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Terms and conditions of appointment

S. 16D(1) amended by No. 29/2015 s. 70(1).

    (1)     A judicial registrar is entitled to the terms and conditions including remuneration and allowances that are fixed in respect of him or her from time to time by the Governor in Council.

    (2)     Except with the approval of the Attorney-General, a judicial registrar must not engage in legal practice, undertake paid employment or conduct a business, trade or profession of any kind.

    (3)     A judicial registrar must disclose to the Chief Magistrate in writing any direct or indirect pecuniary interest that he or she has or acquires that could conflict with the proper performance of the duties of the office of judicial registrar.

    (4)     Despite any provision to the contrary made by or under any other Act, a person who has held the office of judicial registrar is entitled to have his or her service in that office taken into account in computing the period of service which entitles public officials (within the meaning of the Public Administration Act 2004 ) to be granted long service leave or other leave entitlements, whether his or her service in the office of judicial registrar is before or after any period of service as such a public official.

S. 16D(5) inserted by No. 29/2015 s. 70(2).

    (5)     The following are to be paid out of the Consolidated Fund, which is appropriated to the necessary extent—

        (a)     the amounts (including the amount of any non-salary benefits) payable to or for any judicial registrar; and

        (b)     premiums and other amounts payable under the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 in respect of any judicial registrar; and

        (c)     payroll tax payable under the Payroll Tax Act 2007 in respect of wages paid or payable to any judicial registrar; and

        (d)     tax payable under the Fringe Benefits Tax Act 1986 of the Commonwealth in respect of fringe benefits provided to any judicial registrar; and

        (e)     superannuation contributions within the meaning of the Payroll Tax Act 2007 payable in respect of any judicial registrar.

S. 16D(6) inserted by No. 29/2015 s. 70(2).

    (6)     In this section, non-salary benefits has the same meaning as it has in clause 3(5) and (6) of Schedule 1A to the Public Administration Act 2004 .

S. 16D(7) inserted by No. 62/2014 s. 92.

    (7)     Nothing in this section authorises the salary or the aggregate value of the allowances payable to a judicial registrar to be reduced.

S. 16DB inserted by No. 62/2014 s. 93.

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