South Australian Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Objects
   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Declarations relating to universities and higher education
   6.      Declarations of trades and declared vocations

   PART 2--Administration

           Division 1--Minister

   7.      Functions of Minister
   8.      Delegation by Minister

           Division 2--Training and Skills Commission

   9.      Establishment of Training and Skills Commission
   10.     Functions of Commission
   11.     Ministerial control
   12.     Conditions of membership
   13.     Proceedings of Commission
   14.     Validity of acts
   15.     Staff
   16.     Report

           Division 3--Reference groups

   17.     Establishment of reference groups

           Division 4--Training Advocate

   18.     Training Advocate
   19.     Appointment of Training Advocate
   20.     Term of office of Training Advocate etc
   21.     Functions of Training Advocate
   22.     Training Advocate subject to direction of Minister
   23.     Delegation by Training Advocate
   24.     Staff
   25.     Report

   PART 3--Higher education, vocational education and training and education services for overseas students

           Division 1--Registration of training providers

   26.     Registration of training providers
   27.     Conditions of registration
   28.     Variation or cancellation of registration
   29.     Criteria for registration

           Division 2--Accreditation of courses

   30.     Accreditation of courses
   31.     Conditions of accreditation
   32.     Variation or cancellation of accreditation
   33.     Criteria for accreditation

           Division 3--Duration of registration/accreditation

   34.     Duration of registration/accreditation

           Division 4--Other powers of Commission relating to training providers and courses

   35.     Grievances
   36.     Commission may inquire into training providers or courses
   37.     Commission may cancel, suspend or vary registration or accreditation
   38.     Commission may issue qualification or statement of attainment in certain circumstances
   39.     Cancellation of qualification or statement of attainment
   40.     Commission may assess and certify competency in certain circumstances
   41.     Provision of information

           Division 5--Appeal to District Court

   42.     Appeal to District Court

           Division 6--Offences

   43.     Offences relating to registration and issuing of qualifications
   44.     Offences relating to universities, degrees, etc

   PART 4--Apprenticeships/traineeships

           Division 1--Interpretation

   45.     Interpretation

           Division 2--Training contracts

   46.     Training under training contracts
   47.     Minister may enter training contracts
   48.     Approval of training contracts
   49.     Term of training contracts
   50.     Variation of training under training contract to part-time or full-time
   51.     Termination or suspension of training contract
   52.     Transfer of training contract to new employer
   53.     Offence to exert undue influence etc in relation to training contracts
   54.     Termination/expiry of training contract and pre-existing employment

           Division 3--Registration of employers

   55.     Registration of employers
   56.     Conditions of registration
   57.     Criteria for registration
   58.     Variation or cancellation of registration
   59.     Duration of registration
   60.     Commission may cancel, suspend or vary registration
   61.     Appeal to District Court
   62.     Commission may inquire into employers

           Division 4--Compliance notices, misconduct, disputes and grievances

   63.     Compliance notices
   64.     Employer may suspend apprentice/trainee for serious misconduct
   65.     Other matters to be dealt with by Industrial Relations Commission
   66.     Holding of conciliation conferences compulsory
   67.     Representation in proceedings before Industrial Relations Commission
   68.     Participation of assessors and other experts in proceedings before Industrial Relations Commission

           Division 5--General

   69.     Relation to other Acts and awards etc
   70.     Making and retention of records

   PART 5--Miscellaneous

   71.     Training and Skills Register
   72.     Provision of information to/by prescribed authority
   73.     Other powers of Commission, Training Advocate, etc
   74.     Immunity from liability
   75.     False or misleading information
   76.     Evidentiary provision relating to registration
   77.     Gazette notices may be varied or revoked
   78.     Service
   79.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Appointment and selection of assessors and other experts for Industrial Relations Commission proceedings under Part
           SCHEDULE 2--Related amendments, repeal and transitional provisions

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