South Australian Current Regulations

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        (1)         In these regulations—

"Act" means the Second-hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers Act 1996


"close associate"—see subregulation (3)


"domestic partner" means a person who is a domestic partner within the meaning of the Family Relationships Act 1975

, whether declared as such under that Act or not;

"interactive game console" means equipment for the playing of a game—

            (a)         that involves a display on a computer monitor, television screen, liquid crystal display or similar medium; and

            (b)         where the way in which the game proceeds and the result achieved at various stages of the game is determined in response to the decisions, inputs and direct involvement of the player;

"prescribed goods" means goods of any of the following kinds:

            (a)         gemstones or precious metals;

            (b)         items of jewellery that include gemstones or precious metals;

            (c)         watches;

            (d)         sporting or recreational goods (but not including clothing or footwear);

            (e)         watercraft (including jet skis, windsurfers and surfboards) or parts of watercraft (including outboard motors);

            (f)         musical instruments (but not including pianos other than electric or electronic pianos);

            (g)         portable engine-powered, motorised or air-powered tools or equipment;

            (h)         tool kits;

                  (i)         photographic equipment or video cameras;

            (j)         computer hardware or interactive game consoles;

            (k)         computer programs or computer programs and data, including those comprising games for use with interactive game consoles;

            (l)         electric or electronic goods including—

                  (i)         televisions, radios, compact disc players, video tape players, digital video disc players or other audio or audio-visual systems;

                  (ii)         mobile or portable telephones;

                  (iii)         microwave ovens,

(but not including refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, stoves, under bench ovens or wall ovens);

            (m)         compact discs or digital video discs;

            (n)         vehicles without their own automotive power (including bicycles, caravans and trailers);

            (o)         motor vehicles;

            (p)         the following motor vehicle components:

                  (i)         front left fenders;

                  (ii)         front right fenders;

                  (iii)         front left doors;

                  (iv)         front right doors;

                  (v)         rear left doors;

                  (vi)         rear right doors;

                  (vii)         rear left quarter panels;

                  (viii)         rear right quarter panels;

                  (ix)         body shells;

                  (x)         front sections of body shells;

                  (xi)         rear sections of body shells;

                  (xii)         automatic or manual transmissions;

                  (xiii)         engines;

                  (xiv)         boot lids;

                  (xv)         tailgates;

                  (xvi)         hoods;

                  (xvii)         air bags;

                  (xviii)         frames;

                  (xix)         motor vehicle seats;

"prescribed motor vehicle component"—see paragraph (p)

of the definition of "prescribed goods";

"written-off vehicle" has the same meaning as in Part 7 of the Motor Vehicles Regulations 2010


"written-off vehicle notice" has the same meaning as in Part 7 of the Motor Vehicles Regulations 2010


        (2)         For the purposes of these regulations, a reference to a parent, brother, sister or child of a person will be taken to include a reference to a step-parent, step-brother, step-sister or step-child (as the case requires) of the person.

        (3)         For the purposes of these regulations, 2 persons are "close associates" if—

            (a)         1 is a spouse, domestic partner, parent, brother, sister or child of the other; or

            (b)         they are members of the same household; or

            (c)         they are in partnership; or

            (d)         they are related bodies corporate (within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 of the Commonwealth); or

            (e)         1 has a right to participate (otherwise than as a shareholder in a body corporate) in income or profits derived from a business conducted by the other; or

            (f)         1 is in a position to exercise control or significant influence over the conduct of the other.

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