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Proceeding to test legality of by-laws

S. 103(1) amended by No. 24/2008 s. 26(2).

    (1)     A person who pays into court the sum of $500 as security for costs may apply to the Court constituted by a Judge of the Court for an order calling on the corporation by which or on whose behalf a by-law has been made to show cause why the by-law should not be quashed, either wholly or in part, for illegality.

    (2)     The Court may make the order absolute or discharge it with or without costs.

    (3)     In this section—

"by-law" includes regulations, rules and articles of association;

"corporation" means every corporation, no matter how created, and whether it exists for municipal, trading, mining, charitable or other purposes.

Pt 7 (Heading) substituted by No. 24/2008 s. 27.

Part 7—Associate Judges and officers of the Court

Pt 7 Div. 1 (Heading) amended by No. 63/2013 s. 21.

Division 1—Appointments of Associate Judges

No. 6387 s. 180.

S. 104 amended by Nos 64/1990 s. 3(a)(b), 109/1994 s. 22(1)(c)–(e)(2), 22/1995 s. 20(1), 46/1998
s. 7(Sch. 1), 31/2004 s. 12, 108/2004 s. 117(1) (Sch. 3 item 194), 16/2005 s. 6, substituted by No. 24/2008 s. 28.

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