AustLII Tasmanian Consolidated Acts

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- Act 59 of 1931
- Royal Assent 18 January 1932


           Long Title

   1.      1. Short title
   2.      2. Repeal
   2A.     2A. Meaning of "regulation"
   3.      3. Acts to be construed subject to legislative powers of State
   4.      4. Application of Act
   5.      5. Meaning of word "Act"
   6.      6. General provisions as to legislative enactments
   7.      7. Meaning of "prescribed"
   7A.     7A. Construction of references to provisions of Acts, &c.
   8.      8. Acts amending other Acts to be incorporated therewith
   8A.     8A. Regard to be had to purpose or object of Act
   8B.     8B. Use of extrinsic material in interpretation
   9.      9. Commencement
   10.     10. Evidence of commencement
   10A.    10A. Meaning of "must", "is to" and "may"
   11.     11. Anticipatory exercise of powers
   12.     12. Reference to Acts
   13.     13. Citation of Acts
   14.     14. Repeal of repealing Act not to revive prior enactments
   15.     15. Continuance of provisions pending operation of those
           substituted and continuance of existing regulations
   16.     16. Effect of repeal, expiry, &c.
   17.     17. References to repealed provisions
   18.     18. Effect of repeal by consolidating Acts
   18A.    18A. Continuing Act to operate from expiration of continued Act
   19.     19. Construction of statutory instruments
   20.     20. Exercise of powers and performance of duties
   21.     21. Power to appoint includes power to remove, &c.
   21A.    21A. Performance of duties, &c., in absence
   22.     22. Power to make regulations, &c., includes power to
           rescind, &c.
   22A.    22A. Power to grant right includes power to vary or revoke
   23.     23. Power to determine includes power to administer an oath
   23AA.   23AA. Delegation
   23AAB.  23AAB. Power to delegate includes power to authorise
   23A.    23A. Exercise of certain powers and functions by a delegate
   23AB.   23AB. Formation of statutory bodies
   23B.    23B. Temporary appointments to vacancies on boards, &c.
   23C.    23C. Power of statutory bodies to act during vacancies in
   23D.    23D. Payment of persons appointed before commencement of Act
   23E.    23E. Exercise of power of Governor to approve, &c.,
           remuneration of office holders
   24.     24. Construction of certain references, expressions, and words
   24A.    24A. Genders
   25.     25. References to Minister
   26.     26. References to an officer in general terms
   27.     27. References to particular officers, &c.
   28.     28. Measurement of distance
   29.     29. Reckoning of time
   29A.    29A. Application of national standards of weights and measures
   29AB.   29AB. Service of notices and other documents
   30.     30. Effecting service by post
   30A.    30A. Electronic service of infringement notices
   31.     31. Public notices and advertising
   32.     32. Alternative procedure in respect of offences
   33.     33. 
   34.     34. Attempt to commit any offence to be an offence
   35.     35. Corporations
   36.     36. Crimes and offences where similar to be similarly dealt with
   37.     37. Effect of specifying penalties in Acts
   38.     38. Summary proceedings, proceedings by indictment, &c.
   38A.    38A. Publication, &c., of proclamations, orders-in-council, and
           other instruments
   39.     39. Proclamations, &c., to be judicially noticed
   39A.    39A. Regulations to be judicially noticed
   39B.    39B. Judicial notice of orders
   40.     40. Conditions precedent need not be recited
   40A.    40A. Changes in names of bodies and offices
   41.     41. Connotation of certain phrases
   42.     42. 
   43.     43. Meaning of certain titles, &c.
   44.     44. Legislative references
   45.     45. Administrative terms
   45A.    45A. 
   46.     46. Definitions of certain common phrases
   46AA.   46AA. References to Corporations Law and ASIC Law
   46A.    46A. References in laws of the State to British subjects
   46B.    46B. 
   46BA.   46BA. 
   46C.    46C. Declaration of validity of certain laws
   47.     47. Regulations
   48.     48. Rules of court
   48A.    48A. Savings and transitional provisions
   49.     49. 

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