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Direction to move on

S. 6(1) amended by Nos 43/2011 s. 48(2), 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.2).

    (1)     A police officer, or a protective services officer on duty at a designated place, may give a direction to a person or persons in a public place to leave the public place, or part of the public place, if the police officer or protective services officer suspects on reasonable grounds that—

        (a)     the person is or persons are breaching, or likely to breach, the peace; or

        (b)     the person is or persons are endangering, or likely to endanger, the safety of any other person; or

S. 6(1)(c) amended by Nos 15/2014 s. 3(1), 6/2015 s. 4(1).

        (c)     the behaviour of the person or persons is likely to cause injury to a person or damage to property or is otherwise a risk to public safety.

S. 6(1)(d)–(h) inserted by No. 15/2014 s. 3(2), repealed by No. 6/2015 s. 4(2).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 6(1A) inserted by No. 15/2014 s. 3(3), amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.3), repealed by No. 6/2015 s. 4(3).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 6(2) amended by Nos 15/2014 s. 3(4), 6/2015 s. 4(4).

    (2)     A direction under this section may be given orally.

    (3)     A direction under this section may direct the person or persons not to return to the public place or part of a public place or not to be in that public place or part for a specified period of not more than 24 hours.

    (4)     A person must not without reasonable excuse contravene a direction given to the person under this section.

Penalty:     5 penalty units.

S. 6(5) amended by Nos 15/2014 s. 3(5), 6/2015 s. 4(5).

    (5)     This section does not apply in relation to a person who, whether in the company of other persons or not, is—

        (a)     picketing a place of employment; or

        (b)     demonstrating or protesting about a particular issue; or

        (c)     speaking, bearing or otherwise identifying with a banner, placard or sign or otherwise behaving in a way that is apparently intended to publicise the person's view about a particular issue.

S. 6(6) inserted by No. 15/2014 s. 3(6), amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.3), repealed by No. 6/2015 s. 4(6).

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 6A inserted by No. 15/2014 s. 4, amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.4), repealed by No. 6/2015 s. 5.

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 6B inserted by No. 15/2014 s. 4, amended by Nos 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. item 160.5), 55/2014 s. 179, repealed by No. 6/2015 s. 6.

    *     *     *     *     *

Pt I Div. 1B (Heading and ss 6C–6J) inserted by No. 15/2014 s. 5, amended by No. 37/2014 s. 10(Sch. items 160.6, 160.7), repealed by No. 6/2015 s. 7.

    *     *     *     *     *

Division 2—General

Offences tending to Personal Injury, or Damage to Property, &c.

No. 6337 s. 17.

S. 7
amended by No. 9554 s. 2(2)(Sch. 2 item 304).

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