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Adjournment of proceeding to Drug Court Division

S. 4B(1) amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 82.3(a)).

    (1)     The Court, at any time before taking a formal plea from the accused in a criminal proceeding that is not in the Drug Court Division, may adjourn the proceeding to the Drug Court Division at that or another venue if—

S. 4B(1)(a) amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 82.3(a)).

        (a)     it appears to the Court that the accused might be eligible for a drug treatment order if convicted of the offence by the Drug Court Division; and

S. 4B(1)(b) amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 82.3(b)).

        (b)     the usual place of residence of the accused (if he or she has one) is within a postcode area specified, in relation to the venue at which the Drug Court Division sits and acts, by the Minister by notice published in the Government Gazette; and

S. 4B(1)(c) amended by No. 68/2009 s. 97(Sch. item 82.3(a)).

        (c)     the accused consents to the Court doing so.

    (2)     Despite anything to the contrary in this Act, a venue of the Court to which the proceeding is adjourned under subsection (1) is the proper venue of the Court for the purposes of this Act.

S. 4C inserted by No. 2/2002 s. 11 (as amended by No. 13/2003 s. 7), repealed by No. 36/2007 s. 4.

    *     *     *     *     *

S. 4D inserted by No. 27/2002 s. 6.

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