Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4A.     When person commits serious sexual offence
   4.      Objects of this Act
   5.      Application of Bail Act 1982
   6.      Attorney General may perform functions of DPP
   7A.     DPP may take proceedings in the name of State
   7.      Serious danger to community
   8A.     Courts and Tribunals (Electronic Processes Facilitation) Act 2013 Part 2 applies

   PART 2 -- Continuing detention or supervision

           Division 1 -- Application for orders  

   8.      DPP may apply for orders
   9.      Duty to disclose
   10A.    Offender’s duty to disclose
   10.     Application may proceed even if offender discharged
   11.     Fixing day for preliminary hearing
   12.     Offender may file affidavits in response
   13.     Contents of affidavit
   14.     Preliminary hearing
   16.     Discontinuing application for Division 2 order
   17A.    Victim submissions

           Division 2 -- Orders  

   17.     Division 2 orders
   18.     Conditions of supervision order
   19A.    Electronic monitoring
   19B.    Curfew
   19C.    Enforcement of electronic monitoring and curfew requirement

           Division 3 -- Amendment of supervision order  

   19.     Application to amend conditions of supervision order
   20.     Amendment of conditions of supervision order

           Division 4 -- Contravention of supervision order  

   21.     Summons or warrant because of contravention
   22.     DPP may seek order
   23A.    Reports
   23.     Court may make order
   24A.    Orders made during contravention proceedings

           Division 5 -- Supervision order extended due to imprisonment  

   24.     Extension of supervision order

           Division 6 -- General provisions for PART 2  

   25.     Effect of continuing detention order
   26.     Effect of supervision order
   27.     Court to give reasons

   PART 3 -- Reviews of detention  

   28.     Purpose of this Part
   29.     Review -- periodic
   30.     Review -- application by person subject to order
   31.     Dealing with application
   32.     Reports
   33.     Review of detention under continuing detention order

   PART 4 -- Appeals  

   34.     Appeals
   35.     Appeal does not stay decision
   36.     Dealing with appeal

   PART 5 -- Reports  

   37A.    Terms used
   37B.    Authority to examine
   37.     Preparation of report by qualified expert
   38A.    Preparation of other report
   38.     Providing information to reporter
   39.     Copies of report to DPP and subject

   PART 6 -- General  

   40AA.   Mentally unfit offender
   40A.    Offence of contravening supervision order
   40B.    Procedure on some charges of offences under s. 40A
   40.     Proceedings to be criminal proceedings
   41.     Deciding certain matters on the papers
   42.     Evidence in certain hearings
   43.     Court may give directions
   44.     Appearance at hearings
   45.     Warrant of commitment upon order for detention
   46A.    Protection from personal liability
   46B.    Exchange of information
   46.     Approved forms
   47.     Regulations
   48.      Transitional provisions (Sch. 1)
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Transitional provisions  
           Compilation table

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