Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Term used: employment
   4A.     Term used: prohibited person
   4B.     Term used: finding of guilt
   5.      Police officers etc. not required to be licensed etc.
   6.      Regulations may provide for exemptions

   PART 2 -- Administration  

   7.      Compliance and licensing officers
   7A.     Cards to identify compliance and licensing officers
   8.      Secrecy
   8A.     Disclosure of exempted matter under Freedom of Information Act 1992
   9.      Protection from liability
   9A.     Delegation by Commissioner
   10.     Commissioner to keep register of licences
   10A.    Information relevant to section 79A may be given to holder of agent’s licence

   PART 3 -- Licensing of security activities

           Division 1 -- Definitions  

   11.     Term used: security agent
   12.     Term used: security officer
   13.     Term used: security consultant
   14.     Term used: security installer
   14A.    Term used: security bodyguard

           Division 2 -- Licensing and related requirements  

   15.     Security agents to be licensed
   16.     Security officers to be licensed
   17.     Security consultants to be licensed
   18.     Security installers to be licensed
   18A.    Security bodyguards to be licensed
   19.     Security officers to be employed by security agent
   20.     Unlicensed person not to be employed as security officer etc.
   21.     Advertising

           Division 3 -- Authority to be in possession of firearms or batons  

   22.     Term used: possession
   23.     Security officers, possession of firearms
   24.     Endorsement for escort of money etc.
   25.     Permits for particular occasions
   26.     Security officers, possession of batons

   PART 4 -- Licensing of inquiry activities

           Division 1 -- Definitions  

   27.     Term used: inquiry agent
   28.     Term used: investigator

           Division 2 -- Licensing and related requirements  

   29.     Inquiry agents to be licensed
   30.     Investigators to be licensed
   31.     Investigators to be employed by inquiry agent
   32.     Unlicensed person not to be employed as investigator
   33.     Advertising

   PART 5 -- Licensing of crowd control activities

           Division 1 -- Definitions  

   34.     Term used: crowd control agent
   35.     Term used: crowd controller

           Division 2 -- Licensing and related requirements  

   36.     Crowd control agents to be licensed
   37.     Crowd controllers to be licensed
   38.     Crowd controllers to be employed by crowd control agent
   39.     Unlicensed person not to be employed as crowd controller
   40.     Advertising

   PART 6 -- Control of armed bodyguards  

   41.     Authorisation of armed bodyguards
   42.     Revocation etc. of authorisation

   PART 6A -- Temporary licences for interstate visitors  

   42A.    Temporary licence -- security activities
   42B.    Temporary licence -- agent services

   PART 7 -- Licensing procedures

           Division 1 -- Who may hold licence  

   43.     Natural persons only to be licensed
   44.     Residence requirements for licences on behalf of partnership etc.
   45.     Automatic termination of licence held on behalf of partnership etc.

           Division 2 -- Applications for issue and renewal of licences  

   46.     Application for licence
   47.     Material to support application for licence
   48.     Taking of fingerprints and palm prints
   49.     How and when to apply for renewal
   50.     Material to support application for renewal
   51.     False or misleading information

           Division 3 -- Issue and renewal of licences  

   52.     Issue of licences
   52A.    Matters to be taken into account in deciding whether to issue licence
   53.     Exemption from section 52(1)(g)(i)
   55.     Refusal of renewal
   56.     Issue and renewal of licences held on behalf of partnerships and bodies corporate
   57.     Notice of refusal to issue or renew licence
   58.     Form of licences
   60.     Duration of licences
   61.     Identity cards
   62.     Conditions and restrictions
   63.     Regulations may prescribe conditions and restrictions
   64.     Breach of condition or restriction
   65.     Licences not transferable
   66.     Issue of duplicate licence or identity card

           Division 4 -- Disciplinary proceedings  

   66A.    Term used: licensee
   67.     Power to revoke licence
   67A.    Summary power to revoke and suspend licences
   67B.    Return of revoked licence and identity card
   68.     Cancellation of endorsement
   68A.    Consent to release information
   69.     Courts may revoke licence
   70.     Returns by courts

           Division 5 -- Review of licensing decisions  

   72.     Application for review
   74.     Suspension of licence by State Administrative Tribunal

   PART 8 -- Further obligations of licensees  

   75.     Production of licence
   76.     Return of licence
   77.     Change of address of licensee
   77A.    Licensee to give notice about offences
   78.     Records to be kept
   79.     Disposal of licence to another
   79A.    Certain unlicensed persons not to be employed in agent’s business

   PART 9 -- Random drug testing  

   79B.    Term used: licensee
   80.     Licensee may be directed to provide blood or urine for analysis
   81.     Licence may be revoked
   82.     Cost of test may be recovered
   83.     Regulations relating to drug tests

   PART 10 -- Miscellaneous

           Division 1 -- Records  

   84.     Records to be kept by person who engages crowd controller
   85.     Inspection of records
   86.     Police may retain records for certain purposes
   87.     Obstruction of police

           Division 2 -- Legal proceedings  

   88.     Designated persons
   88A.    Infringement notices
   88B.    Withdrawal of infringement notice
   88C.    Benefit of paying modified penalty
   88D.    No admission implied by payment
   88E.    Application of penalties collected
   89.     Liability of partners and bodies corporate
   90.     Liability of officers
   90A.    Liability of agent for licensee
   91.     Liability of employer of crowd controller for damages
   92.     Evidentiary provisions
   93.     Onus of proof

           Division 3 -- General provisions  

   93A.    Licensee to provide name of agent
   94.     Regulations
           Defined terms
           Compilation table

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