Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   3.      This Act to be supplementary to other Acts
   4.      Terms used
   4A.     Regulations and soil conservation notices do not apply to prevent commercial harvest of plantation products

   PART II -- Administration  

   5.      Administration of Act
   7.      Commissioner
   7A.     Deputy Commissioner
   8.      Officers and employees
   9.      Soil and Land Conservation Council
   9A.     Deputy members
   10.     Remuneration of Council
   11.     Proceedings of Council
   12.     Secretary to Council

   PART III -- Functions and powers  

   13.     Functions of Commissioner
   14.     Duties of Commissioner
   15.     Special powers of Commissioner
   16.     Functions of Council
   17.     Coordination of works of Government departments in respect of land degradation and soil conservation and reclamation
   18.     Powers to Government departments and public authorities
   19.     Commissioner may advise as to dealing with Crown land
   19A.    Alteration of covenants etc. of certain leases etc.
   20.     Carrying out of works by Minister or Commissioner
   20A.    Minister may make certain advances and payments
   21.     Power of entry
   21A.    Work in relation to State forests and timber reserves

   PART IIIA -- Land conservation districts

           Division 1 -- Constitution of land conservation districts and appointment and functions of district committees  

   22.     Soil conservation districts
   23.     Constitution and membership of district committees
   24.     Functions of district committees
   25.     Power to co-opt certain persons

           Division 2 -- Rating and finance  

   25A.    Imposition of rate or service charge
   25AA.   Use of money raised by service charge
   25B.    Assessment, collection and payment of rate or service charge
   25C.    Land Conservation Districts Account
   25D.    Advances by Treasurer
   25E.    Application of Financial Management Act 2006 and Auditor General Act 2006
   25F.    Commissioner’s report
   25G.    Commissioner’s annual estimates

   PART IV -- Soil conservation reserves  

   26.     Soil conservation reserves
   27.     Minister to manage soil conservation reserves
   28.     Offences in relation to soil conservation reserves
   29.     Execution of works for land degradation
   29A.    Vesting of works in public authority
   30.     Leasing of land in soil conservation reserves

   PART IVA -- Conservation covenants and agreements to reserve  

   30A.    Term used: covenant or agreement
   30B.    Registration and form of covenant or agreement
   30C.    Effect of covenant or agreement
   30D.    Duties upon passing interests in affected land
   30E.    Discharge of agreement to reserve
   30F.    Cancelling registration of memorial

   PART V -- Soil conservation notices  

   31.     Term used: soil conservation notice
   32.     Service, content and effect of notice
   34.     Application to SAT for review of issue of notice
   34A.    Registration of memorial of notice
   34B.    Duties upon passing interests in affected land
   35.     Enforcement of notice
   36.     Expense to be charge on land
   37.     Right of mortgagee to add expense to mortgage
   38.     Discharge of notice
   39.     Application to SAT for review of refusal to discharge notices

   PART VA -- Landcare Trust  

   40.     Landcare Trust established
   41.     Membership of Trust
   41A.    Functions of Trust
   41B.    Trust Account
   41C.    Ministerial directions
   41D.    Minister to have access to information
   41E.    Staff and support
   41F.    Execution of documents by Trust
   41G.    Application of Financial Management Act 2006 and Auditor General Act 2006
   41H.    Review

   PART VI -- Miscellaneous  

   42.     Interferences with or damage to works etc.
   44.     Penalties and proceedings for offences
   45.     Commencing proceedings
   46.     Protection of Minister, Commissioner, officers etc.
   48.     Regulations
           Compilation table

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