South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Application of Act

   PART 2--The Minister and the Department

   6.      Administration of this Act
   7.      The Minister
   8.      Delegation by Minister
   9.      General powers of Minister
   10A.    Advisory committees
   12.     Powers, functions and duties of the Chief Executive Officer
   13.     Delegation by Chief Executive Officer
   14.     Annual report

   PART 3--Officers

           Division 1--Appointment

   15.     Appointment of officers

           Division 2--Termination of appointment

   15A.    Termination of appointment of officers on probation
   16.     Retrenchment of officers
   17.     Incapacity of officers
   18.     Appointment and selection of supplementary panel members for reviews
   18A.    Review by SAET

           Division 3--Long service leave

   19.     Long service leave
   20.     Taking of long service leave
   21.     Payment in lieu of long service leave
   22.     Interruption of service
   23.     Recognition of previous employment
   24.     Recognition of service as officer in future employment

           Division 4--Retiring age

   25.     Retiring age

           Division 5--Discipline

   26.     Disciplinary action
   27.     Suspension

   PART 4--College councils

   28.     Establishment of college councils
   29.     Incorporation of councils
   30.     Borrowing power of councils
   31.     Power of Minister to make grant or loan
   32.     Accounts
   32A.    Returns
   33.     Abolition of council

   PART 6--Miscellaneous

   39AA.   Operation of industrial relations legislation
   39AAB.  Other staffing arrangements
   39AAC.  Employing authority--related matters
   39A.    Special provisions relating to rate of remuneration for part-time officers
   40.     Requirement to leave college premises
   40A.    Insulting officers, employees etc
   41.     Summary offences
   43.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE -Interpretation of other Acts and instruments
           Legislative history

           Appendix--Divisional penalties and expiation fees

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