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277 .         Registration of agents

        (1)         This section applies to the following persons —

            (a)         an officer of an organisation as defined in the Industrial Relations Act 1979 ;

            (b)         an officer of an association of employers or employees registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (Commonwealth) or under another law of the Commonwealth prescribed by the regulations;

            (c)         a person employed by an insurer or self-insurer;

            (d)         a person (other than a legal practitioner) employed by a legal practitioner or an incorporated legal practice;

            (e)         an employee or officer of an organisation prescribed by the regulations;

            (f)         a person, or a person in a class of persons, prescribed by the regulations.

        (2)         A person to whom this section applies may apply for registration as an agent in accordance with the regulations.

        (3)         Regulations are to —

            (a)         provide for a scheme of registration of persons for the purposes of this section and the procedure for obtaining registration; and

            (b)         prescribe the circumstances in which, and the procedures by which, a person may be refused registration, or registered subject to conditions, or the registration may be suspended or cancelled; and

            (c)         provide for applications for review by the State Administrative Tribunal of decisions refusing, suspending or cancelling registration or imposing conditions upon registration; and

            (d)         provide for any other matter necessary or convenient to be prescribed for the purposes of this section.

        (4)         A person is not to be registered under regulations made under this section unless that person can demonstrate that the person has professional indemnity insurance, or has sufficient material resources, of a kind prescribed by the regulations to provide professional indemnity.

        [Section 277 inserted by No. 42 of 2004 s. 130; amended by No. 16 of 2005 s. 28; No. 31 of 2011 s. 122.]

[Part XVII (s. 278-291) deleted by No. 31 of 2011 s. 21.]

        [Heading inserted by No. 42 of 2004 s. 130.]

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