AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 71 of 1973
- Royal Assent 4 December 1973


           Long Title

   PART I - Preliminary

   1.      1. Short title and commencement
   2.      2. Interpretation
   2A.     2A. Meaning of "act of terrorism"
   2B.     2B. Meaning of resident
   3.      3. Application to the Crown
   3A.     3A. Objects of Act

   PART II - Administrative and Financial Provisions Division I - The
   Motor Accidents Insurance Board

   4.      4. The Motor Accidents Insurance Board
   5.      5. Power of Board to reinsure
   6.      6. 
   7.      7. 
   7A.     7A. 
   7B.     7B. Disclosure of information
   8.      8. 
   9.      9. 
   9A.     9A. 
   9B.     9B. 
   10.     10. 
   10A.    10A. 

           Division II - Calculation of premiums and the Motor Accidents
           Compensation Tribunal

   11.     11. 
   12.     12. The Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal
   12A.    12A. Terms of appointment
   13.     13. Supplementary provisions as to Tribunal

   PART IIA - Injury Prevention and Management Foundation

   13A.    13A. Injury Prevention and Management Foundation
   13B.    13B. Purposes of Foundation
   13C.    13C. Funds of Foundation
   13D.    13D. Determination of percentage of premiums payable into
   13E.    13E. Delegation

   PART III - Liabilities in respect of personal injury resulting
   directly from motor accidents

   14.     14. General liability of Board in respect of motor accidents
   15.     15. Discharge of obligations of the Board
   16.     16. Special provisions as to unidentified vehicles, &c.
   17.     17. Negotiations and settlements affecting liability of Board
   18.     18. Recovery by Board from owner or driver in certain cases
   19.     19. Special provisions as to motor vehicles registered outside
   20.     20. Liability of Board in respect of use of motor vehicles
           outside the State
   21.     21. Duties of registered operator, &c.
   22.     22. Actions for damages in respect of third party liabilities

   PART IV - Statutory Compensation in Respect of Motor Accidents

   23.     23. Liability to pay scheduled benefits
   24.     24. Exclusions from scheduled benefits
   25.     25. Payment of scheduled benefits to infants
   26.     26. Effect of Commonwealth pensions
   27.     27. Scheduled benefits in relation to liability for damages
   27A.    27A. People requiring daily care
   27B.    27B. Board may require examination
   28.     28. Determination as to right to scheduled benefits
   28A.    28A. Redemption of periodical payments
   28B.    28B. Recovery by Board of scheduled benefits
   28C.    28C. Recovery by Board from non-indemnifiable person of scheduled

   PART V - Premiums

   29.     29. Prohibition on use of motor vehicle without premium cover,
   30.     30. Premiums for compulsory cover
   31.     31. 
   32.     32. Effect of payment of premiums
   33.     33. Payment of premiums

   PART VI - Supplementary Provisions

   33A.    33A. Determining whether to recover amount paid by Board
   34.     34. Regulations
   35.     35. Consequential amendments
   36.     36. 
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4

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