South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--General provisions

   4.      Power to open and close roads
   5.      Commencement of road process
   6.      Special power to close roads
   6A.     Special powers to open or close roads in cases involving major developments
   6B.     Special powers to alter roads associated with Adelaide Park Lands
   7.      Stock routes excluded from power to close roads
   8.      Vesting of roads

   PART 3--Road process

           Division 1--Preliminary proceedings

   9.      Deposit of preliminary plan and statement of persons affected
   10.     Notification of proposed road process
   11.     Dealings in land after commencement of process for road opening
   12.     Power to make preliminary agreements
   13.     Objection or application for easement

           Division 2--Making of road process order

   14.     Meeting to consider objection or application
   15.     Making of road process order
   16.     Criteria in relation to road process orders
   17.     Further orders to be made in conjunction with order for road closure
   18.     Orders for road closure may include orders for easements
   19.     Notice of road process order
   20.     Deposit of documents after making road process order

           Division 3--Review and confirmation of road process order

   21.     Review of road process order
   22.     Error or deficiency in order
   23.     Recommendation by Surveyor-General as to confirmation or non-confirmation of order
   24.     Confirmation of road process order

   PART 4--Vesting and registration of land subject to road process order

   25.     Vesting of land pursuant to road process order
   26.     Issue of closed road title certificate by Minister
   27.     Content of closed road title certificate
   28.     Issue and merger of certificates of title by Registrar-General
   29.     Registration in Register of Crown leases
   30.     Registrar-General to amend records, documents of title etc

   PART 5--Compensation etc

   31.     Land Acquisition Act applies where road opened
   32.     Compensation where road opening discontinued

   PART 6--Acquisition of additional land under Land Acquisition Act

   33.     Acquisition of additional land under Land Acquisition Act

   PART 7--Special power of Minister to close roads

   34.     Special power of Minister to close roads

   PART 7A--Special powers associated with major developments

   34A.    Interpretation
   34B.    Road process proposal may be included in a major development proposal
   34C.    Governor may give effect to road process proposal
   34D.    Dealings in land after commencement of process under this Part
   34E.    Modification or exclusion of certain Parts of Act
   34F.    Costs

   PART 7B--Roads associated with Adelaide Park Lands

   34G.    Roads associated with Adelaide Park Lands

   PART 8--Miscellaneous

   35.     Certain orders not to be reviewable by Supreme Court
   36.     Money payable pursuant to agreements for exchange or transfer and sale of closed roads
   37.     Issue of certificate of title where owner of road is unknown
   38.     Width of roads
   39.     Duty to fence
   40.     Declaration of public road followed by commencement of road closure process
   41.     Removal or variation of easement of prescribed public utility or public authority
   42.     Interaction of Act with Real Property Act 1886 and planning legislation
   43.     Saving provision
   44.     Inspection of documents with Surveyor-General
   45.     Delegation by Minister
   46.     Delegation by other authorities
   47.     Service
   48.     Regulations
           Legislative history

           Appendix--Divisional penalties and expiation fees
           The Parliament of South Australia enacts as

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