Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purpose  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Interpretation: health service establishment  
   5.      Interpretation: day procedure centre  
   5A.     Interpretation: trust instruments  
   6.      State funded residential care service  
   7.      Designated public hospital  
   8.      Amendment of Schedules  
   9.      Objectives  
   11.     Exemptions  
   11A.    Principal function of the Secretary  


   12.     Preparation of draft guidelines  
   13.     Notice of draft guidelines  
   14.     Approval of guidelines  
   15.     Publication of approved guidelines  
   16.     Operation of guideline  
   17.     Revocation of guideline  


   17AA.   Public hospital services principles  


   17AB.   Definition  
   17A.    Power to fund agencies  
   18.     Criteria for public funding of agencies  
   18A.    Definition  
   18B.    Case mix auditors  
   18C.    Functions of case mix auditors  
   18D.    Powers of case mix auditors  
   18E.    Confidentiality requirements  
   19.     Definition  
   20.     Registration as condition of funding  
   21.     Conditions of registration  
   22.     Registration  
   24.     Rules of registered funded agency  
   25.     Chief executive officer  
   26.     Health service agreements  
   27.     Interim funding statements  
   28.     Limits or controls on expenditure or entering into of contracts etc.  
   29.     Power to invest  
   30.     Approved borrowers and guarantees  
   31.     Incorporation  
   31A.    Public hospitals do not represent Crown  
   32.     Objects and functions of public hospitals  
   33.     Board of management  
   34.     Terms and conditions of appointment  
   35.     Removal and resignation  
   36.     Annual meetings  
   37.     Procedure of board  
   38.     Membership of board not office of profit  
   38A.    Immunity  
   40.     Validity of acts or decisions  
   40A.    Notice of proposed direction  
   40B.    Minister may issue directions  
   40C.    Appointment of delegate to board  
   40D.    Functions of delegate  
   40E.    Obligations of board to delegate  
   41.     Powers and duties  
   42.     Hospital must comply with directions of Secretary  
   43.     Public hospitals and denominational hospitals excluded from Corporations legislation  
   44.     Trustees' power to transfer certain property  
   44A.    Statement of priorities for denominational hospitals  
   45.     Application for registration  
   46.     Further information  
   47.     Registration criteria  
   48.     Registration  
   49.     Conditions on registration  
   50.     Refusal of registration  
   51.     Minister may determine performance standards  
   52.     Subject matter of performance standards  
   53.     Community health centre to comply with performance standards  
   54.     Secretary may give directions  
   55.     What happens if a registered community health centre fails to comply with the Secretary's direction?  
   56.     Secretary may revoke registration  
   57.     Displacement of other laws—appointment of administrator  
   57A.    Appointment of administrator  
   57B.    Cancellation of registration of community health centre  
   57C.    Application for review by VCAT  
   57D.    Register of registered community health centres  
   58.     Powers of Minister  
   59.     Censure  
   60.     Suspension of admissions  
   61.     Appointment of administrator  
   62.     Closure  
   63.     Definition  
   63A.    Secretary may commission audits  
   63B.    Appointment or engagement of auditors  
   63C.    Powers of auditors  
   63D.    Confidentiality requirements  
   64.     Proposal for amalgamation  
   64A.    Voluntary amalgamations  
   65.     Governor in Council may order amalgamation  
   65A.    Definitions  
   65B.    Extra-territorial operation  
   65C.    Aggregation  
   65D.    New metropolitan hospital to be successor in law  
   65E.    Substitution of party to agreement  
   65F.    Old instruments  
   65FA.   Trusts in relation to aggregated hospitals  
   65G.    Proceedings  
   65H.    Interests in land  
   65I.    Amendment of Register  
   65J.    Taxes  
   65K.    Evidence  
   65L.    Transfer of aggregated hospital staff to new hospital  
   65M.    Future terms and conditions of transferred employees  
   65N.    Validity of things done under this Division  
   65O.    Operation of Division not subject to review  
   65P.    Incorporation  
   65Q.    Public health services do not represent the Crown  
   65R.    Objects of public health services  
   65S.    Board of directors  
   65T.    Directors  
   65U.    Terms and conditions  
   65V.    Removal and resignation  
   65W.    Disclosure of interest  
   65X.    Procedure of board  
   65XA.   Chief executive officer  
   65XB.   Functions of the chief executive officer  
   65Y.    Immunity  
   65Z.    Validity of acts or decisions  
   65ZAA.  Appointment of delegate to board  
   65ZAB.  Functions of delegate  
   65ZAC.  Obligations of board to delegate  
   65ZA.   Advisory committees  
   65ZB.   Community advisory committee  
   65ZC.   Primary care and population health advisory committee  
   65ZD.   Guidelines of Secretary  
   65ZE.   Procedure of advisory committees  
   65ZF.   Strategic plans  
   65ZFA.  When statement of priorities to be prepared  
   65ZFB.  Content of statement of priorities  
   65ZG.   Annual meetings  
   66.     Notice of proposed direction  
   66A.    Minister may issue directions  
   67.     Acquisition  
   68.     Acquired land to vest in the Crown  
   69.     Power to reserve and grant land to agency  
   69AA.   Meaning of hospital site  
   69AAB.  Application of Division  
   69AAC.  Power to grant leases for up to 35 years  
   69AAD.  Power to grant licences over land  
   69AAE.  Determination to grant lease or licence under this Division to be published and tabled  
   69AAF.  Parliamentary scrutiny of the leasing and licensing of certain land  


   69A.    Definitions  
   69B.    Minister may enter into public hospital patient services agreements  
   69C.    Matters that may be included in agreement  
   69D.    Agreement to run with land  
   69E.    Rights of access  
   69F.    Right of intervention in management  
   69G.    Application of FOI Act  
   69I.    Application of Land Act  


   70.     Application  
   71.     Criteria for grant of approval in principle  
   72.     Decision on application  
   73.     Certificate of approval in principle  
   74.     Transfer or variation of certificate  
   75.     Revocation of certificate  
   76.     Voluntary revocation of certificate  
   82.     Application  
   83.     Criteria for registration  
   84.     Decision on application  
   85.     Certificate of registration  
   86.     Change of directors etc.  
   87.     Annual fees  
   88.     Renewal of registration  
   89.     Criteria for renewal of registration  
   90.     Decision on application  
   91.     Certificate of renewal  
   92.     Variation of registration  
   93.     Criteria for variation of registration  
   94.     Decision on application  
   95.     Variation of registration without application  
   95A.    Cancellation of registration  
   96.     Endorsement of certificate of registration  
   97.     Legal personal representatives  
   102.    Revocation of registration of health service establishment  
   104.    Notification of decisions by Chief General Manager  
   104A.   Application deemed withdrawn  
   105.    Directions of Secretary  
   109.    Records  
   110.    Reviews  
   111.    Offence to carry on business if establishment or proprietor not registered  
   112.    Offence to provide excess beds or accommodation  
   113.    Offences relating to day procedure centres and private hospitals  
   114.    Offence to contravene condition of registration  
   115.    Offence to build etc. without approval in principle  


   115A.   Declaration and incorporation  
   115B.   Multi purpose services do not represent Crown  
   115C.   Objects and functions of multi purpose services  
   115D.   Powers  
   115E.   Board of management  
   115F.   Terms and conditions of appointment  
   115G.   Removal and resignation  
   115H.   Annual meetings  
   115I.   Procedure of board  
   115J.   Membership of board not office of profit  
   115JA.  Immunity  
   115L.   Validity of acts or decisions  
   115M.   Secretary may give directions  
   115N.   Rules of multi purpose service  
   115O.   Service agreements  
   115P.   Health service agreements  
   115Q.   Powers of Minister  
   115R.   Appointment of administrator  
   115S.   Closure  
   115T.   Amalgamations  
   115U.   Governor in Council may order amalgamation  
   115V.   Transitional  


   129.    Establishment of Health Purchasing Victoria  
   130.    HPV represents the Crown  
   131.    Functions of HPV  
   132.    Powers of HPV  
   133.    Factors to which HPV must have regard in performing functions and exercising powers  
   134.    Purchasing policies  
   134A.   HPV may exempt public hospitals from policies  
   134B.   Procedure for making and notification of purchasing policies  
   134C.   Disallowance of purchasing policies  
   134D.   Members of HPV  
   134E.   Terms and conditions  
   134F.   Removal and resignation  
   134G.   Procedure of HPV  
   134H.   Validity of HPV decisions  
   134I.   Members' pecuniary interests  
   134J.   Improper use of information  
   134K.   Delegation  
   134L.   Directions of the Minister or Secretary  
   134M.   Strategic plans  
   134N.   Existing supply contracts  
   134O.   HPV—trade practices  


   134P.   Establishment of Health Innovation and Reform Council  
   134Q.   Functions of the Council  
   134R.   Members of the Council  
   134S.   Procedure at meetings  
   134T.   Removal and resignation  
   134U.   Committee of the Council  


   135.    Definition  
   136.    Hospitals and Charities Fund  
   137.    Payments out of Fund to agencies  
   138.    Payment of fees  
   138A.   Definition  
   138B.   Remuneration and allowances  
   138C.   No compensation payable  
   139.    Quality assurance  
   140.    Proclaimed services  
   141.    Confidentiality  
   142.    Agencies etc. incorporated under other Acts  
   143.    Delegation by Minister  
   144.    Inquiry by Secretary  
   145.    Authorised officers  
   146.    Identity cards  
   147.    Powers of authorised officers  
   147A.   Entry to unregistered premises—search warrant  
   148.    Immunity  
   149.    Offence to obstruct or hinder  
   150.    Impersonating etc. an authorised officer  
   151.    False and misleading statements  
   152.    Defacing documents etc.  
   152A.   Offences by bodies corporate etc.  
   153.    Police assistance  
   154.    Service of documents  
   155.    Infringement notice  
   156.    Power to bring proceedings  
   156A.   Extension of time limit for proceedings for certain offences  
   157.    Evidentiary  
   157AA.  Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction—section 138C  
   157A.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction—section 126A  
   157B.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction—section 18F  
   157C.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction—sections 17AA, 40J or 65O  
   157D.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction—section 115K  
   157E.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   157F.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   157G.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   157H.   Supreme Court—limitation of jurisdiction  
   158.    Regulations  


   159.    Saving of Hospitals and Charities (Fees) Regulations 1986  
   159A.   Saving of hospital by-laws  
   160.    Private hospitals etc. registered under Health Act 1958  
   161.    Existing nursing homes and hostels not registered under the Health Act 1958  
   162.    Applications under Health Act 1958  
   163.    Building approval in force under Health Act 1958  
   164.    Transitional provision for Commonwealth building approval  
   165.    Residential statements  
   166.    Transitional provision for public hospitals  
   166A.   Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute  
   166B.   Fairfield Hospital  
   167.    Tweddle Baby Hospital  
   168.    Transitional provision for community health centres  
   169.    Transitional provision for boards of public hospitals  
   170.    New boards of certain public hospitals  
   171.    Transitional provisions for boards of community health centres  
   172.    Transitional provision for chief executive officers  
   173.    Bodies incorporated under Hospitals and Charities Act 1958  
   174.    Administrators  
   175.    Guarantees  
   176.    St Andrew's Hospital  
   177.    Transitional provisions (1998 amendments)  
   178.    Saving provision: validity of things done by trustees  
   178A.   Transitional provisions—Health Records Act 2001  
   178B.   Transitional provisions—registered community health centres  


   179.    Definitions  
   180.    Extra-territorial operation  
   181.    Order establishing a metropolitan health service  
   182.    Establishment of first board  
   183.    Appointment of first chief executive officer  
   184.    First by-laws of metropolitan health service  
   185.    Limited period to make Orders  
   193.    Definitions  
   194.    Cancellation of incorporation of metropolitan hospital  
   195.    Transfer from metropolitan hospital to metropolitan health service  
   196.    New metropolitan health service to be successor in law  
   197.    Substitution of party to agreement  
   198.    Old instruments  
   199.    Proceedings  
   200.    Interests in land  
   201.    Amendment of Register  
   202.    Taxes  
   203.    Evidence  
   204.    Transfer of hospital employees to new health service  
   205.    Future terms and conditions of transferred employees  
   206.    Definitions  
   207.    Division to prevail  
   208.    Transfer Order  
   209.    Property rights and liabilities transferred to metropolitan health service or community health centre  
   210.    Substitution of party to agreement  
   211.    Proceedings  
   212.    Interests in land  
   213.    Old instruments  
   214.    Trusts in respect of metropolitan hospitals existing on 31 July 1995  
   215.    Trusts in respect of metropolitan hospitals created on or after 1 August 1995  
   216.    Amendment of the Register  
   217.    Taxes  
   218.    Evidence  
   219.    Staff transfer date  
   220.    List of staff  
   221.    Transfer of staff  
   222.    Future terms and conditions of transferred employees  
   223.    Abolition of metropolitan hospital  
   224.    Effect of Order  
   225.    Validity of things done under this Part  
   226.    Operation of provisions not subject to review  
   227.    Application of property cy-pres not affected  
   228.    Application to trusts whenever created  
   229.    Saving of quality assurance bodies  


   230.    Transitional provision for boards of community health centres  


   231.    Deemed publication of Order in Council  


   232.    Definitions  
   233.    Extra-territorial operation  
   234.    Public health service same body as former metropolitan health service  
   235.    Certain public health services same body as certain former public hospitals  
   236.    First directors of boards of certain public health service  
   237.    Old instruments referring to metropolitan health service  
   238.    Old instruments referring to public hospitals  
   239.    Order establishing a public health service  
   240.    Establishment of first board of certain public health services  
   241.    First by-laws  
   242.    Registrar of Titles  
   243.    Operation of provisions not subject to review  


   244.    Definitions  
   245.    Extra-territorial operation  
   246.    Part to prevail  
   247.    Minister to consider report  
   248.    Order in Council  
   249.    Amendment of Schedules if new agency established  
   250.    Establishment of first board  
   251.    First by-laws of agency  
   252.    Appointment of first chief executive officer  
   253.    Cancellation of agency's incorporation  
   254.    Vesting of property, rights and liabilities  
   255.    Substitution of party to agreement  
   256.    Proceedings  
   257.    Interests in land  
   258.    Old instruments  
   259.    Taxes  
   260.    Evidence  
   261.    Saving of quality assurance bodies  
   262.    Staff transfer date  
   263.    List of staff  
   264.    Transfer of staff  
   265.    Future terms and conditions of transferred employees  
   266.    Trusts in respect of transferring agencies  
   267.    Application of property cy-pres not affected  
   268.    Application to trusts whenever created  
   269.    Validity of things done under this Part  
   270.    Operation of provisions not subject to review  
   271.    Appointment of administrator  
   272.    Functions of administrator  
   273.    Direction of Secretary  
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