AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 94 of 1993
- Royal Assent 17 December 1993


           Long Title

   PART 1 - Preliminary

   1.      1. Short title
   2.      2. Commencement
   3.      3. Interpretation
   4.      4. Meaning of "associate"
   4A.     4A. Meaning of "lottery"
   4B.     4B. Meaning of "major lottery"
   4C.     4C. Sale in Tasmania defined
   5.      5. Act to bind Crown

   PART 1A - Gaming and related activities prohibited in certain

   5A.     5A. Gaming and related activities prohibited in certain
   5B.     5B. Proceeds of illegal game, &c., to be forfeited

   PART 2 - 2003 Deed

   6.      6. Approval, execution and effect of 2003 Deed
   7.      7. Provisions of this Act to prevail over 2003 Deed

   PART 3 - Licensing of Casinos and Gaming Operations

   8.      8. Gaming in licensed casinos declared lawful
   9.      9. Gaming in certain licensed premises declared lawful
   10.     10. Conduct of keno by licensed gaming operators declared lawful
   11.     11. Authority conferred by casino licence
   12.     12. Authority conferred by gaming operator's licence
   13.     13. Granting of casino licence and gaming operator's licence
   14.     14. Amendment of conditions
   15.     15. Commission to define casino and gaming operator premises
   16.     16. Duration of licence
   17.     17. Mortgage, &c., of licence
   18.     18. Financial accommodation
   19.     19. Licensing under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990
   20.     20. 
   21.     21. Surrender of licence
   22.     22. Action to be taken if licence cancelled, &c.
   23.     23. Matters to be considered in determining application
   24.     24. Investigation of application
   25.     25. Commission may require further information, &c.
   26.     26. Cost of investigations to be paid by applicant
   27.     27. Updating of application
   28.     28. Determination of application
   29.     29. Licence cannot be granted without Minister's approval
   29A.    29A. New licence cannot take effect until former licence expires
   30.     30. Change in situation of licensed operator

   PART 4 - Licensing of Licensed Premises Operators, Employees and
   Technicians and Listing of Manufacturers Division 1 - General

   31.     31. Authority conferred by licensed premises gaming licence
   32.     32. Authority conferred by a special employee's licence
   33.     33. Authority conferred by a technician's licence
   34.     34. Authority conferred by listing on the Roll
   35.     35. Offence to breach licence conditions

           Division 2 - Licensed premises gaming licence

   35A.    35A. Interpretation
   36.     36. Application for licensed premises gaming licence
   37.     37. Grounds for objection
   38.     38. Matters to be considered in determining application
   39.     39. Investigation of application
   40.     40. Commission may require further information, &c.
   41.     41. Updating of application
   42.     42. Determination of application
   43.     43. Transfer of licensed premises gaming licence
   43A.    43A. Surrender of licensed premises gaming licence
   43B.    43B. Renewal of licensed premises gaming licence
   44.     44. Amendment of licensed premises gaming licence and conditions
   45.     45. Notification of certain applications concerning liquor licence
   46.     46. Modification of gaming areas
   47.     47. 
   47A.    47A. 
   48.     48. Provisional licence

           Division 3 - Special employee's licence

   49.     49. Interpretation
   50.     50. Special employees to be licensed
   51.     51. Application for special employee's licence
   52.     52. Updating of application
   53.     53. Commission may require further information, &c.
   54.     54. Application to be investigated
   55.     55. Determination of application
   56.     56. Conditions of special employee's licence
   56A.    56A. Replacement special employee's licence
   57.     57. Identification
   58.     58. Provisional special employee's licence
   59.     59. Duration of special employee's licence
   60.     60. Renewal of special employee's licence
   61.     61. 
   62.     62. 
   63.     63. 
   64.     64. Termination of employment on suspension or cancellation of
   65.     65. Provision of information relating to special employee

           Division 4 - Technician's licence

   66.     66. Interpretation
   67.     67. Only licensed technicians to repair, &c., gaming equipment
   68.     68. Application of Division 3
   69.     69. Offences

           Division 5 - Manufacturers, suppliers and testers of gaming equipment

   69A.    69A. Interpretation of Division
   70.     70. Roll of Recognized Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of
           Gaming Equipment
   71.     71. Application to be listed on Roll
   72.     72. Cost of investigations to be paid by applicant
   73.     73. Objections
   73A.    73A. Updating of application
   74.     74. Determination of application
   75.     75. Listing on Roll subject to conditions
   75A.    75A. Removal from Roll in certain cases
   75B.    75B. Expiry and renewal of listing on Roll
   75C.    75C. Variation of listing on Roll
   76.     76. Payments, &c., to venue operator unlawful

   PART 4A - Gaming and wagering under Tasmanian gaming licence

           Division 1 - Lawful and unlawful activities

   76A.    76A. Lawful activities
   76B.    76B. Offence to conduct gaming business without endorsed Tasmanian
           gaming licence

           Division 2 - Application for, and determination of, Tasmanian gaming

   76C.    76C. Application for Tasmanian gaming licence
   76D.    76D. Consideration of application
   76E.    76E. Refund of application fee
   76F.    76F. Excess costs of application
   76G.    76G. Investigation of application
   76H.    76H. Updating of application
   76I.    76I. Determination of application
   76J.    76J. Suitability of person to hold a Tasmanian gaming licence
   76K.    76K. Suitability of associates
   76L.    76L. Issue of Tasmanian gaming licence
   76M.    76M. Form of Tasmanian gaming licence
   76N.    76N. Form of gaming endorsement

           Division 3 - Application for, and determination of, new gaming

   76O.    76O. Application for new gaming endorsement
   76P.    76P. Investigation, processing and determination of application for
           new gaming endorsement
   76Q.    76Q. Costs of processing application for new gaming endorsement
   76R.    76R. Endorsing Tasmanian gaming licence with new gaming

           Division 4 - Tasmanian gaming licence

   76S.    76S. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with sports betting
   76T.    76T. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with race wagering
   76U.    76U. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with simulated gaming
   76V.    76V. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with major lottery
   76VA.   76VA. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with betting exchange
   76VB.   76VB. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with totalizator
   76VC.   76VC. Authority of Tasmanian gaming licence with agent endorsement
   76W.    76W. 
   76X.    76X. Tasmanian gaming licence subject to conditions
   76XA.   76XA. Additional conditions on Tasmanian gaming licence with
           gaming endorsement
   76XB.   76XB. Additional conditions on Tasmanian gaming licence with
           betting exchange endorsement
   76XC.   76XC. Additional conditions on Tasmanian gaming licence with
           totalizator endorsement
   76Y.    76Y. When Tasmanian gaming licence and gaming endorsement take
   76Z.    76Z. Period of Tasmanian gaming licence
   76ZA.   76ZA. Tasmanian gaming licence not transferable
   76ZB.   76ZB. Variation of Tasmanian gaming licence, &c.
   76ZC.   76ZC. Renewal of Tasmanian gaming licence
   76ZD.   76ZD. 
   76ZE.   76ZE. 
   76ZF.   76ZF. 
   76ZG.   76ZG. 

           Division 5 - Betting exchange operations Subdivision 1 - Introductory

   76ZDA.  76ZDA. Application of Division
   76ZDB.  76ZDB. Interpretation of Division
           Subdivision 2 - Licensing provisions
   76ZDC.  76ZDC. 
   76ZDD.  76ZDD. Betting exchange commission
           Subdivision 3 - Licensing of employees
   76ZDE.  76ZDE. Certain employees to be issued with special employee's
   76ZDF.  76ZDF. Certain employees to be issued with technician's licence
           Subdivision 4 - Miscellaneous
   76ZDG.  76ZDG. Offshore computer equipment
   76ZDH.  76ZDH. 
   76ZDI.  76ZDI. 
   76ZDJ.  76ZDJ. 
   76ZDK.  76ZDK. 
           Subdivision 5 - Offences
   76ZDL.  76ZDL. Restrictions on brokered wagering
   76ZDM.  76ZDM. Restrictions on wagering by interested persons

           Division 5A - Totalizator operations Subdivision 1 - Introductory

   76ZEA.  76ZEA. Application of Division
   76ZEB.  76ZEB. Interpretation of Division
           Subdivision 2 - Licensing arrangements
   76ZEC.  76ZEC. Special limitations
   76ZED.  76ZED. Initial totalizator endorsement
   76ZEE.  76ZEE. Second totalizator endorsement
   76ZEF.  76ZEF. 
   76ZEG.  76ZEG. Authorised rates of totalizator commission
   76ZEH.  76ZEH. Totalizator dividends and their calculation
           Subdivision 3 - Licensing of employees
   76ZEI.  76ZEI. Certain employees to be issued with special employee's
   76ZEJ.  76ZEJ. Certain employees to be issued with technician's licence
           Subdivision 4 - Totalizator gaming equipment and control systems
   76ZEK.  76ZEK. Gaming equipment, &c., of initial totalizator operator
   76ZEL.  76ZEL. Gaming equipment, &c., of second totalizator operator

           Division 6 - End of Tasmanian gaming licence

   76ZH.   76ZH. When Tasmanian gaming licence ends
   76ZI.   76ZI. Surrender of Tasmanian gaming licence or gaming endorsement
   76ZJ.   76ZJ. Continuation of Tasmanian gaming licence after death,

           Division 7 - Player protection Subdivision 1 - General protection

   76ZK.   76ZK. Self-limit on wagers by player
   76ZL.   76ZL. 
   76ZM.   76ZM. Licensed provider not to act as credit provider
   76ZN.   76ZN. Complaints about licensed providers
           Subdivision 2 - Exclusion
   76ZNA.  76ZNA. Interpretation
   76ZNB.  76ZNB. Self-exclusion from wagering with licensed provider

           76ZNC. 76ZNC. Third-party exclusion from wagering with licensed provider

   76ZND.  76ZND. Revocation of TGL exclusion orders
   76ZNE.  76ZNE. Licensed provider to keep register of excluded persons
   76ZNF.  76ZNF. Restrictions on wagering with excluded persons
   76ZNG.  76ZNG. Transitional exemption for certain licensed providers

           Division 8 - Duties in respect of player's funds

   76ZO.   76ZO. Remitting funds of active player
   76ZP.   76ZP. Remitting funds of inactive player
   76ZQ.   76ZQ. Limits on use of player's funds
   76ZQA.  76ZQA. Freezing wagering funds held by licensed provider
   76ZQB.  76ZQB. Freezing wagering funds held by third party

           Division 9 - Duties and powers in respect of prizes

   76ZR.   76ZR. Claims for prize
   76ZRA.  76ZRA. Unclaimed winnings, &c.
   76ZS.   76ZS. Unclaimed non-monetary prize
   76ZT.   76ZT. Power to withhold prize

           Division 10 - General duties and powers of licensed providers

   76ZU.   76ZU. Keeping register of players
   76ZV.   76ZV. Restrictions on who may wager
   76ZW.   76ZW. Prohibition on licensed provider self-wagering
   76ZX.   76ZX. Restrictions on conduct of gaming activity
   76ZY.   76ZY. Restriction on accepting new associate
   76ZZ.   76ZZ. Totalizator Agencies (approved outlets)
   76ZZAAA.76ZZAAA. Totalizator operator approved outlets
   76ZZAAB.76ZZAAB. Commission oversight of approved outlets
   76ZZAA. 76ZZAA. Trading accounts
   76ZZAB. 76ZZAB. Betting discounts

           Division 11 - Miscellaneous

   76ZZA.  76ZZA. Prohibition on advertising and promotion of simulated
   76ZZB.  76ZZB. Prohibition on altering Tasmanian gaming licence
   76ZZC.  76ZZC. Prohibition on licensed technician and special employee
   76ZZD.  76ZZD. Commission may restrict participation in gaming activities
           by gaming official
   76ZZE.  76ZZE. Installation and storage of gaming equipment by licensed
   76ZZF.  76ZZF. Approval of games
   76ZZG.  76ZZG. Approval of gaming equipment
   76ZZGA. 76ZZGA. Amendment of approval of gaming equipment
   76ZZH.  76ZZH. Withdrawal of approval of gaming equipment
   76ZZI.  76ZZI. Approval of control system
   76ZZIA. 76ZZIA. Emergency approval of modification to control system or
           gaming equipment

   PART 4B - Minor gaming conducted for charitable purposes Division 1
   - Minor gaming conducted for charitable purposes lawful

   76ZZJ.  76ZZJ. Minor gaming conducted for charitable purposes lawful

           Division 2 - Authorised games

   76ZZK.  76ZZK. Authorised game and rules of the game
   76ZZL.  76ZZL. Availability of authorised games list and rules of games
   76ZZM.  76ZZM. Commission to act in accordance with 2003 Deed and
           agreements between Crown and licence holder

           Division 3 - Minor gaming permit

   76ZZN.  76ZZN. Application for minor gaming permit
   76ZZO.  76ZZO. Grant of minor gaming permit
   76ZZP.  76ZZP. Authority of minor gaming permit
   76ZZQ.  76ZZQ. Period of minor gaming permit
   76ZZR.  76ZZR. Surrender of minor gaming permit
   76ZZS.  76ZZS. Amendment of minor gaming permit

           Division 4 - Duties of minor gaming operators

   76ZZT.  76ZZT. Duty to comply with conditions and rules of game
   76ZZU.  76ZZU. Duty to notify change of address

   PART 4C - Sale of Tickets in Foreign Games Division 1 -

   77.     77. Interpretation of Part 4C

           Division 2 - Sale of tickets in foreign game

   77A.    77A. Sale of tickets in foreign game restricted

           Division 3 - Application for, and determination of, foreign games

   77B.    77B. Application for foreign games permit
   77C.    77C. Consideration of application
   77D.    77D. Refund of application fee
   77E.    77E. Excess costs of application
   77F.    77F. Investigation of application
   77G.    77G. Updating of application
   77H.    77H. Determination of application

           Division 4 - Foreign games permit

   77I.    77I. Issue of foreign games permit
   77J.    77J. Authority of foreign games permit
   77K.    77K. Foreign games permit subject to conditions
   77L.    77L. When foreign games permit takes effect
   77M.    77M. Period of foreign games permit
   77N.    77N. Foreign games permit not transferable
   77O.    77O. Variation of foreign games permit and conditions
   77P.    77P. Renewal of foreign games permit

           Division 5 - End of foreign games permit

   77Q.    77Q. When foreign games permit ends
   77R.    77R. Surrender of foreign games permit
   77S.    77S. Continuation of foreign games permit after death, &c.

           Division 6 - Accredited representatives

   77T.    77T. When person becomes accredited representative
   77U.    77U. Notification of cessation of position as accredited

   PART 5 - Control of Gaming Division 1 - Gaming control relating to
   approved venues

   77.     77. 
   77V.    77V. Approval of certain contracts by Commission
   78.     78. Rectification order as precursor to disciplinary action
   79.     79. Approval of keno rules
   80.     80. Approval of gaming machine types and games
   81.     81. Approval of other gaming equipment
   82.     82. Purchase of gaming equipment from person not listed on the
   83.     83. Withdrawal of approval
   84.     84. Approval of jackpots and linked jackpot arrangements
   85.     85. Identification of machines
   86.     86. Gaming prohibited on unprotected devices
   87.     87. Unlawful interference with gaming equipment
   88.     88. Protection of sensitive areas of gaming equipment
   89.     89. Access to gaming machines
   90.     90. Installation and storage of gaming equipment
   91.     91. The Commission's rules
   92.     92. Rules to be displayed and enforced
   93.     93. 
   94.     94. Credit, &c.
   95.     95. Gaming tokens
   96.     96. Electronic monitoring system to be in place
   97.     97. Malfunction of gaming machines
   98.     98. Defective gaming machines not allowed
   99.     99. Removal of certain persons
   100.    100. Detention of suspected persons
   101.    101. Injunctions to prevent contraventions, &c.

           Division 1A - Limitations on gaming machine numbers

   101A.   101A. Interpretation of Division
   101B.   101B. Gaming machines: limit on overall numbers
   101C.   101C. Gaming machines: limit on numbers allowed in individual
           clubs and hotels

           Division 2 - Gaming control relating to casinos

   102.    102. Casino layout to be as approved by Commission
   103.    103. Approval of games played in casino
   104.    104. Junkets
   105.    105. 
   106.    106. 
   107.    107. 
   108.    108. 
   109.    109. 
   110.    110. 
   111.    111. 
   112.    112. Possession of certain things prohibited

           Division 3 - Exclusion from gaming or wagering premises

   112A.   112A. Interpretation of Division
   112B.   112B. Self-exclusion from wagering
   112C.   112C. Exclusion from wagering on application of interested person
   112D.   112D. Revocation of section 112C exclusion order
   112DA.  112DA. Expiry of exclusion notices and orders
   112E.   112E. Exclusion order by specified licence holder
   112F.   112F. Appeal to Commission
   112G.   112G. Commissioner of Police may order person to be excluded
   112GA.  112GA. Information not to be disclosed
   112GB.  112GB. Application for review by Magistrates Court
   112H.   112H. Duration of section 112E exclusion orders
   112I.   112I. List of excluded persons
   112IA.  112IA. Commission to keep and disseminate lists of excluded
   112IB.  112IB. Direct marketing of gaming to excluded persons prohibited
   112J.   112J. Excluded persons not to wager or enter gaming premises
   112K.   112K. Removal of excluded persons from gaming premises

           Division 4 - Responsible gambling

   112L.   112L. Commission to establish codes of practice

           Division 5 - Gaming control generally

   112M.   112M. 
   112N.   112N. Investigation of prescribed licence holders
   112O.   112O. Investigation into associate or other person
   112P.   112P. Commission may give directions
   112Q.   112Q. Approval to possess unapproved gaming equipment
   112R.   112R. Restriction on advertising and promotion of gaming

           Division 6 - Disciplinary action

   112S.   112S. Grounds for disciplinary action
   112T.   112T. Disciplinary action
   112TA.  112TA. Liability to disciplinary action not extinguished by loss
           of licence
   112U.   112U. Suspension of prescribed licence without opportunity to be

   PART 6 - Minors

   113.    113. Interpretation
   114.    114. Application of Part 6
   115.    115. Minors not to enter restricted gaming areas
   116.    116. Minors not to participate in gaming
   117.    117. Offences by venue operators in respect of minors
   117A.   117A. Offence by special employees in respect of minors
   118.    118. Prohibition on accepting wager of minor
   118A.   118A. Prohibition on facilitating gaming by minor
   119.    119. Proof of age may be required
   120.    120. Minors using false evidence of age
   121.    121. Venue operators must erect warning notices
   122.    122. Apprentices permitted entry to restricted gaming areas

   PART 7 - Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission

   123.    123. Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission
   124.    124. Membership of Commission
   125.    125. Functions of Commission
   126.    126. Powers of Commission
   127.    127. Power of Minister to give directions to Commission

   PART 8 - Inspectors

   127A.   127A. Interpretation of Part
   128.    128. Appointment
   129.    129. Identification of inspectors
   130.    130. Entry onto premises
   131.    131. Functions of inspectors
   132.    132. Investigation of complaints
   133.    133. Powers of inspectors
   134.    134. Search warrants
   135.    135. Offences relating to inspectors

   PART 9 - Financial Provisions Division 1 - Accounts and levies

   136.    136. Calculation of gross profits
   137.    137. Controls and procedures to be implemented in casinos
   138.    138. Content of approved system
   138A.   138A. Controls and procedures to be implemented by gaming
   139.    139. Accounts at authorised deposit-taking institutions
   140.    140. Accounting records
   141.    141. Records to be kept on the premises
   142.    142. Audit
   143.    143. Submission of reports
   143A.   143A. Monthly returns by lucky envelope suppliers
   144.    144. Returns to players
   145.    145. Other returns by gaming operators

           Division 2 - Licence fees, taxation and other amounts payable

   146.    146. Casino licence fee
   147.    147. Gaming operator licence fee
   148.    148. Licensed premises gaming licence fee
   148A.   148A. Annual Tasmanian gaming licence fee
   148AB.  148AB. Fee to remain on Roll
   148B.   148B. Minor gaming fees
   149.    149. Unclaimed winnings
   150.    150. Taxation in respect of licensed operator
   150AA.  150AA. 
   150A.   150A. Taxation in respect of Tasmanian gaming licence
   150AB.  150AB. Set off for goods and services tax in respect of
           Tasmanian gaming licence
   150AC.  150AC. 
   150AD.  150AD. Totalizator wagering levy
   150AE.  150AE. 
   150AF.  150AF. Taxation in respect of foreign games permit
   150AG.  150AG. Set-off for goods and services tax in respect of certain
           foreign games
   150B.   150B. Revenue sharing
   151.    151. Community support levy
   152.    152. 
   153.    153. Debt due to the Crown

           Division 2A - Gaming machine rental

   153AA.  153AA. Gaming machine rental

           Division 3 - Gaming and wagering guarantee

   153A.   153A. Gaming and wagering guarantee

           Division 4 - Miscellaneous

   153B.   153B. Application of Taxation Administration Act 1997
   153C.   153C. Act not taxing Act

   PART 10 - Miscellaneous

   154.    154. Manufacture, &c., of gaming equipment
   155.    155. Possession of gaming equipment
   156.    156. Seizure and forfeiture of equipment
   156A.   156A. Instant money lotteries
   157.    157. Secrecy
   158.    158. Delegation
   159.    159. Conflict of interest and duty
   160.    160. Protection from liability of authorized persons
   161.    161. Change in situation of licensee or person listed on the
   162.    162. Destruction of finger prints, &c.
   163.    163. Records not kept in writing
   164.    164. False or misleading information
   165.    165. Inducements, cheating, &c.
   166.    166. Bribery of authorized persons
   167.    167. Gambling by authorized persons prohibited
   168.    168. Service of documents on Commission
   169.    169. Evidence
   170.    170. Offences by corporations
   171.    171. Proceedings
   172.    172. Information gathering for law enforcement purposes
   172A.   172A. Infringement notices
   173.    173. Appeals
   174.    174. Regulations
   175.    175. Repeal
   176.    176. 
   177.    177. 
   178.    178. Transitional and savings provisions
   178A.   178A. Further transitional and savings provisions
   179.    179. Administration of Act
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5

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