South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      This Act and the Real Property Act to be read together as a single Act

   PART 2--Division of land by strata plan

           Division 1--The strata plan

   5.      Nature of strata plan and requirements with which it must conform
   6.      Unit entitlement

           Division 3--Proprietary incidents arising from deposit of strata plan

   9.      Easements
   10.     Common property
   11.     Vesting of public land in the council

           Division 4--Amendment of deposited strata plan

   12.     Application for amendment
   12A.    Application may deal with statutory encumbrances
   13.     Amendment by order of ERD Court

           Division 6--Amalgamation

   16.     Amalgamation of adjacent sites

           Division 7--Cancellation of strata plan

   17.     Cancellation

           Division 7A--Division of site under Part 19AB

   17AAA.  Application for division

           Division 8--Supplementary

   17A.    Procedure where the whereabouts of certain persons is unknown
   17B.    Creation of easements

   PART 3--The strata corporation

           Division 1--Constitution of strata corporation

   18.     Name of strata corporation
   19.     Articles of strata corporation
   19A.    Certain articles may be struck out by Court
   20.     Binding character of the articles
   21.     Unit holders are guarantors of strata corporation's liabilities
   22.     Restriction of payment by strata corporation to its members
   23.     Officers of strata corporation
   24.     Contractual formalities

           Division 2--General functions, powers and duties

   25.     Functions
   26.     General powers
   26A.    Delegation of functions or powers
   27.     Power to raise money

           Division 2A--Delegations by strata corporation

   27A.    Delegation of corporation's functions and powers
   27B.    Body corporate managers
   27C.    General duties
   27D.    Offences

           Division 3--Special powers of strata corporation to maintain the integrity of the strata scheme

   28.     Power to enforce duties of maintenance and repair
   29.     Alterations and additions

           Division 4--Duty to insure

   29A.    Application of Division
   30.     Duty to insure
   31.     Other insurance by strata corporation
   32.     Right of unit holders etc to satisfy themselves as to insurance

           Division 5--General meetings

   33.     Holding of general meetings
   33A.    Statement of expenditure etc
   34.     Voting at general meetings
   34A.    Duty to disclose interest

           Division 6--Management committee

   35.     Management committee
   36.     Validity of acts

           Division 6A--Agents' trust accounts

   36A.    Application of Division
   36B.    Interpretation
   36C.    Trust money to be deposited in trust account
   36D.    Withdrawal of money from trust account
   36E.    Authorised trust accounts
   36F.    Application of interest
   36G.    Keeping of records
   36H.    Audit of trust accounts
   36I.    Obtaining information for purposes of audit or examination
   36J.    ADIs etc to report deficiencies in trust accounts
   36K.    Confidentiality
   36L.    ADIs etc not affected by notice of trust

           Division 7--Appointment of administrator

   37.     Administrator of strata corporation's affairs

           Division 8--Supplementary

   38.     Duties of the original proprietor in relation to strata corporation
   39.     Power to require handing over of property
   39A.    Register of unit holders
   40.     Record keeping
   41.     Information to be furnished

   PART 3A--Resolution of disputes

   41AA.   Persons who may apply for relief
   41A.    Resolution of disputes etc

   PART 4--Miscellaneous

   42.     Unit holder's power of entry
   43.     Insurance by unit holder
   44.     Dealing with part of unit
   44A.    Body corporate may act as officer etc
   45.     Persons under disability etc
   46.     Relief where unanimous resolution required
   47.     General defence
   48.     Applications etc
   48A.    Applications to Magistrates Court
   49.     Service
   50.     Proceedings for offences
   50A.    Indemnity fund under Land Agents Act 1994
   50B.    Review of operation of Act
   51.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 2--Transitional provisions
           SCHEDULE 3--Articles of strata corporation
           Legislative history

           Appendix--Divisional penalties and expiation fees

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