Victorian Current Acts

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Code of conduct for Members

    (1)     It is hereby declared that a Member of the Parliament is bound by the following code of conduct—

        (a)     Members shall—

              (i)     accept that their prime responsibility is to the performance of their public duty and therefore ensure that this aim is not endangered or subordinated by involvement in conflicting private interests;

              (ii)     ensure that their conduct as Members must not be such as to bring discredit upon the Parliament;

        (b)     Members shall not advance their private interests by use of confidential information gained in the performance of their public duty;

        (c)     a Member shall not receive any fee, payment, retainer or reward, nor shall he permit any compensation to accrue to his beneficial interest for or on account of, or as a result of the use of, his position as a Member;

        (d)     a Member shall make full disclosure to the Parliament of—

              (i)     any direct pecuniary interest that he has;

              (ii)     the name of any trade or professional organization of which he is a member which has an interest;

              (iii)     any other material interest whether of a pecuniary nature or not that he has—

in or in relation to any matter upon which he speaks in the Parliament;

        (e)     a Member who is a Minister shall ensure that no conflict exists, or appears to exist, between his public duty and his private interests;
s. 3

        (f)     a Member who is a Minister is expected to devote his time and his talents to the carrying out of his public duties.

    (2)     Without limiting the generality of the foregoing in the application and interpretation of the code regard shall be had to the recommendation of the Joint Select Committee of the Victorian Parliament appointed pursuant to The Constitution Act Amendment (Qualifications Joint Select Committee) Act 1973 presented to the Legislative Assembly on the 23rd day of April, 1974 (D.14/1973–74) contained in paragraph 12 of that report.



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