99.     Prescribed criteria: section 27D(5)  
   100.    Application for approval

   PART 6 -- Racing bets levy  

   101.    Term used: approved offshore betting operator  
   102.    Prescribed period: section 14A(2)(a)  
   103.    Information prescribed: section 27D(4A)(a)  
   104.    Manner of access to prescribed information: section 27D(4A)(a)  
   105.    Prescribed conditions: section 27D(4A)(b)  
   106.    Information prescribed: section 27F(2)(a)  
   107.    Manner of access to prescribed information: section 27F(2)(a)  
   108.    Prescribed conditions: section 27F(2)(b)  
   109.    Prescribed criteria: section 27F(4)  
   110.    Audited return
           Compilation table

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