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DOG ACT 1976


           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   6.      Application
   7.      Dogs to be registered
   8.      Assistance dogs

   PART II -- Administration  

   9.      Administrative responsibility
   10.     Dogs not kept in district
   10AA.   Delegation of local government powers and duties
   10AB.   Register of, and review of, delegations
   10A.    Payments to veterinary surgeons towards cost of sterilisation
   11.     Staff and services
   12.     Joint jurisdiction
   12A.    Entry of premises
   13.     Immunity of persons acting in good faith

   PART III -- Registration and identification

           Division 1 -- Registration  

   14.     Register of dogs
   15.     Registration periods and fees
   16.     Registration procedure
   16AA.   Owner’s delegate
   16A.    Change of ownership
   17A.    If no application for registration made
   17.     Refusal or cancellation of registration
   18.     Registration tags
   19.     Refund of fee on cancellation
   20.     Offences relating to registration etc.

           Division 2 -- Microchipping  

   21.     Microchipping of dogs other than dangerous dogs
   22.     Microchipping of dangerous dogs
   23.     Notice to be given of microchip information
   24.     Microchip implanter to give information to microchip database company
   25.     Microchip database company’s obligations
   26A.    Interference with microchips
   26B.    Transfer of ownership of unmicrochipped dogs
   26C.    Transfer of ownership of microchipped dogs

           Division 3 -- Changes to recorded information  

   26D.    Notice to be given of changes to recorded information

   PART V -- The keeping of dogs  

   26.     Limitation as to numbers
   27.     Licensing of approved kennel establishments

   PART VI -- Control of dogs

           Division 1 -- Dogs generally  

   28.     Obligation to identify dog’s owner
   29.     Power to seize dogs
   30A.    Operator of dog management facility may have dog microchipped at owner’s expense
   30.     Dogs to wear collars, registration tags etc.
   31.     Control of dogs in certain public places
   32.     Control of dogs in exercise areas and rural areas
   33.     Special provision for greyhounds
   33A.    Control of dogs in places that are not public
   33B.    Defences applicable to offences under this Division
   33C.    Saving
   33D.    Dog attacks etc.

           Division 2 -- Dangerous dogs  

   33E.    Individual dog may be declared to be dangerous dog (declared)
   33F.    Owner to be notified of making of declaration
   33GA.   Offences relating to dangerous dogs
   33GB.   Dangerous dogs (restricted breed) to be sterilised
   33GC.   Restrictions on transferring ownership of dangerous dogs (restricted breed)
   33GD.   Dangerous dogs (restricted breed) not to be bred
   33GE.   Prohibition on transfer of ownership of dangerous dogs (declared) to persons under
   33G.    Seizure and destruction
   33H.    Local government may revoke declaration or proposal to destroy
   33I.    Jurisdiction of State Administrative Tribunal
   33J.    Duration of declaration
   33K.    Duty to notify persons
   33L.    Defences applicable to this Division
   33M.    Local government expenses to be recoverable

           Division 3 -- Protection of stock; vermin disease and parasite control  

   34.     Protection of livestock
   35.     Destruction of vermin etc.

           Division 4 -- Control of nuisance  

   38.     Nuisance dogs

   PART VII -- Enforcement  

   39.     Dogs causing injury or damage may be destroyed
   40.     Destruction of dogs etc.
   41.     Indemnity as to destruction of dogs
   43.     Offences relating to enforcement etc.
   43A.    Name and address to be supplied
   44.     Enforcement proceedings
   45.     Evidentiary provisions
   45A.    Modified penalties
   46A.    Order to attend dog training course, ban on owning or keeping dogs

   PART VIII -- Civil remedies, etc.  

   46.     Damages
   47.     Veterinary service expenses recoverable from local government

   PART IX -- Local laws  

   48.     Regulations to operate as local laws
   49.     Local laws
   49A.    Model local laws
   49B.    Governor may amend or repeal local laws
   50.     General provisions relating to regulations and local laws
   51.     Local law making powers
   52.     Revocation of local laws

   PART X -- Regulations  

   54.     Regulations generally

   PART XI -- Transitional provisions

           Division 1 -- Transitional provisions arising from certain amendments made by the Dog Amendment Act 2013  

   55.     Application of Interpretation Act 1984
   56.     Authorisations in relation to assistance dogs
   57.     Registration procedure
   58.     Detained dogs
   59.     Dogs declared to be dangerous dogs
   60.     Transitional regulations
           Provisions that have not come into operation
           Defined terms
           Compilation table

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