South Australian Current Regulations

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14—Special provisions relating to sale or supply of pseudoephedrine

        (1)         A person must not sell or supply pseudoephedrine unless a prescribed identification document or a birth certificate is produced by the person to whom the pseudoephedrine is to be sold or supplied.

Maximum penalty: $3 000.

        (2)         A person who sells or supplies pseudoephedrine must make and keep a record of the following information:

            (a)         the name and address of the person to whom the pseudoephedrine is being sold or supplied;

            (b)         the form of prescribed identification document produced by the person to whom the pseudoephedrine is being sold or supplied;

            (c)         the unique identification number (if any) on the prescribed identification document produced;

            (d)         the date of the sale or supply;

            (e)         the directions given for the safe and proper use of the pseudoephedrine;

            (f)         the trade name or the approved name of the pseudoephedrine being sold or supplied, or, if it does not have either a trade name or approved name, its ingredients and the form, strength and quantity sold or supplied;

            (g)         a unique identifier enabling those records to be linked with the pseudoephedrine sold or supplied.

Maximum penalty: $3 000.

        (3)         Subregulations (1)

and (2)

do not apply in relation to—

            (a)         the sale of pseudoephedrine by wholesale; or

            (b)         the sale or supply of pseudoephedrine in the course of professional practice by—

                  (i)         a pharmacist in a hospital; or

                  (ii)         a registered health practitioner other than a pharmacist; or

                  (iii)         a veterinary surgeon.

        (4)         A person who makes a record under subregulation (2)

must keep it in an electronic form that is accessible via the internet by the Chief Executive and the Commissioner of Police.

Maximum penalty: $3 000.

        (5)         In this regulation—

"Australian student identification card" means a card issued by an Australian educational institution to identify a person studying at the institution;

"birth certificate" of a person means a certified copy of, or extract from, a register of births kept under an Australian law, or under the law of the country in which the person was born;

"driver's licence" means—

            (a)         a driver's licence issued under the Motor Vehicles Act 1959

; or

            (b)         an interstate licence, interstate learner's permit or foreign licence within the meaning of that Act;

"prescribed identification document" means a current—

            (a)         driver's licence; or

            (b)         firearms licence; or

            (c)         passport (other than an Australian passport); or

            (d)         proof of age card; or

            (e)         Australian student identification card,

that bears a photograph of the holder;

"proof of age card" means a proof of age card issued by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles or by a corresponding public authority of another State or a Territory of the Commonwealth.

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