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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Presumptions of parentage
   5.      Status of notes

   PART 2 -- Objects and principles

           Division 1 -- Objects  

   6.      Objects

           Division 2 -- General principles relating to children  

   7.      Best interests of child are paramount consideration
   8.      Determining best interests of child
   9.      Principles to be observed
   10.     Principle of child participation

           Division 3 -- Principles relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children  

   11.     Relationship with principles in Division 2
   12.     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child placement principle
   13.     Principle of self-determination
   14.     Principle of community participation

   PART 3 -- Administrative matters

           Division 1 -- The Minister  

   15.     Agreements in respect of social services
   16.     Delegation by Minister

           Division 2 -- The Children and Community Services Ministerial Body  

   17.     Term used: Ministerial Body
   18.     Children and Community Services Ministerial Body
   19.     Purpose and nature of Ministerial Body
   20.     Execution of documents by Ministerial Body

           Division 3 -- The CEO  

   21.     Functions of CEO
   22.     Cooperation and assistance
   23.     CEO etc. may disclose or request relevant information
   24A.    Power of CEO to obtain copies of certain reports from CEO (Corrective Services)
   24.     Delegation by CEO

           Division 4 -- Authorised officers  

   25.     Designation of authorised officers
   26.     Identity cards

           Division 5 -- Advisory bodies  

   27.     Establishment of advisory bodies

           Division 6 -- Information sharing  

   28A.    Terms used
   28B.    Disclosure of information by prescribed authority or authorised entity
   28C.    Delegation of powers under s. 28B

   PART 4 -- Protection and care of children

           Division 1 -- Introductory matters  

   28.     When child in need of protection
   29.     Provisional protection and care, meaning and effect of
   30.     When child is in CEO’s care

           Division 2 -- Measures to safeguard or promote child’s wellbeing

              Subdivision 1 -- General powers and duties of CEO  

   31.     CEO may cause inquiries to be made about child
   32.     CEO’s duties if action needed to safeguard etc. child’s wellbeing
   33A.    CEO may cause inquiries to be made before child is born
   33B.    CEO’s duties if action needed before child born to safeguard etc. child after birth

              Subdivision 2 -- Powers relating to investigation  

   33.     Access to child for purposes of investigation
   34.     Warrant (access), application for and issue of

              Subdivision 3 -- Provisional protection and care  

   35.     Warrant (provisional protection and care), application for and issue of
   36.     CEO’s duty if child taken into provisional protection and care under warrant
   37.     Taking child into provisional protection and care without warrant in certain circumstances
   38.     CEO’s duties etc. if child taken into provisional protection and care without warrant
   39.     Provisional care plans, preparation etc. of

              Subdivision 4 -- Other powers  

   40.     Power to keep child under 6 years of age in hospital
   41.     Power to move child to safe place

           Division 3 -- Protection orders

              Subdivision 1 -- Introductory matters  

   42.     Terms used
   43.     Term used: protection order

              Subdivision 2 -- Applications for, and making of, protection orders  

   44.     Application for protection order
   45.     Court may make protection order
   46.     No order principle

              Subdivision 3 -- Protection orders (supervision)  

   47.     Protection order (supervision)
   48.     Duration of protection order (supervision)
   49.     Extension of protection order (supervision)
   50.     Conditions of protection order (supervision)
   51.     Variation of conditions of protection order (supervision)
   52.     Access to child by authorised officer while protection order (supervision) in force
   53.     Provision of social services

              Subdivision 4 -- Protection orders (time-limited)  

   54.     Protection order (time-limited)
   55.     Duration of protection order (time-limited)
   56.     Extension of protection order (time-limited)

              Subdivision 5 -- Protection orders (until 18)  

   57.     Protection order (until 18)
   58.     Restriction on making protection order (until 18)
   59.     Duration of protection order (until 18)

              Subdivision 6 -- Protection orders (special guardianship)  

   60.     Protection order (special guardianship)
   61.     Restriction on making protection order (special guardianship)
   62.     Duration of protection order (special guardianship)
   63.     Conditions of protection order (special guardianship)
   64.     Variation of conditions
   65.     Court may order payments to special guardian
   66.     Provision of social services

              Subdivision 7 -- Revocation and replacement of protection orders  

   67.     Revocation of protection order
   68.     Replacement of protection order: application by CEO
   69A.    Replacement of protection order (time-limited) or protection order (until 18): application by carer

              Subdivision 8 -- General  

   69.     Applications for extension, variation, revocation or replacement of protection orders
   70.     Form of protection order
   71.     Child’s date of birth
   72.     Parties to proceedings to be given copy of protection order
   73.     Maintenance of children under certain orders

           Division 4 -- Negotiated placement  

   74.     Term used: child
   75.     Negotiated placement agreement
   76.     Duration of negotiated placement agreement
   77.     Termination of negotiated placement agreement

           Division 5 -- Children in the CEO’s care

              Subdivision 1 -- Charter of Rights  

   78.     Preparation etc. of Charter of Rights

              Subdivision 2 -- Placement arrangements  

   79.     CEO may arrange placement of child
   80.     Guidelines for placement of certain children
   81.     Consultation before placement of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child
   82.     Payment for care under placement arrangement
   83.     Inspection of place where child living
   84.     Authorised officer may require person to hand over child
   85.     Warrant (apprehension) where child not handed over
   86.     Warrant (apprehension) where child absent or taken without authority
   87.     Apprehension without warrant in certain circumstances

              Subdivision 3A -- Secure care arrangements  

   88A.    Terms used
   88B.    Secure care facilities
   88C.    Secure care arrangements for certain children
   88D.    Period in secure care facility
   88E.    Continuation order required for certain provisionally protected children
   88F.    CEO to decide secure care period for protected child
   88G.    Reconsideration of certain decisions as to protected child
   88H.    Review of CEO’s decision
   88I.    Requirements for care plan or provisional care plan
   88J.    Apprehension without warrant of child absent from secure care facility

              Subdivision 3 -- Care plans  

   88.     Term used: parent
   89.     Care plans, preparation etc. of
   90.     Review of care plan

              Subdivision 4 -- Review of certain decisions  

   91.     Terms used
   92.     Care plan review panel
   93.     Initial review
   94.     Review of CEO’s decision
   95.     Procedure

           Division 6 -- Provisions about leaving the CEO’s care  

   96.     People who qualify for assistance
   97.     Child’s entitlement to personal material
   98.     Provision of social services
   99.     Provision of assistance to obtain accommodation etc.
   100.    Provision of financial assistance

           Division 7 -- Offences

              Subdivision 1 -- Children generally  

   101.    Failing to protect child from harm
   102.    Leaving child unsupervised in vehicle
   103.    Tattooing or branding
   104A.   Body piercing
   104.    Providing long-term care for young children

              Subdivision 2 -- Children under placement arrangements or secure care arrangements  

   105.    Terms used
   106.    Removing child from State
   107.    Removing child from place of residence
   108.    Harbouring child absent from place of residence
   109.    Preventing child’s return to place of residence
   110.    CEO may prohibit communication with child
   111.    Evidentiary provision

           Division 8 -- Powers of restraint, search and seizure  

   112.    Terms used
   113A.   Approving persons for purposes of this Division
   113.    Prerequisites for exercise of power
   114.    Child may be restrained
   115.    Child may be searched
   116.    Certain articles may be seized
   117.    How seized articles to be dealt with
   118.    Use of reasonable force
   119.    Prescribed procedures

           Division 9 -- Warrants  

   120.    Applying for warrants
   121.    Warrant (access), effect of
   122.    Warrant (apprehension), effect of
   123.    Warrant (provisional protection and care), effect of
   124.    Execution of warrant

           Division 9A -- Reporting sexual abuse of children  

   124A.   Terms used
   124B.   Duty of certain people to report sexual abuse of children
   124C.   Reports under s. 124B, form and content of
   124D.   CEO to give copies of reports under s. 124B to police
   124E.   Time limit for prosecuting offences under s. 124B and 124C
   124F.   Confidentiality of reporter’s identity
   124G.   Evidence and legal proceedings
   124H.   Orders, leave of courts etc. under s. 124F or 124G

           Division 10 -- General  

   125A.   Assessors, appointment and functions of
   125B.   Identity cards for assessors
   125.    Access to child, meaning of
   126.    Recovery of certain expenditure
   127.    CEO may give consent in lieu of parent in some cases
   128.    Records of children in CEO’s care to be kept
   129.    Protection from liability for giving information
   130.    General powers of police officers not affected

   PART 5A -- Responsible parenting agreements  

   131A.   Terms used
   131B.   Principle to be observed in administration of this Part
   131C.   Responsible parenting agreements
   131D.   Entering into responsible parenting agreement
   131E.   Content of responsible parenting agreement
   131F.   Formal requirements
   131G.   Effect of responsible parenting agreement
   131H.   Delegation by CEO (Corrective Services) and CEO (Education)

   PART 5 -- Protection proceedings

           Division 1 -- Terms used in this Part  

   131.    Terms used

           Division 2 -- Adjournment and interim orders  

   132.    Adjournment of proceedings
   133.    Interim orders
   134A.   Interim orders (secure care)
   134.    Variation or revocation of interim order
   135.    Access to child by authorised officer while interim order in force

           Division 3A -- Orders for determination of parentage  

   136A.   Terms used
   136B.   Orders requiring person to give evidence
   136C.   Parentage testing orders
   136D.   Orders associated with parentage testing orders
   136E.   Adult contravening s. 136D order, consequences of
   136F.   Procedure etc. ordered for child, parental consent needed in some cases, consequences of refusing to consent
   136G.   No liability if parent or CEO consents
   136H.   Parentage testing procedures, conduct of etc.
   136I.   Results of parentage testing procedures admissible in protection proceedings

           Division 3 -- Pre-hearing conferences  

   136.    Court may order pre-hearing conference
   137.    Confidentiality of pre-hearing conference

           Division 4 -- Reports about child  

   138.    Term used: report
   139.    Court may require report
   140.    Access to written report
   141.    Confidentiality of report
   142.    Protection from liability for preparing or giving report

           Division 5 -- Proposals about arrangements for child  

   143.    CEO to provide Court with proposal for child
   144.    Court to consider proposal

           Division 6 -- Procedural matters  

   145.    Conduct of protection proceedings generally
   146.    Court not bound by rules of evidence
   147.    Parties to protection proceedings
   148.    Legal representation of child
   149.    Presence of child in court
   150.    Evidence of child
   151.    Standard of proof
   152.    Intervention by Attorney General
   153.    Court to facilitate party’s participation in proceedings
   154.    Court may dispense with requirement for service
   155.    Frivolous or vexatious proceedings

   PART 6 -- Transfer of child protection orders and proceedings

           Division 1 -- Introductory matters  

   156.    Purpose of PART
   157.    Terms used

           Division 2 -- Transfer of child protection orders

              Subdivision 1 -- Administrative transfers  

   158.    When CEO may transfer home order
   159.    Persons whose consent is required under s. 158(1)(d)
   160.    CEO to have regard to certain matters
   161.    Notification of decision to transfer
   162.    Judicial review of CEO’s decision
   163.    Review by State Administrative Tribunal

              Subdivision 2 -- Judicial transfers  

   164.    When Court may transfer home order
   165.    Service of application under s. 164
   166.    Court to have regard to certain matters
   167.    Proposed interstate orders, terms of
   168.    Court not to make s. 164 order without report from CEO
   169.    Appeals

           Division 3 -- Transfer of child protection proceedings  

   170.    When Court may transfer child protection proceeding
   171.    Service of application under s. 170
   172.    Court to have regard to certain matters
   173.    Interim order
   174.    Appeals

           Division 4 -- Registration  

   175.    Filing interstate orders in Court
   176.    Registering interstate orders
   177.    Notification by registrar of Court
   178.    Effect of registration
   179.    Revocation of registration

           Division 5 -- General  

   180.    Legal representation of child
   181.    Effect of registration of transferred order
   182.    Transfer of Court file
   183.    Hearing and determination of transferred proceeding
   184.    Disclosure of information
   185.    Discretion of CEO to consent to transfer
   186.    Evidence of consent of relevant interstate officer
   187.    Offence to remove certain children from where they live

   PART 7 -- Employment of children  

   188.    Terms used
   189.    School Education Act 1999 not affected
   190.    Child under 15 not to be employed in business etc.
   191.    Exceptions to s. 190
   192.    Children not to be employed to perform in indecent manner etc.
   193.    CEO may prohibit or limit employment of child
   194A.   CEO may prohibit or limit employment of children in particular business or place
   194.    False information to employers etc.
   195.    Powers of authorised officers
   196.    Role of industrial inspectors and industrial magistrate’s courts

   PART 9 -- Provision of financial or other assistance  

   233.    CEO may provide financial or other assistance
   234.    CEO may assist with funeral expenses
   235.    Application for assistance
   236.    Recovery of overpayments in certain circumstances

   PART 10 -- Confidentiality provisions  

   237.    Restriction on publication of certain information or material
   238.    Production of departmental records in legal proceedings
   239.    Objection to disclosure of certain information during legal proceedings
   240.    Restrictions on disclosing notifier’s identity
   241.    Restrictions on disclosing information obtained under this Act

   PART 11 -- Other matters  

   242A.   CEO to notify Ombudsman of certain deaths of children
   242.    Obstruction
   243.    Impersonating assessor or authorised officer
   244.    False information in applications etc.
   245.    Legal proceedings, commencement of
   246.    Protection from liability for wrongdoing
   247.    Effect of provision requiring document to be given to particular person or child
   248.    Regulations
   249.     Review of Act
   250.    Repeal, transitional and savings provisions
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Transitional and savings provisions
           Compilation table

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