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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary

           Division 1 -- Introduction  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used and application
   3A.     Term used: human embryo
   4.      Objects of this Act
   5.      Administration of this Act

           Division 2 -- Specific offences  

   5A.     Application
   6.      Unlicensed practices
   7.      Offences relating to reproductive technology

   PART 2 -- The Council  

   8.      Establishment of Council
   9.      Nominations, and recommendations, for membership
   10.     Committees
   11.     Delegation by Council
   12.     Relationship of Council to Minister
   13.     Powers, and relationship to Council, of CEO
   14.     Functions of Council

   PART 3 -- The Code of Practice

           Division 1 -- Compilation of the Code  

   15.     Concept of Code of Practice
   16.     Implementation of Code of Practice
   17.     Matters which shall be dealt with in Code
   18.     Matters which may be dealt with in Code
   19.     Principles to be embodied in Code
   20.     Principles applicable to projects of research
   21.     Code and directions, generally

           Division 2 -- Consents  

   22.     Consents, generally
   23.     When procedures may be carried out
   24.     Storage

           Division 3 -- Rights of control, etc.  

   25.     Rights in relation to gametes
   26.     Control, dealing and disposal in relation to an egg in process of fertilisation or an embryo

   PART 4 -- Licensing, etc.

           Division 1 -- Licensing  

   27.     Licences, and person responsible
   28.     Exemptions relating to artificial insemination
   28A.    Exemptions relating to storage of certain embryos
   29.     Applications, generally
   30.     Interim authorisations and transitional directions

           Division 2 -- Directions and conditions  

   31.     Directions, generally
   32.     Terms, conditions and directions specifically applicable
   33.     Conditions applicable to all licences and exemptions
   34.     Contravention of condition or direction
   35.     Notice and coming into operation of directions and conditions

           Division 3 -- Suspension or cancellation, and disciplinary action  

   36.     Suspension or cancellation of licence or exemption, other than on disciplinary grounds
   36A.    Referring to SAT a matter leading to section 36(2a) notice
   37.     Summary determinations
   38.     Disciplinary action
   39.     Matters that may be subject of disciplinary action
   40.     Penalties
   41.     Effect on pending procedures

           Division 4 -- State Administrative Tribunal powers  

   42.     Reviews
   43.     Restraint of continuing contravention

           Division 5 -- Information  

   44.     Records of procedures
   45.     Registers of identity
   46.     Access to information
   47.     Annual returns etc.
   48.     Exchange of information
   49.     Confidentiality
   50.     False or misleading statements and records

           Division 6 -- Supervision, etc.  

   51.     Supervision
   52.     Licensee liable for act of employee etc.
   53.     Offences by bodies corporate and partnerships

   PART 4A -- Prohibited practices

           Division 1 -- General  

   53A.    Object of this PART
   53B.    Terms used

           Division 2 -- Human cloning  

   53C.    Offence -- creating human embryo clone
   53D.    Offence -- placing human embryo clone in human body or body of an animal
   53E.    Offence -- importing or exporting human embryo clone
   53F.    No defence that human embryo clone could not survive

           Division 3 -- Other prohibited practices  

   53G.    Offence -- creating human embryo other than by fertilisation, or developing such an embryo
   53H.    Offence -- creating human embryo for purpose other than achieving pregnancy in woman
   53I.    Offence -- creating or developing human embryo containing genetic material provided by more than 2 persons
   53J.    Offence -- developing human embryo outside body of woman for more than 14 days
   53K.    Offence -- using precursor cells from human embryo or human fetus to create human embryo, or developing such an embryo
   53L.    Offence -- heritable alterations to genome
   53M.    Offence -- collecting viable human embryo from body of woman
   53N.    Offence -- creating chimeric or hybrid embryo
   53O.    Offence -- placing of an embryo
   53P.    Offence -- importing, exporting or placing prohibited embryo
   53Q.    Offence -- commercial trading in human eggs, human sperm or human embryos

           Division 4 -- Review of Part  

   53R.    Review of PART

   PART 4B -- Regulation of certain uses involving excess ART embryos

           Division 1 -- General  

   53S.    Object of this PART
   53T.    Terms used

           Division 2 -- Performance of functions  

   53U.    Functions not affected by State laws
   53V.    Extent to which functions are conferred

           Division 3 -- Offences  

   53W.    Offence -- use of excess ART embryo
   53X.    Offence -- breaching licence condition

           Division 4 -- Embryo Research Licensing Committee of the NHMRC  

   53Y.    Functions of Committee
   53Z.    Powers of Committee

           Division 5 -- Licensing system  

   53ZA.   Person may apply for licence
   53ZB.   Determination of application by Committee
   53ZC.   Notification of decision
   53ZD.   Period of licence
   53ZE.   Licence is subject to conditions
   53ZF.   Variation of licence
   53ZG.   Suspension or revocation of licence
   53ZH.   Surrender of licence
   53ZI.   Notification of variation, suspension, revocation or surrender of licence

           Division 6 -- Reporting and confidentiality  

   53ZJ.   NHMRC Licensing Committee to make certain information publicly available
   53ZK.   Confidential commercial information may only be disclosed in certain circumstances
   53ZKA.  Annual reports

           Division 7 -- Review provisions  

   53ZL.   Terms used
   53ZM.   Review of decisions

           Division 8 -- Monitoring powers  

   53ZN.   Appointment of inspectors
   53ZO.   Identity card
   53ZP.   Powers available to inspectors for monitoring compliance
   53ZQ.   Monitoring powers
   53ZR.   Power to secure
   53ZS.   Inspector must produce identity card on request
   53ZT.   Consent
   53ZU.   Compensation for damage

           Division 9 -- Expiry  

   53ZV.   Expiry of certain provisions

           Division 10 -- Conscientious objection to use of excess ART embryos  

   53ZVA.  Conscientious objection to use of excess ART embryos

           Division 11 -- Review of Part  

   53ZW.   Review of PART

   PART 5 -- Enforcement

           Division 1 -- Powers of authorised officers  

   54.     Powers of authorised officers
   55.     Entry, search and seizure, by warrant

           Division 2 -- Proceedings  

   56.     Complaints for simple offence
   57.     Averments, and other evidentiary matters

   PART 6 -- Administration

           Division 1 -- Staff  

   58.     Use of staff and facilities of departments, agencies and instrumentalities, and engagement of consultants, etc.
   59.     Staff
   60A.    Public Health Officials

           Division 2 -- Subsidiary legislation  

   60.     Regulations, and subsidiary legislation generally

           Division 3 -- General  

   61.     Review of Act
           Compilation table

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