Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   4.      Transitional provisions
   5.      Saving
   6.      Operation of this Act
   8.      Terms used
   8A.     Rights in respect of oil shale or coal
   9.      Gold, silver and other precious metals property of Crown
   9A.     Effect of change of baseline
   9B.     Position on Earth’s surface

   PART II -- Administration, mineral fields and courts  

   10.     Administration of Act
   11.     Chief executive officer and other officers
   12.     Delegation
   13.     Wardens of mines, mining registrar
   15.     Prohibition from adjudicating in certain matters or from using certain information
   16.     Power to proclaim mineral fields
   17.     Designated tenement contact

   PART III -- Land open for mining

           Division 1 -- Crown land  

   18.     Crown land open for mining
   19.     Minister may exempt land from mining etc.
   20.     Protection of certain Crown land
   21.     Power to resume land
   22.     Effect of resumption

           Division 2 -- Public reserves, etc. and Commonwealth land  

   23.     Mining on public reserves etc. and Commonwealth land
   24.     Classification of reserves
   24A.    Mining in marine reserves
   25.     Mining on foreshore, sea bed, navigable waters or townsite
   25A.    Mining on Commonwealth land
   26.     Terms and conditions
   26A.    Mining tenements within townsites

           Division 3 -- Private land  

   27.     Private land open for mining
   28.     Unlawful entry on private land
   29.     Granting of mining tenements in respect of private land
   30.     Granting of permits in respect of private land
   31.     Holder of permit to give notice to owner and occupier
   32.     Rights conferred by a permit
   33.     Application for mining tenement by permit holder
   35.     Compensation to be agreed upon or determined before mining operation commences
   37.     Application to bring certain private land under this Division
   38.     Right of owner to apply for mining tenement
   39.     Owner to comply with mining tenement conditions

   PART IIIA -- Miner’s rights and related permits  

   40A.    Terms used
   40B.    Conservation land
   40C.    Issue of miner’s right
   40D.    Authorisation under miner’s right
   40E.    Permit to prospect on Crown land or conservation land subject of exploration licence
   40F.    Power to remove Crown land or conservation land from operation of s. 40E
   40G.    Limitation on actions in tort

   PART IV -- Mining tenements

           Division 1 -- Prospecting licence  

   40.     Grant of prospecting licence
   41.     Application for prospecting licence
   42.     Determination of application for prospecting licence
   43.     Prospecting licence not to include land already subject of mining tenement
   44.     Power to grant prospecting licence over all or part of land in application
   45.     Term of prospecting licence
   46.     Conditions attached to every prospecting licence
   46A.    Conditions for prevention or reduction of injury to land
   47.     Survey of area of prospecting licence not required in first instance
   48.     Rights conferred by prospecting licence
   49.     Holder of prospecting licence to have priority for grant of mining leases or general purpose leases
   50.     Compliance with expenditure conditions
   51.     Reports of work and expenditure
   51A.    Geological samples
   52.     Security relating to prospecting licence
   53.     Application for retention status
   54.     Approval of retention status
   55.     Consultation with other Ministers
   55A.    Programme of work
   55B.    Holder of prospecting licence with retention status may be required to apply for mining lease
   56.     Appeal against refusal to grant prospecting licence
   56A.    Special prospecting licences
   56B.    Certain licence holders to have right to apply for further prospecting licence

           Division 2 -- Exploration licence  

   56C.    Graticular sections
   57.      Grant of exploration licence
   57A.    Designation of areas for purposes of s. 57(2aa)
   58.     Application for exploration licence
   59.     Determination of application for exploration licence
   60.     Security relating to exploration licence
   61.     Term of exploration licence
   62.     Expenditure conditions
   63.     Condition attached to exploration licence
   63AA.   Conditions for prevention or reduction of injury to land
   63A.    When exploration licence liable to forfeiture
   64.     Consent to dealing in exploration licence
   65.     Surrender of certain areas subject to exploration licence
   66.     Rights conferred by exploration licence
   67.     Holder of exploration licence to have priority for grant of mining leases or general purpose leases
   67A.    Holder of exploration licence may apply to amalgamate secondary tenement
   68.     Holder of exploration licence to keep geological records
   69.     Land the subject of exploration licence not to be again marked out for a certain period
   69A.    Application for retention status
   69B.    Approval of retention status
   69C.    Consultation with other Ministers
   69D.    Programme of work
   69E.    Holder of exploration licence with retention status may be required to apply for mining lease
   70.     Special prospecting licence on an exploration licence

           Division 2A -- Retention licence  

   70A.    Term used: primary tenement
   70B.    Grant of retention licence
   70C.    Application for retention licence
   70D.    Determination of application for retention licence
   70E.    Term of retention licence and renewal
   70F.    Security relating to retention licence
   70G.    Survey of area of retention licence not required in first instance
   70H.    Conditions attached to retention licence
   70I.    Conditions for prevention or reduction of injury to land
   70IA.   Programme of work
   70J.    Rights conferred by retention licence
   70K.    When retention licence liable to forfeiture
   70L.    Holder of retention licence to have priority for grant of mining lease or general purpose lease
   70M.    Holder of retention licence to show cause why mining lease should not be applied for
   70N.    Land subject of retention licence not to be again marked out for certain period

           Division 3 -- Mining lease  

   70O.    Terms used
   70P.    Guidelines to be publicly available
   71.     Grant of mining lease
   72.     Person may be granted more than one mining lease
   73.     Area of mining lease may be less than area sought
   74.     Application for mining lease
   74A.    Report on significant mineralisation required for certain applications
   75.     Determination of application for mining lease
   76.     Priorities as to mining tenements
   78.     Term of leases, options and renewals
   79.     Approval of application
   80.     Surveys of mining leases
   82.     Covenants and conditions of lease
   82A.    Condition to be included in certain mining leases
   83.     Issue of mining leases
   84AA.   Review of mine closure plans
   84.     Conditions for prevention or reduction of injury to land
   84A.    Security relating to mining lease
   85.     Rights of holder of mining lease
   85A.    Land the subject of mining lease not to be again marked out for a certain period
   85B.    Special prospecting licence on a mining lease

           Division 4 -- General purpose lease  

   86.     Grant of general purpose lease
   87.     Purposes for which general purpose lease may be granted
   88.     Term of general purpose lease
   89.     Form of general purpose lease
   90.     Application of certain provisions to general purpose leases

           Division 5 -- Miscellaneous licences  

   91.     Grant of miscellaneous licence
   91A.    Term and renewal of existing licence or licence granted in respect of existing application
   91B.    Term and renewal of licence granted in respect of new application
   92.     Provisions applying to all miscellaneous licences
   93.     Map to accompany application
   94.     Terms and conditions
   94A.    Grant of mining tenement on land in a miscellaneous licence
   94B.    Surrender, forfeiture or expiry of concurrent tenement

           Division 6 -- Surrender and forfeiture of mining tenements  

   95.     Surrender of mining tenement
   95A.    Exploration licence -- surrender of part of block
   96.     Forfeiture of certain mining tenements
   96A.    Forfeiture of exploration licence or retention licence
   97.     Forfeiture of mining lease or general purpose lease
   97A.    Application for restoration of mining tenement after forfeiture
   98.     Application for forfeiture on other grounds
   99.     Proceedings by Minister on recommendation
   100.    Applicant to have priority for marking out and applying for surrendered or forfeited licence or lease
   101.    Application for forfeiture of mining tenement while holder is a company in process of winding up

           Division 7 -- Exemption from expenditure conditions  

   102.    Exemption from expenditure conditions
   102A.   Exemption from expenditure conditions in respect of certain holders of exploration licences
   103.    Effect of exemption

   PART IVA -- Registration of instruments and register  

   103A.   Terms used
   103B.   Authorised officers
   103C.   Registration
   103D.   Provisional lodgment
   103EA.  Memorial for unpaid tax
   103E.   Priority of dealings
   103F.   Register
   103G.   Amendment of register
   103H.   Regulations relating to register

   PART V -- General provisions relating to mining and mining tenements  

   104.    Entry on land for purpose of marking out, surveying etc.
   105.    Marking out of mining tenement
   105A.   Priorities between applicants for certain tenements
   105B.   Grant of tenement subject to survey
   106.    Offence of destroying marks or obstructing surveyor etc.
   107.    Areas covered by water not required to be marked out
   108.    Rent payable for mining tenement
   109.    Royalties
   109A.   Verification of royalties payable
   110.    Mining lease restricted to certain minerals
   111.    Iron authorisations
   111A.   Minister may terminate or summarily refuse certain applications
   112.    Reservation in favour of Crown on prospecting licence or exploration licence to take rock etc.
   113.    Repossession of land on expiry, surrender or forfeiture of mining tenement
   114.    Removal of mining plant on expiry, surrender or forfeiture of mining tenement
   114A.   Rights conferred under mining tenement exercisable in respect of mining product belonging to Crown
   114B.   Continuation of liability after expiry, surrender or forfeiture of mining tenement
   114C.   Right to enter land to carry out remedial work after expiry, surrender or forfeiture of mining tenement
   115.    Power to enter on land for surveys
   115A.   Mineral exploration reports
   115B.   Verification of expenditure amounts in operations reports
   116.    Instrument of licence or lease
   117.    Mining tenements protected
   118.    Notice of application to be given to lessee of pastoral lease
   118A.   Tenement holder may authorise mining by third party
   119.    Mining tenement may be sold, encumbered etc.
   119A.   Mining tenement may be mortgaged
   120.    Planning schemes to be considered but not to derogate from this Act
   120AA.  Scheme for reversion licence applications

   PART VI -- Caveats  

   121.    Terms used
   122.    Certain surrenders not affected by this Part
   122A.   Lodgment of caveats
   122B.   Provisional lodgment
   122C.   Caveats deemed to be lodged against later tenements
   122D.   Effect of caveat
   122E.   Duration of caveat

   PART VII -- Compensation  

   123.    Compensation in respect of mining
   124.    Matters to be considered by warden’s court in relation to compensation
   125.    Limitation on compensation
   125A.   Liability for payment of compensation to native title holders
   126.    Securities

   PART VIII -- Administration of justice  

   127.    Establishment of wardens’ courts
   128.    Warden’s court to be court of record
   129.    Signing of process
   130.    Times for holding warden’s court
   131.    Power of warden to act in absence of warden usually presiding
   132.    Jurisdiction of warden’s court
   133.    Offences to be dealt with by magistrate
   134.    Powers of warden’s court
   135.    Summary determination by warden by consent
   136.    Practice and procedure in warden’s court
   137.    Records of evidence
   138.    Mode of trial
   139.    Contempt of court
   140.    Judgments, enforcement of
   142.    Informality and amendment
   143.    Grant of injunction affecting mining tenement to be notified
   146.    Reservation of questions of law: hearing and determination
   147.    Appeal to Supreme Court
   148.    Procedure on appeal
   149.    Power of Supreme Court on appeal
   150.    Withdrawal or failure to prosecute appeal
   151.    Limitation of right of appeal

   PART IX -- Miscellaneous and regulations  

   152.    Police to assist warden
   153.    Minor capable of being sued and of suing
   154.    General penalty
   155.    Offence of mining without authority
   155A.   Aerial survey work
   156.    Offences
   157.    Obstruction of persons authorised to mine under this Act
   158.    Power to require information as to right to mine
   159.    Disputes between licensees and other persons
   160.    Saving of civil remedies
   160AA.  Authority to perform certain functions of LAA Minister under this Act
   160A.   Immunity of Minister, wardens and officials
   160B.   Time limit for prosecution action
   160C.   No right of appeal from certain decisions of warden, mining registrar or Minister
   160D.   Persons before whom affidavit may be sworn
   161.    Evidentiary provisions
   162A.   Certain things are not personal property for purposes of Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cwlth)
   162B.   Extension of prescribed period or time
   162.    Regulations
   163.     Review of Act

[Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 10 February 2017]

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