Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Short title  
   2.      Definitions and limit of application of the Act  
   2A.     Person or body no longer a public office  
   2B.     Records of a body that ceases to be a public office  
   3.      Public Record Office  
   4.      Public Records Advisory Council  
   4A.     Membership of Council not office of profit  
   5.      Functions of Public Records Advisory Council  
   6.      Employment of Keeper of Public Records and other employees  
   7.      Responsibilities of Keeper of Public Records  
   8.      Publications  
   8A.     Transfer of public records to Public Record Office  
   9.      Personal or private records may be withheld  
   10.     Records may be withheld for 30 years  
   10AA.   Certain records may be withheld from public inspection  
   10A.    Access to records apart from Act  
   11.     Inspection and copying of public records  
   12.     Standards for management of public records  
   13.     Duties of officer in charge of a public office  
   13A.    Inspection of public office or other place  
   14.     Power to appoint place outside Public Record Office for deposit of public records  
   15.     Power to purchase or to transfer records for safe-keeping  
   15A.    Compulsory acquisition of public records  
   16.     Prescribed records—owner to lodge notice of possession  
   17.     Sale or other disposal of prescribed records  
   18.     Prescribed records to become property of State upon death of owner  
   19.     Offence to remove etc. public record without authority  
   20.     Destruction or transfer of records in Public Record Office  
   20A.    Protection against actions for defamation or breach of confidence  
   21.     Keeper of Public Records to report to Minister  
   22.     Admissibility etc. of records and copies of records in Public Record Office  
   23.     Regulations  

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