Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Object of Act

   PART 2 -- Interpretation and application

           Division 1 -- General interpretation  

   4.      Which interpretation Act applies to ACL (WA)
   5.      Application of s. 6-9 and
   6.      Terms used
   7.      Term used: consumer
   8.      Term used: services
   9.      Further provisions about interpretation

           Division 2 -- Application  

   10.     Act binds Crown
   11.     Territorial application of Act
   12.     Concurrent operation of laws of other jurisdictions not limited
   13.     No contracting out
   14.     Relationship with other Acts and rules of law
   15.     Inconsistencies with other enactments

   PART 3 -- The Australian Consumer Law

           Division 1 -- Object and interpretation  

   16.     Object of this Part
   17.     Terms used

           Division 2 -- Application of Australian Consumer Law  

   18.     Australian Consumer Law text
   19.     Australian Consumer Law text, application of
   21.     Certain instruments to be published, and may be disallowed by Parliament
   22.     Term used in ACL (WA): regulator
   23.     ACL (WA), interpretation of
   24.     ACL (WA), application of

           Division 3 -- References to Australian Consumer Law  

   25.     References to Australian Consumer Law
   26.     References to Australian Consumer Law of other jurisdictions

           Division 4 -- Application of Australian Consumer Law to Crown  

   27.     Division does not apply to Commonwealth
   28.     Application law of this jurisdiction binds Crown
   29.     Application law of other jurisdictions binds Crown
   30.     Crown not liable to pecuniary penalty or prosecution

           Division 5 -- Miscellaneous  

   31.     No doubling-up of criminal liabilities
   32.     Offences against ACL (WA) are crimes
   33.     Pecuniary penalty proceedings under ACL (WA) s. 224, civil rules of evidence etc. apply
   35.     Sale of Goods Act 1895, inconsistency with certain provisions of ACL (WA)
   36.     Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cwlth) Sch. 2 modified

           Division 6 -- Transitional  

   37.     Certain injunction proceedings pending at 1 Jan 2011
   38.     ACL (WA) Part 2-3 (unfair contract terms), application of to contracts made on or after 1 Jan 2011
   39.     ACL (WA) Part 3-2 Div. 2 (unsolicited consumer agreements), application of to contracts made before 1 Jan 2011 etc.
   40.     ACL (WA) s. 101 (requests for itemised bills), application of for services supplied before 1 Jan 2011
   41.     ACL (WA) s. 224(4)(c), interpretation of

   PART 4 -- Codes of practice

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   42.     Outline of this PART
   43.     Term used: code of practice

           Division 2 -- Development and implementation of codes of practice  

   44.     Draft codes of practice, preparation of
   45.     Regulations prescribing code of practice
   46.     Interim code of practice, regulations may prescribe

           Division 3 -- Enforcement of codes of practice  

   47.     SAT’s powers to deal with contraventions of prescribed code of practice
   48.     Commissioner may take or defend, or assume the conduct or defence of, proceedings relating to contravention of code of practice
   49.     Provisions for proceedings Commissioner institutes, defends or assumes conduct or defence of
   50.     No doubling-up of liabilities
   51.     Action taken for breach of code of practice doesn’t preclude other civil action
   52.     Transitional provisions for codes of practice prescribed before 1 Jan 2011
   53.     Transitional provisions for undertakings under Fair Trading Act 1987 s. 44
   54.     Transitional provisions for contraventions of code of practice before 1 Jan 2011

   PART 5 -- Administrative provisions

           Division 1 -- Commissioner  

   55.     Commissioner, designation and title of
   56.     General functions of Commissioner
   57A.    Licensing and regulatory functions of Commissioner
   57.     Warnings and information, Commissioner may issue
   58.     Instituting, defending or assuming conduct or defence of legal proceedings on behalf of consumers or businesses
   59.     Provisions for proceedings Commissioner institutes, defends or assumes conduct or defence of
   60.     Delegation by Commissioner
   61.     Judicial notice of Commissioner’s signature etc.

           Division 2 -- Offence  

   62.     Advertisements not to imply approval by consumer affairs authority

           Division 3 -- Advisory committees

              Subdivision 1 -- Property Industry Advisory Committee  

   63A.    Committee established
   63B.    Membership
   63C.    Functions
   63D.    Procedure

              Subdivision 2 -- Motor Vehicle Industry Advisory Committee  

   63E.    Committee established
   63F.    Membership
   63G.    Functions
   63H.    Procedure

              Subdivision 3 -- Consumer Advisory Committee  

   63I.    Committee established
   63J.    Membership
   63K.    Functions
   63L.    Procedure

              Subdivision 4 -- Regulations prescribing committee procedures, etc.  

   63M.    Regulations

   PART 6 -- Investigation and enforcement

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   63.     Terms used
   64A.    Authorised persons cannot be public officers under Criminal Investigation Act 2006

           Division 2 -- Investigators  

   64.     Designating people as investigators
   65.     Certificate of authority of investigator
   66.     Certificate of authority to be produced on demand
   67.     Persons assisting investigators

           Division 3 -- General powers  

   68.     Investigations and inquiries, Commissioner’s powers to make
   69.     Investigations and inquiries, powers for
   70.     Interviews under s. 69(1)(a), conduct of
   71.     Warrant to enter premises or motor vehicle
   72.     Warrants wanted urgently, may be obtained by telephone etc.
   73.     Warrants by telephone etc., further provisions for
   74.     Warrants, issue and effect of
   75.     Warrants, powers under to obtain access information for computers etc.
   76.     Warrants, further powers under
   77.     Damage to equipment or data, compensation for
   78.     Warrants, execution and duration of
   79.     Seizing things
   80.     Seized things, copies of to be provided
   81.     Seized things, access to by owner
   82.     Seized things, return of
   83.     Seizure, SAT may review
   84.     Seized things, forfeiture of
   85.     Forfeited things, dealing with
   86.     Privilege against self-incrimination doesn’t apply
   87.     Information obtained, use of etc.

           Division 4A -- Specific powers for enforcement of licensing and regulatory provisions  

   88A.    Terms used
   88B.    Investigations and inquiries for licensing and regulatory purposes, Commissioner’s powers to make
   88C.    Authorised persons’ powers for this Division
   88D.    Police assistance with investigations and inquiries
   88E.    Compliance checks at regulated person’s business premises, powers for

           Division 4 -- Offences  

   88.     Failing to cooperate with investigation
   89.     Obstructing authorised person

   PART 7 -- Criminal and civil proceedings

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   90.     Term used: person involved in a contravention of a provision of this Act

           Division 2 -- Criminal proceedings  

   91.     Time limit for commencing proceedings
   92.     Who may institute criminal proceedings
   93.     Court of summary jurisdiction to be constituted by magistrate
   94.     Courts’ other powers in criminal proceedings
   95.     Vicarious liability of directors, employers etc.
   96.     Defence: reasonable mistake of fact
   97.     Defences: accident, act or default of another etc.
   98.     Defence: publication of advertisements in ordinary course of business

           Division 3 -- Civil proceedings  

   99.     Injunctions to prevent or stop contraventions of Act
   100.    Injunctions to prevent etc. other contraventions
   101.    Injunctions, general provisions about
   102.    Interim injunctions
   103.    Final injunction may be granted if parties consent
   104.    Injunction may be rescinded or varied
   105.    Supreme and District Courts’ other powers in Part 7 proceedings
   106.    Supreme and District Courts’ powers to prohibit payments, transfers of property etc.
   107.    Contravening s. 106 order, offence
   108.    Findings of fact in certain proceedings to be evidence in others

           Division 4 -- Further provisions relating to proceedings  

   109.    State of mind of person, meaning of in s. 110 and 111
   110.    State of mind and conduct of body corporate, establishing
   111.    State of mind and conduct of principal (not a body corporate), establishing

   PART 8 -- Miscellaneous  

   112.    Personal information obtained officially, when may be divulged etc.
   113.    Information obtained officially may be used for certain other purposes and legislation
   114.    Protection from liability for wrongdoing
   115.    Protection from liability for publishing official statements
   116.    Regulations

   PART 9 -- Transitional provisions  

   117.    Regulations for transitional matters
   118.    Fair Trading (Product Information Standard) Regulation 2005 Part 4 (builders plates for recreational vessels), continuation of
   119.    Orders made before 1 Jan 2011 recalling defective goods etc., effect of
   120.    Delegations made before 1 Jan 2011, effect of
   121.    Interpretation Act 1984, application of to expiring Acts
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Acts that override the Australian Consumer Law (WA) Part 3-3
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Registration Acts

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