Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary matters  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Meaning of finding of guilt
   5.      Other reference provisions

   PART 2 -- Offenders to whom Act applies

           Division 1 -- General  

   6.      Reportable offenders
   7.      Corresponding reportable offenders
   8.      New South Wales reportable offenders
   9.      Reportable offences
   10.     Class 1 offences
   11.     Class 2 offences
   13.     Offender reporting orders
   14A.    Consent orders

           Division 2 -- Past offender reporting orders  

   14.     Terms used
   15.     Commissioner may apply for reporting orders
   16.     Fixing a hearing
   17.     Evidence
   18.     How application to be disposed of
   19.     Court may make reporting orders
   20A.    Consent orders
   20.     Attendance at hearings
   21.     Notification of orders made in absence of respondent
   22.     Appeals
   23.     Appeal does not stay order

   PART 3 -- Reporting obligations

           Division 1 -- Initial report  

   24.     When report must be made
   25.     When new initial report must be made by offender whose previous reporting obligations have ceased
   26.     Initial report by reportable offender of personal details
   27.     Persons required to report under corresponding Act

           Division 2 -- Ongoing reporting obligations  

   28.     Reportable offender to report annually and as required by Commissioner
   29.     Reportable offender to report changes to relevant personal details
   29A.    Intended absence from place of residence to be reported
   30.     Intended absence from Western Australia to be reported
   31.     Change of travel plans while out of Western Australia to be reported
   32.     Reportable offender to report return to Western Australia or decision not to leave
   33.     Report of other absences from Western Australia

           Division 3 -- Provisions applying to all reporting obligations  

   34.     Where reports must be made
   35.     How reports must be made
   36.     Right to privacy and support when reporting
   37.     Receipt of information to be acknowledged
   38.     Additional matters to be provided
   39.     Power to take fingerprints
   40.     Power to take photographs
   41.     Reasonable force may be used to obtain fingerprints and photographs
   42.     Retention of material for certain purposes
   43.     Reporting by remote offenders

           Division 4 -- Suspension and extension of reporting obligations  

   44.     Suspension and extension of reporting obligations

           Division 5 -- Reporting period  

   45.     When reporting obligations begin
   46.     Length of reporting period
   47.     Reduced period applies for young reportable offenders
   48.     Extended reporting period if reportable offender still on parole
   49.     Reporting period for corresponding reportable offenders
   50.     Reporting period for New South Wales reportable offenders

           Division 6 -- Exemption from reporting obligations  

   51.     Application of Division
   52.     District Court may exempt certain reportable offenders
   53.     Order for suspension
   54.     Commissioner and certain chief executive officers entitled to be parties to proceedings
   55.     Commissioner to be notified of order
   56.     No costs to be awarded
   57.     Applications not to be heard in public on application of party to proceedings
   58.     Restriction on right of unsuccessful applicant to re-apply for order
   59.     Cessation of order
   60.     Application for new order

           Division 7 -- Suspension of reporting obligations of certain reportable offenders  

   61.     Commissioner may approve suspension of reporting obligations
   62.     Cessation of approval

           Division 8 -- Offences  

   63.     Failure to comply with reporting obligations
   64.     Providing false or misleading information
   65.     No time limit for prosecutions
   66.     Bar to prosecution for failing to report leaving Western Australia

           Division 9 -- Notification of reporting obligations  

   67.     Notice to be given to reportable offender
   68.     Courts to provide sentencing information to Commissioner
   69.     Notice to be given when reporting period changes
   70.     Supervising authority to notify Commissioner of certain events
   71.     Notices may be given by Commissioner
   72.     Power of detention to enable notice to be given
   73.     Failure to comply with procedural requirements does not affect reportable offender’s obligations

           Division 10 -- Modified reporting procedures for participants in witness protection programs  

   74.     Term used: witness protection program
   75.     Application of this Division
   76.     Report need not be made in person
   77.     Determination as to whether this Division applies
   78.     When determination takes effect
   79.     Modification of reporting obligations

   PART 4A -- Change of name  

   80A.    Terms used
   80B.    Application
   80C.    Application for change of name by or in respect of reportable offender
   80D.    Approval by Commissioner
   80E.    Registration of change of name
   80F.    WA Registrar to correct Registration Act Register
   80G.    Exchange of information between Commissioner and WA Registrar

   PART 4 -- Community Protection Offender Register  

   80.     Requirement to establish and maintain Community Protection Offender Register
   81.     Access to Register to be restricted
   82.     Confidentiality
   83.     Restriction on who may access personal information on protected witnesses
   84.     Reportable offender’s rights in relation to Register

   PART 5A -- Publication of information about offenders

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   85A.    Terms used
   85B.    Delegation by Commissioner
   85C.    Commissioner not required to publish or provide information
   85D.    Restriction on information about protected witnesses

           Division 2 -- Commissioner may publish information  

   85E.    Application
   85F.    Commissioner may publish personal details of certain reportable offenders
   85G.    Commissioner may publish photograph and locality of certain persons
   85H.    Removal of photograph and locality from website
   85I.    Commissioner may take into account certain matters
   85J.    Commissioner may inform child’s parent or guardian whether specified person is a reportable offender
   85K.    Protection as to publication and other provision of information

           Division 3 -- Offences  

   85L.    Conduct intended to incite animosity towards or harassment of identified offenders
   85M.    Publication, display and distribution of identifying information

   PART 5 -- Protection orders

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   85.     Terms used
   86.     Evidence

           Division 2 -- Orders  

   87.     Commissioner may apply for orders
   88.     Fixing a hearing
   89.     How application to be disposed of
   90.     Court may make child protection orders
   91.     Term of child protection orders
   92.     Interim child protection orders
   93.     Conduct that may be subject of orders
   94A.    Reportable offenders may be required to undergo assessment and treatment
   94B.    Reportable offenders may be required to submit to tests or give samples for analysis
   94C.    Authorised police officers may enter premises to inspect computers
   94.     Explanation of orders
   95.     Consent orders

           Division 3 -- Variation or revocation  

   96.     Variation or revocation of child protection orders
   97.     Fixing a hearing
   98.     How application to be disposed of

           Division 4 -- Attendance at hearings  

   99.     Attendance at hearings
   100.    Notification of orders made in absence of respondent

           Division 5 -- Offence  

   101.    Failure to comply with orders

           Division 6 -- Appeals  

   102.    Appeals
   103.    Appeal does not stay order

           Division 7 -- Miscellaneous  

   104.    Applications not to be heard in public
   106.    Restriction on publication of identity of reportable offenders and victims
   107.    Protection orders have no effect to extent of inconsistency with certain other orders
   108.    Recognition of protection orders made in other jurisdictions

   PART 6 -- Other matters  

   109.    Protection from liability
   110A.   Public authorities to provide Commissioner with certain information
   110.    Delegation by Commissioner
   111.    Effect of spent convictions
   112.    Civil standard of proof
   113.    Certificate concerning evidence
   114.    Regulations
   115.     Minister to review and report on Act
   115A.   Transitional arrangements for certain offenders
   115B.   Further transitional arrangements for certain offenders sentenced for Class 2 offences
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Class 1 offences
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Class 2 offences
           Compilation table

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