Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title and commencement
   3.      Repeal and savings
   4.      Terms used
   4A.     Application of Act
   5.      Construction of other Acts and documents
   6A.     Courts and Tribunals (Electronic Processes Facilitation) Act 2013 Part 2 applies

   PART II -- Constitution of the Supreme Court  

   6.      Supreme Court of Western Australia
   7.      Divisions of the Court
   7A.     Appointment of judges, judges of appeal, Chief Justice and President
   8.      Qualification of judges and acting judges
   9.      Tenure of judges and oaths of office
   9A.     Resignation of judges
   9B.     Seniority of judges and masters
   10.     Acting Chief Justice
   10A.    Acting President
   10B.    Acting judges of appeal
   10C.    Judge of appeal may sit in General Division if approved
   11.     Acting judges
   11AA.   Auxiliary judges
   11A.    Masters
   11B.    Master, terms of appointment of
   11D.    Acting masters
   11E.    References to master in other Acts
   12.     Judge or master may act in cases of rates etc. even if a ratepayer etc.
   13.     Oath of office
   15.     Seal of Supreme Court

   PART III -- Jurisdiction and law

           Division 1 -- Jurisdiction  

   16.     General jurisdiction
   17.     Court may transfer case to lower court
   18.     Probate jurisdiction
   20.     Appellate jurisdiction
   21.     Jurisdiction to be exercised according to this Act and rules of court
   22.     Saving of former procedure
   23.     Supreme Court authorised to perform certain acts required to be performed by courts in England

           Division 2 -- Law and equity  

   24.     Law and equity to be concurrently administered

           Division 3 -- Miscellaneous rules of law  

   25.     Rules of law upon certain points
   26.     Liability for damage to property due to fault of 2 or more vessels
   27.     Liability for loss of life etc. due to fault of 2 or more vessels
   28.     Right of contribution where liability for loss of life etc. due to fault of 2 or more vessels
   30.     Sections 26 to 28 subject to Navigation Act 1912 (Cwlth)
   31.     Interest payable under contract and otherwise
   32.     Pre-judgment interest, Court may order
   33.     Judgments and orders, correction of
   34.     Rules of law in this Act to apply in all courts
   36.     Quo warranto
   37.     Costs

   PART IV -- Sittings and distribution of business

           Division 1 -- Sittings and vacations  

   38.     Court may sit at any time and at any place
   39.     Civil sittings in Perth
   40.     Criminal sittings in Perth
   41.     Single judge to preside unless Court of Appeal to do so
   42.     Civil actions, trial with or without jury
   43.     Judge may reserve case etc. for Court of Appeal
   44.     Court vacations
   45.     Hearings during court vacations

           Division 2 -- Circuit towns  

   46.     Circuit towns and sittings in them
   48.     Term used: circuit court

           Division 3 -- Jurisdiction of a commissioner  

   49.     Commissioners, appointment of etc.

           Division 4 -- Inquiries and trials by referees  

   50.     Question in civil matter may be referred to referee etc.
   51.     Trial of civil matter may be referred to referee etc.
   52.     Referee’s powers and remuneration; effect of referee’s report
   53.     Court to have powers as to references by consent
   54.     Referee may state case on question of law
   55.     Costs etc. of reference

           Division 5 -- Assessors  

   56.     Trial with assessors

           Division 6 -- The Court of Appeal  

   57.     Court of Appeal, constitution of
   58.     Court of Appeal, jurisdiction of
   59.     New trial etc., application for and ordering
   60.     Restriction on appeals
   61.     Powers of single judge of appeal and master
   62.     Divided decisions, effect of

   PART V -- Arrest in pending actions  

   63.     Defendant about to leave jurisdiction, arrest of
   64.     Security by defendant
   65.     Security etc. to be subject to the Court
   66.     Costs
   67.     Discharge of defendant from custody
   68.     Sheriff etc. to indorse date of arrest

   PART VI -- Mediation  

   69.     Terms used
   70.     Protection of mediator
   71.     Privilege
   72.     Confidentiality

   PART IX -- Officers and offices  

   154.    Attorney General
   155.    Registrars and other officers
   155A.   Personal staff for judges and masters
   156.    Sheriff
   158.    Sheriff may appoint deputies
   165.    Saving of sheriff’s common law rights etc.
   166.    Central Office

   PART X -- Rules of court  

   167.    Rules of court, content of
   168.    Rules of court, making
   170.    Rules of court to be laid before Parliament, disallowance
   171.    Fees, regulations may prescribe

   PART XI -- Miscellaneous  

   172.    Foreign law question to be decided by judge
   173.    Consent order for judgment to be filed
   174.    Officers etc. may be authorised to administer oaths
   178.    Habeas corpus proceedings
           Compilation table

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