South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Office of Public Trustee

   4.      Public Trustee
   5.      Functions and powers
   6.      Ministerial control
   7.      Execution of documents
   8.      Delegations

   PART 3--Appointment as administrator, trustee etc

   9.      Administration of deceased estate
   10.     Public Trustee need not give security
   11.     No action to be instituted after Public Trustee has obtained administration
   12.     Administrator pendente lite
   13.     Administration of trust estate
   14.     Appointment as executor or trustee
   15.     Appointment of Public Trustee by executors, administrators or trustees
   16.     Appointment by court as trustee of amount of judgment etc
   17.     Custodian trustee
   18.     Power of attorney continues despite subsequent legal incapacity

   PART 4--Administration of estates

   19.     Payments to or from executors etc elsewhere in Australia or in New Zealand
   20.     Public Trustee must require delivery or transfer of property to which Public Trustee is entitled
   21.     Court may summons administrator etc on application of Public Trustee
   22.     Result of disobedience to summons
   23.     Public Trustee to give notice to beneficiary entitled to property
   24.     Administration of Public Trustee may be referred to Court
   25.     Public Trustee may make advances for purposes of administration
   26.     Public Trustee to keep accounts in respect of estates etc

   PART 5--Investment of estate funds and common funds

   27.     Investment of estate funds
   28.     Money from several estates may be invested as one fund
   29.     Common funds
   30.     Accounts, audits and reports in respect of common funds
   31.     Information for investors or prospective investors in common fund

   PART 6--Unclaimed property

   32.     Public Trustee's duties with respect to unclaimed money or land
   33.     Provision for parties subsequently claiming to apply to Court etc
   34.     Appointment as manager of unclaimed property
   35.     Powers of Public Trustee as manager
   36.     Public Trustee to have discretion as to exercise of powers as manager
   37.     Public Trustee may apply to Court for directions
   38.     Money to be invested in common fund
   39.     Remuneration and expenses of Public Trustee
   40.     Property managed by Public Trustee to be held for owner
   41.     Termination of management
   42.     Transfer of unclaimed property to Crown

   PART 7--Financial and other provisions

   43.     Expenditure of money on land
   44.     Fee for administering perpetual trust
   45.     General provision relating to Public Trustee's charges
   45A.    Recovery of GST
   46.     ADI accounts, investment and overdraft
   47.     Tax and other liabilities of Public Trustee
   48.     Dividends
   49.     Responsibility of Government for acts of Public Trustee
   50.     Accounts and external audit
   51.     Annual reports
   52.     Certain documents may be deposited with Public Trustee for safe keeping
   53.     Certificate by Public Trustee of appointment to act
   54.     Indemnity to persons having dealings with Public Trustee
   55.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

           Appendix--Divisional penalties and expiation fees

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