AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 70 of 1993
- Royal Assent 9 November 1993


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      1. Short title
   2.      2. Commencement
   3.      3. Interpretation
   4.      4. Application of Act
   5.      5. Objectives to be furthered
   5A.     5A. Regional areas and regional land use strategies
   6.      6. Delegation
   7.      7. Application of Tasmanian Planning Scheme, and exercise by
           municipalities of powers, in respect of accretions from sea, &c.
   8.      8. Functions of Commission
   8A.     8A. Guidelines

   PART 2 - The Tasmanian Planning Scheme

   9.      9. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme
   10.     10. Tasmanian Planning Scheme in relation to particular municipal
   11.     11. Contents of planning schemes and Tasmanian Planning Scheme
   12.     12. Existing uses and developments

   PART 3 - State Planning Provisions Division 1 - Making of State
   Planning Provisions Subdivision 1 - Interpretation of Division 1

   13.     13. Interpretation of Division 1
           Subdivision 2 - Contents, criteria and explanatory documents in
           relation to SPPs
   14.     14. Contents of State Planning Provisions
   15.     15. SPPs criteria
   16.     16. Explanatory documents
           Subdivision 3 - Preparation of draft of the SPPs
   17.     17. Terms of reference in relation to draft of the SPPs
   18.     18. Preparation of draft of the SPPs by Minister
   19.     19. Minister may direct Commission to prepare draft of the SPPs
   20.     20. Minister may direct Commission to modify draft of the SPPs
           Subdivision 4 - Public exhibition
   21.     21. Approval for public exhibition
   22.     22. Exhibition of relevant exhibition documents in relation to
           draft of the SPPs
   23.     23. Representations
   24.     24. Consideration by Commission
   25.     25. Commission report
           Subdivision 5 - Making of State Planning Provisions
   26.     26. Matters to be considered in making the State Planning
   27.     27. Making of State Planning Provisions
   28.     28. Notice of decision in relation to modifications of draft of
           the SPPs
   29.     29. When the SPPs come into effect as part of Tasmanian
           Planning Scheme
   30.     30. When the SPPs come into effect in relation to municipal

           Division 2 - Amendment of the SPPs Subdivision 1 - Interpretation
           of Division 2

   30A.    30A. Interpretation of Division 2
           Subdivision 2 - Preparation of draft amendments of the SPPs
   30B.    30B. Contents of amendments
   30C.    30C. Terms of reference in relation to draft amendment of the
   30D.    30D. Preparation of draft amendment of the SPPs by Minister
   30E.    30E. Minister may direct Commission to prepare draft amendment of
           the SPPs
   30F.    30F. Minister may require Commission to modify draft amendment of
           the SPPs
           Subdivision 3 - Public exhibition
   30G.    30G. Approval for public exhibition
   30H.    30H. When public exhibition not required
   30I.    30I. Notice to be given if public exhibition is not required
   30J.    30J. Report to be given in relation to draft amendment of the
           SPPs that is not exhibited
   30K.    30K. Exhibition of relevant exhibition documents in relation to
           draft amendment of the SPPs
   30L.    30L. Representations
   30M.    30M. Consideration by Commission
   30N.    30N. Commission report
           Subdivision 4 - Making of amendment of the SPPs
   30O.    30O. Matters to be considered in making amendment of the SPPs
   30P.    30P. Making of amendment of the SPPs
   30Q.    30Q. Notice of decision in relation to modifications of draft
           amendment of the SPPs
   30R.    30R. When amendment of the SPPs comes into effect as part of
           Tasmanian Planning Scheme
   30S.    30S. When amendment of the SPPs comes into effect in relation
           to municipal area

           Division 3 - Miscellaneous

   30T.    30T. Review of the SPPs

   PART 3A - Local Provisions Schedules Division 1 - Interpretation

   31.     31. Interpretation of Part

           Division 2 - Contents of LPSs

   32.     32. Contents of LPSs
   33.     33. Interpretation of inconsistency in LPS
   34.     34. LPS criteria

           Division 3 - Preparation of draft LPS

   35.     35. Draft LPS to be provided to Commission
   35A.    35A. Commission may be required to provide draft LPS

           Division 4 - Public exhibition

   35B.    35B. Directions to exhibit draft LPSs
   35C.    35C. Notice of exhibition of draft LPS
   35D.    35D. Exhibition of draft LPS
   35E.    35E. Representations
   35F.    35F. Report by planning authority to Commission about exhibition
   35G.    35G. Planning authority may notify Minister as to whether
           amendment of SPPs is required
   35H.    35H. Hearings
   35I.    35I. Withdrawal of draft LPS

           Division 5 - Approval of Local Provisions Schedules

   35J.    35J. Matters to be considered by Commission
   35K.    35K. Modifications to draft LPS
   35L.    35L. Approval of Local Provisions Schedules
   35M.    35M. Notice of approval of Local Provisions Schedules

           Division 6 - Review of LPSs

   35N.    35N. Purposes of review
   35O.    35O. Requirement for review of LPSs
   35P.    35P. Conduct of review

           Division 7 - Special Local Provisions Schedules

   35Q.    35Q. Special Local Provisions Schedules
   35R.    35R. Operation of Special LPSs
   35S.    35S. Revocation of Special LPSs

           Division 8 - Commission may take over certain responsibilities of
           planning authority

   35T.    35T. Commission may take over responsibilities of planning

   PART 3B - Amendments of LPSs Division 1 - Interpretation

   36.     36. Interpretation of Part

           Division 2 - Requests for amendments of LPSs

   37.     37. Request for amendment of LPSs
   38.     38. Decision in relation to request
   39.     39. Limitation on multiple requests for same amendment
   40.     40. Additional information may be requested
   40A.    40A. Review of requirement for additional information
   40B.    40B. Review of refusal of request to amend LPS

           Division 3 - Amendment of LPSs Subdivision 1 - Preparation of draft
           amendments of LPSs

   40C.    40C. Direction to prepare draft amendments of LPS
   40D.    40D. Preparation of draft amendments
   40E.    40E. Withdrawal of draft amendments
   40F.    40F. Certification of draft amendments
           Subdivision 2 - Public exhibition
   40G.    40G. Notice of exhibition
   40H.    40H. Exhibition
   40I.    40I. Exemption from public exhibition
   40J.    40J. Representations
   40K.    40K. Report to Commission about draft amendments
   40L.    40L. Hearings
           Subdivision 3 - Approval of amendments of LPS
   40M.    40M. Matters to be considered by Commission
   40N.    40N. Action to be taken by Commission after considering report
   40O.    40O. Minor modifications of draft amendments
   40P.    40P. Substantial modification of draft amendments
   40Q.    40Q. Approval of amendment of LPS
   40R.    40R. How Commission to sign approvals
   40S.    40S. When amendments of LPS come into effect

           Division 4 - Combined permit and amendment process

   40T.    40T. Permit application that requires amendment of LPS
   40U.    40U. Additional information
   40V.    40V. Review of requirement for additional information
   40W.    40W. Determination of amendment where concurrent permit application
   40X.    40X. Permit application may be considered concurrently with
           application for LPS amendment
   40Y.    40Y. Determination of concurrent permit application
   40Z.    40Z. Exhibition in respect of permit application
   41.     41. Representations
   42.     42. Report in relation to draft amendment of LPS to contain
   42A.    42A. Consideration by Commission of permit application
   42B.    42B. Commission to review planning authority's decision about
   42C.    42C. When permit that relates to LPS amendment takes effect
   42D.    42D. Correction of mistakes in permit
   43.     43. Minor amendment of permit

           Division 5 - Miscellaneous

   44.     44. Commission may take over responsibilities of planning
   45.     45. Abolition of, or change of boundaries of, municipal area

   PART 2A -
   .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           12A. 12A. 
           12B. 12B. 
           19A. 19A. 
           28AA. 28AA. 
           28A. 28A. 
           28B. 28B. 
           28C. 28C. 
           28D. 28D. 
           28E. 28E. 
           28F. 28F. 

           Division 1A -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           Subdivision 1 -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           Subdivision 2 -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           Subdivision 3 -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           30EA. 30EA. 
           30FA. 30FA. 
           30IA. 30IA. 
           Subdivision 4 -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           30U. 30U. 
           30V. 30V. 
           30W. 30W. 
           30X. 30X. 
           30Y. 30Y. 
           30Z. 30Z. 
           30ZA. 30ZA. 
           30ZB. 30ZB. 
           33A. 33A. 
           33B. 33B. 
           41A. 41A. 
           41AB. 41AB. 
           41B. 41B. 

           Division 2A -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           43A. 43A. 
           43B. 43B. 
           43C. 43C. 
           43D. 43D. 
           43E. 43E. 
           43EA. 43EA. 
           43F. 43F. 
           43G. 43G. 
           43H. 43H. 
           43I. 43I. 
           43J. 43J. 
           43K. 43K. 
           43L. 43L. 
           43M. 43M. 

           Division 2B -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           43N. 43N. 
           43O. 43O. 
           43P. 43P. 
           43Q. 43Q. 
           43R. 43R. 
           43S. 43S. 
           43T. 43T. 
           43U. 43U. 

           Division 3A -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  
           44A. 44A. 

           Division 4 -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

   45A.    45A. 
   46.     46. 

           Division 5 -
           .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

   47.     47. 
   47A.    47A. 
   47B.    47B. 

   PART 4 - Enforcement of Planning Control Division 1 - General

   48.     48. Enforcement of observance of planning schemes
   48AA.   48AA. Enforcement of special permits
   48A.    48A. Notice to remove signs
   49.     49. 

           Division 2 - Development control

   50.     50. Certain applications deemed to be applications for permits
   51.     51. Permits
   52.     52. What if applicant is not the owner?
   52A.    52A. Permit for development of land in Wellington Park
   53.     53. When does a permit take effect?
   54.     54. Additional information
   55.     55. Correction of mistakes
   56.     56. Minor amendments of permits issued by a planning authority
   56A.    56A. When amendments to permits take effect
   57.     57. Applications for discretionary permits
   57A.    57A. Mediation
   58.     58. Application for other permits
   58A.    58A. Permits requiring entering into of agreements
   59.     59. Failure to determine an application for a permit
   60.     60. 
   60A.    60A. Permit for certain works not required

           Division 2A - Special permits for projects of regional significance

   60B.    60B. Interpretation: Division 2A
   60C.    60C. Projects eligible to be declared projects of regional
   60D.    60D. Proposals that projects be declared projects of regional
   60E.    60E. Effect of proposal on applications for ordinary permits
   60F.    60F. Statement of intent and other information
   60G.    60G. Declaration of project of regional significance
   60H.    60H. Effect of declaration of project of regional significance
   60I.    60I. Fees
   60J.    60J. Revocation of declaration
   60K.    60K. Project to be referred to Director of Environment Protection
   60L.    60L. Environmental impact assessment by EPA Board
   60M.    60M. Development Assessment Panel to be established for assessment
           of project
   60N.    60N. Panel to determine guidelines for how assessment is to be
   60O.    60O. Project impact statements to be provided to Panel
   60P.    60P. Panel may request information to be provided
   60Q.    60Q. Notification and exhibition of project
   60R.    60R. Notification and hearings in relation to project
   60S.    60S. When decision about grant of special permit is to be made
   60T.    60T. Grant of special permit
   60U.    60U. Special permit may be granted subject to conditions or
   60V.    60V. Process for determining conditions or restrictions to be
           imposed on special permits
   60W.    60W. When special permit takes effect
   60X.    60X. Amendment, revocation and correction of special permits
   60Y.    60Y. Amendment of planning schemes, &c.
   60Z.    60Z. Review of Division

           Division 3 - Planning appeals

   61.     61. Appeals against planning decisions
   62.     62. Determination of appeals

           Division 4 - Offences, remedies, &c.

   63.     63. Obstruction of sealed schemes
   63A.    63A. Enforcing compliance with planning schemes
   63B.    63B. Notice of suspected contravention, &c., may be given
   64.     64. Civil enforcement proceedings
   65.     65. Appeal in respect of decision of Appeal Tribunal under

           Division 4A - Enforcement by planning authorities

   65A.    65A. Infringement notices
   65B.    65B. Notice of intention to issue enforcement notice
   65C.    65C. Enforcement notices
   65D.    65D. Requirements of enforcement notices
   65E.    65E. Offences and penalties in relation to enforcement notices
   65F.    65F. Notice of intention to cancel a permit to be issued before
           permit cancelled
   65G.    65G. Cancellation of permits
   65H.    65H. Issue of notices where applications made to Tribunal

           Division 4B - Authorised officers

   65I.    65I. Authorised officers
   65J.    65J. Powers of authorised officers
   65K.    65K. Entry and search warrants
   65L.    65L. Additional requirements where persons not fluent, &c., in
   65M.    65M. Obstruction, &c., of authorised officers and others

           Division 5 - Compensation and protection from liability

   66.     66. Right to compensation
   67.     67. Power to withdraw or modify planning scheme or interim order
           after compensation determined
   68.     68. Enforcement of judgments, &c., for compensation
   69.     69. Indemnification of planning authorities for liability to pay
   69A.    69A. Protection from liability in respect of bushfire hazard
           management plans, &c.

   PART 5 - Agreements

   70.     70. Interpretation: Part 5
   71.     71. Planning authority may enter into agreements
   72.     72. Form and contents of agreement
   73.     73. Bonds and guarantees
   73A.    73A. Payments and contributions for infrastructure
   74.     74. Duration of agreement
   75.     75. Amendment of agreements
   76.     76. Agreement to be lodged with Commission
   77.     77. Agreement may not breach planning scheme
   78.     78. Registration of agreements, &c.
   79.     79. Effect of registration of agreements, &c.
   80.     80. Application to Appeal Tribunal
   80A.    80A. Validation of agreements

   PART 6 - Miscellaneous Division 1 - Electronic database and

   80J.    80J. Interpretation of Division 1
   80K.    80K. Database
   80L.    80L. Back-up database to be kept
   80M.    80M. Authorised versions
   80N.    80N. Certified copies of authorised versions
   80O.    80O. Commission may alter authorised versions of electronic
           planning instruments
   80P.    80P. Offences
   80Q.    80Q. Documents, submissions, &c., may be issued or made

           Division 2 - Other matters

   81.     81. Reasons for extending period to be given
   81A.    81A. Planning schemes, &c., to be registered in Central Plan
   82.     82. Evidentiary provision
   82A.    82A. Validation
   82B.    82B. Certain instruments and notices are not statutory rules
   83.     83. Planning schemes, &c., to be judicially noticed
   84.     84. Service of notices or other documents
   85.     85. Recovery of fees by municipalities
   86.     86. Requirement to pay fees
   86A.    86A. Review of Act
   87.     87. Regulations
   87A.    87A. Savings and transitional
   87B.    87B. Savings and transitional – Land Use Planning and
           Approvals Amendment (Streamlining of Process) Act 2014
   87C.    87C. Savings and transitional – Land Use Planning and
           Approvals Amendment (Tasmanian Planning Scheme) Act 2015
   88.     88. Administration of Act
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6

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