Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title and commencement
   2.      This Act to be read with the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act
   3.      Terms used
   3A.     Application of sections 3C and 3D
   3B.     Limit on powers of courts
   3C.     Restrictions on damages for non-pecuniary loss
   3D.     Restrictions on damages for provision of home care services
   3E.     Causes of action to which restrictions on damages apply
   3EA.    Restrictions on damages if payments received under CISS
   3F.     Restriction on damages for loss relating to earning capacity
   3FA.    Restrictions on damages to be part of the substantive law
   3FB.    Damages for treatment, care and support needs: catastrophic injury
   3G.     Liability of employers
   3Q.     Director General’s functions
   3QA.    Agreements for performance of functions
   3QB.    Delegation
   3R.     Issue of policies of insurance
   3S.     Further powers of the Commission
   3T.     Premiums
   4.      Insurance against third party risks
   6.      Requirements in respect of policies
   6A.     Insurance relating to catastrophic injury
   7.      Liability of the Commission
   8.      Special provisions in relation to uninsured motor vehicles
   10.     Duties of owner or insured person
   11.     Power of the Commission to deal with claims against insured persons
   12.     Emergency treatment
   14.     Recovery of payment for emergency treatment
   15.     Right of the Commission against unauthorised drivers
   16.     Jurisdiction
   17.     Insurance by visiting motorists
   18.     Power to suspend or cancel licences
   19.     Commission not to terminate policy
   20.     Policy of insurance to continue notwithstanding change of ownership of vehicle
   21.     Term of policy of insurance extended in certain cases
   22.     Provision regarding motor vehicle of employee used by employee in employer’s business
   23.     Policies to give cover required by amending Acts
   24.     Reference to issue of policy to extend to renewal of policy
   25.     Information to be furnished by the Commission
   26.     Contracting out of liability for negligence
   27.     Soliciting instructions from persons claiming
   27A.    Costs between solicitor and client
   27B.    False or misleading information
   27C.    Obstruction
   28.     Offences: general penalty
   29.     Notice of claim
   29A.    Court may grant leave to proceed
   30.     Examination of injured person by health professional
   33.     Regulations
   34.     Transitional provision for Motor Vehicle (Catastrophic Injuries) Act 2016
           Compilation table

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