Victorian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title and commencement  
   2.      Repeal Schedule  
   3.      Definitions  
   3A.     Construction of references to Commission  


   4.      Formation and registration of co-operative housing societies  
   4A.     Societies excluded from Corporations legislation  
   5.      Objects of society  
   6.      Power of society to raise money on loan  


           Division 1--Registration, &c.

   7.      Liability and membership  
   8.      Formation and registration of society  
   9.      As to names of societies  
   10.     Certificate of incorporation as evidence  

           Division 2--Mergers and transfers of engagements

   11.     Application for merger or transfer of engagements between societies  
   12.     Registrar may register merged society  
   13.     Certificate confirming transfer of engagements between societies  
   14.     Registrar may direct a transfer of engagements between societies  
   15.     Society to comply with direction  
   16.     Day on which transfer of engagements takes effect  
   17.     Effect of merger  
   18.     Effect of transfer of engagements  
   18A.    References to documents  

           Division 3--Members and Funds

   24.     Members of societies  
   25.     Capital and shares  
   26.     Liability of members  
   27.     Cancellation of shares  
   28.     Society's charge on shares  
   29.     Payment of sum due on unadvanced shares without probate  

           Division 4--Privileges, powers, and duties

   30.     Society to be a body corporate  
   31.     Exemption from fees  
   32.     Acquisition of property  
   33.     Raising loans  
   33A.    Society may act as trustee or agent  
   34.     As to advances by societies  
   35.     Contracts by society  
   36.     As to name and address of society  
   37.     Service of documents on society  
   38.     Effect of rules  
   39.     Registers and accounts  
   40.     Inspection of registers etc.  
   41.     Returns  
   42.     Charges  
   43.     No voting by proxy  
   44.     Special resolution  

           Division 5--Quarterly returns and reports

   44A.    Quarterly returns by society  
   44B.    Auditor to submit report  

           Division 6--Directions of Registrar

   44C.    Intervention by the Registrar  

           Division 7--Supervision levy

   44CA.   Industry Supervision Fund  
   44D.    Supervision levy  


           Division 1--Rules

   45.     Model rules  
   46.     Rules of a society  
   47.     Alteration of rules  

           Division 2--Management

   48.     Board of directors  
   49.     Appointment of director by Treasurer in certain cases  
   49A.    Appointment of administrator  
   50.     Annual meeting  
   51.     Voting by members  
   52.     Minutes  
   53.     Officers  
   54.     Certain dealings by directors prohibited  
   55.     Dismissal of director after inquiry in certain cases  
   56.     Audit  
   57.     Financial year  

           Division 3--Valuations

   58.     Valuations of property to be made by sworn valuators  

           Division 4--Winding up, &c.

   59.     Winding up voluntarily or by court  
   60.     Liability of members and past members in winding up  


           Division 1--Registry

   62.     Employment of Registrar  
   62A.    Registrar's functions  
   62B.    Delegation by Registrar  
   63.     Documents to be kept in office of registrar  
   64.     Payments to be made for giving of information  
   65.     Power to registrar to require evidence  
   66.     Inspection of books  
   67.     Special general meeting or inquiry  
   68.     Inquiry by registrar or inspector  
   69.     Powers of registrar or inspector upon inquiry  
   70.     Public office of Registrar and inspection of documents  
   70A.    Power of Registrar to reject documents etc.  

           Division 1A--Examiners

   71A.    Appointment of examiners  
   71B.    Powers of examiners  
   71C.    Offences in relation to examiners  

           Division 2--Co-operative Housing Societies Advisory Committee

   72.     The Committee  
   72A.    Functions of Committee  

           Division 3--General

   72B.    Secrecy  


           Division 1--Guarantees

   73.     Treasurer's guarantees  
   74.     Provisions relating to guarantees  
   75.     Aggregate liability under guarantees  
   75A.    Execution of guarantees and entering into of agreements  

           Division 2--Indemnities

   76.     Treasurer's indemnity against loss  
   77.     Aggregate liability under indemnities  
   77A.    Entering into of agreements  


           Division 1--Evidence

   78.     Certificates  
   79.     Rules  
   80.     Registers  
   81.     Minutes  
   82.     Entries in books  
   83.     Saving  

           Division 2--Offences

   84.     Failure to display name, keep rules, give returns or information  
   85.     Acting as director after office vacated  
   86.     Carrying on unlawful business  
   87.     Carrying on business with too few members  
   88.     Using wrong name  
   89.     Improper sealing  
   90.     Taking money before registration  
   91.     False copies of rules  
   92.     False entries  
   93.     Imposition and misapplication of moneys  
   94.     Improper commissions  
   95.     General penalties  
   96.     Recovery of fines, penalties  
   97.     Civil remedies in case of contravention  

           Division 3--Regulations

   98.     Regulations  

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