Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Hazard management agencies may be prescribed
   5.      Delegation by hazard management agency
   6.      Combat agencies and support organisations may be prescribed
   7.      Act binds the Crown
   8.      Relationship to other Acts
   9.      Limitation on Act -- industrial disputes and civil disturbances

   PART 2 -- State arrangements

           Division 1 -- The State Emergency Coordinator  

   10.     State Emergency Coordinator
   11.     Functions of the State Emergency Coordinator
   12.     Delegation by State Emergency Coordinator

           Division 2 -- The State Emergency Management Committee  

   13.     State Emergency Management Committee
   14.     Functions of the SEMC
   15.     Powers of the SEMC
   16.     Designation of cyclone areas
   17.     State emergency management policies
   18.     State emergency management plans
   19.     Reviewing State emergency management policies and State emergency management plans
   20.     Directions to, and duties of, public authorities
   21.     Sub-committees
   22.     SEMC may delegate
   23.     Minister may give directions
   24.     Facilities and services for SEMC
   25.     Annual report of SEMC

           Division 3 -- The State Emergency Coordination Group  

   26.     State Emergency Coordination Group
   27.     Functions of the State Emergency Coordination Group

           Division 4 -- Emergency management districts  

   28.     Establishment of emergency management districts
   29.     District emergency coordinator
   30.     Functions of district emergency coordinator
   31.     District emergency management committees
   32.     Functions of district emergency management committees
   33.     Annual report of district emergency management committees

   PART 3 -- Local arrangements

           Division 1 -- Local emergency authorities  

   34.     Local governments may combine
   35.     Specified public authority may exercise functions of local government
   36.     Functions of local government
   37.     Local emergency coordinators
   38.     Local emergency management committees
   39.     Functions of local emergency management committees
   40.     Annual report of local emergency management committee

           Division 2 -- Emergency management arrangements for local governments  

   41.     Emergency management arrangements in local government district
   42.     Reviewing and renewing local emergency management arrangements
   43.     Local emergency management arrangements to be available for inspection

           Division 3 -- Powers of local government during cyclone  

   44.     Meaning of “cyclone area”
   45.     Exercise of powers under this Division
   46.     Power of local government to destroy dangerous vegetation or premises in cyclone area
   47.     Local government may require owner or occupier of land to take action
   48.     Additional powers when direction given
   49.     Provisions are in addition to other powers

   PART 4 -- Hazard management

           Division 1 -- Emergency situation declaration  

   50.     State Emergency Coordinator or hazard management agency may make emergency situation declaration
   51.     Duration of emergency situation declaration
   52.     Extension of emergency situation declaration
   53.     Revocation of emergency situation declaration
   54.     Notice of declaration

           Division 2 -- Hazard management officers  

   55.     Authorisation of hazard management officers

   PART 5 -- State of emergency

           Division 1 -- State of emergency declaration  

   56.     Minister may make state of emergency declaration
   57.     Duration of state of emergency declaration
   58.     Extension of state of emergency declaration
   59.     Revocation of state of emergency declaration
   60.     Notice of declaration

           Division 2 -- Authorised officers  

   61.     Authorised officers
   62.     Identification of authorised officers

           Division 3 -- The State Disaster Council  

   63.     State Disaster Council
   64.     Functions of the State Disaster Council

   PART 6 -- Emergency powers

           Division 1 -- Powers during emergency situation or state of emergency  

   65.     Application of this Division
   66.     Obtaining identifying particulars
   67.     Powers concerning movement and evacuation
   68.     Use of vehicles
   69.     Powers of officer to control or use property
   70.     Powers of officers in relation to persons exposed to hazardous substances
   71.     Powers of police to direct closure of places and concerning movement and evacuation
   72.     Exchange of information

           Division 2 -- Further powers during state of emergency  

   73.     Application of this Division
   74.     Power to direct public authorities during state of emergency
   75.     General powers during a state of emergency
   76A.    Manufacture, supply and prescription of poisons

           Division 3 -- General provisions  

   76.     General provisions regarding powers
   77.     General provisions regarding directions

   PART 7 -- Compensation and insurance

           Division 1 -- Compensation  

   78.     Entitlement to compensation
   79.     Applying for compensation
   80.     Lapsing of application
   81.     Notice of decision
   82.     Funding of compensation

           Division 2 -- Review  

   83.     Review of compensation decision

           Division 3 -- Policies of insurance  

   84.     Extension of policy of insurance

   PART 8 -- Offences  

   85.     Obstruction of a hazard management officer or authorised officer
   86.     Failure to comply with direction
   87.     Failure to give help
   88.     Impersonation of hazard management officer or authorised officer
   89.     False or misleading information
   90.     False compensation claim

   PART 9 -- Employment protection  

   91.     Meaning of terms used in this Part
   92.     Protection of employment rights
   93.     Victimisation because of emergency management response
   94.     Civil penalty for breach of section 93

   PART 10 -- Miscellaneous  

   95.     Confidentiality of information
   96.     Expenses
   97.     Bodies corporate or employers, conduct on behalf of
   98.     Body corporate’s officers, liability of
   99.     Evidentiary matters
   100.    Protection from liability
   101.    Regulations as to compensation of volunteers
   102.    Regulations
   103.     Review of Act
   104.    Consequential amendment
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Consequential amendment  
           Compilation table

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