Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title, commencement and extent of operation
   4.      Transitional provision
   6.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- Commissioner of Main Roads  

   7.      Commissioner and deputy, appointment of
   8.      Salaries of Commissioner and deputy
   9.      Commissioner is body corporate
   9A.     Borrowing powers; Treasurer’s guarantee and approval
   10.     Staff; restrictions on activities of staff
   10A.    Minister may delegate s. 10(1) power to Commissioner
   10B.    Delegation by Commissioner
   11.     Officers to be subject to control of Commissioner
   11A.    Status of Commissioner, and of officers of Commissioner, who are members of Senior Executive Service
   12.     Deputations attended by MP not to interview Commissioner

   PART 3 -- Main Roads Advisory Board  

   12A.    Board established
   12B.    Board’s functions

   PART 4 -- Highways and main roads  

   13.     Proclamation of highways and main roads
   13A.    Local government to be consulted on matters to do with highways and main roads
   14.     Power to provide highways and main roads
   15.     Property in and control of highways and main roads
   15A.    Offences relating to damage to plants and litter

   PART 5 -- Powers and duties of Commissioner  

   16.     Powers of Commissioner
   16A.    Closing highways or main roads, powers as to
   17.     Surveys etc. and purchase of land etc., powers as to
   18.     Contracts over $500 000 need Minister’s prior written consent
   18A.    Contracts and agreements, powers to enter
   18B.    Power to undertake other work
   19.     Other duties of Commissioner
   19A.    Financial Management Act 2006 and Auditor General Act 2006 apply to Commissioner etc.
   19B.    Minister may give Commissioner directions
   19C.    Minister to have access to information
   20.     Commissioner to provide access to roads from adjoining land in certain cases
   21.     Local governments to give Commissioner information on request
   22.     Incidental works to roads, power to construct
   23.     Defacing works etc., offence

   PART 6 -- Secondary roads  

   24.     Declaration of secondary roads; local governments’ functions as to secondary roads
   26.     Powers of Commissioner etc. as to secondary roads

   PART 7 -- Roads other than declared roads  

   27A.    Roads that are not highways, main roads or secondary roads, Commissioner’s powers as to

   PART 8 -- Motor traffic passes  

   28.     Motor traffic passes, construction, repair of etc.

   PART 9 -- Control of access  

   28A.    Restricting access to roads from adjoining land
   28B.    No structures etc. to be placed on etc. roads subject to control of access
   29.     Acquiring land; powers to lease etc. acquired land

   PART 10 -- Main Roads Trust Account  

   31.     Account established; moneys to be credited to it
   32.     Expenditure from account
   32A.    Railway Crossing Protection Account

   PART 11 -- Control of advertisements  

   33B.    Advertisements etc. near certain roads, regulations to control etc.
   33C.    Commissioner may delegate powers etc. under regulations to local government

   PART 12 -- Regulations  

   35.     Power to make regulations
           Compilation table

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