Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title and commencement
   3.      Act repealed
   4A.     Act not to apply to Government electric railways
   5.      Terms used
   6.      Application of Act to supply authorities

   PART II -- Powers, rights and obligations  

   11.     Supply authority to pay compensation for damage done
   12.     Crossing the district of local government with transmission works
   14.     Method of metering bulk supplies
   18.     General powers
   19.     Supply authority to reinstate works of public authority
   20.     Interference by supply authority with works of public authority or by public authority with works of supply authority
   21.     Supply authority may let meters and apparatus
   22.     Power to contract to supply electricity
   23.     Power to cut off supply in case of illegal or fraudulent interference with works
   24.     Power of officer of supply authority to enter premises
   25.     Duties as to supply of electricity

   PART IV -- Regulations  

   32.     Regulations
   33.      Annual reporting
   33AA.   Guidelines

   PART IVA -- Approval of electrical appliances  

   33A.    Terms used
   33B.    Power of Director to prescribe classes or types of electrical apparatus etc., which shall not be sold etc., unless approved by Director
   33C.    Power of Director to prohibit sale etc. or use of unsafe or dangerous electrical apparatus etc.
   33D.    Penalties

   PART IVB -- Energy efficiency  

   33E.    Energy efficiency standards
   33F.    Offences related to energy efficiency labelling

   PART V -- Miscellaneous  

   34.     Service apparatus etc. of supply authority not subject to seizure etc.
   35.     Power to cut off supply
   36.     Powers where electricity wasted or misused
   37.     Power to remove appliances
   38.     Incoming tenant must be supplied although outgoing tenant in arrears
   39.     Supply authority to keep meter in order
   40.     Control of meters and fittings
   41.     Meter record to be prima facie evidence
   42.     Apparatus
   43.     Uniform charges and zoning
   44.     Obligation to supply
   45.     Compensation, damages etc.
   47.     Illegal interference with works etc.
   48.     Obtaining supply under false name
   49.     Unauthorised use
   50.     Alteration of meter
   51.     Summary remedy for damage to electric works
   52.     General penalty
   53.     Limitation period for offences
           Defined terms

[Reprinted under the Reprints Act 1984 as at 13 December 2013 [Heading inserted by No. 19 of 2010 s. 43(3)(a).]]

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