South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Objects and duties

   4.      Objects
   5.      Duty of the Minister and the Board
   7.      General duty of pastoral lessees
   8.      Pastoral land not to be freeholded
   9.      Pastoral Land Management Fund

   PART 3--Administration

           Division 1--The Minister

   10.     Power of Minister to delegate
   11.     Appointment of authorised officers

           Division 2--The Board

   12.     Establishment of Pastoral Board
   13.     Conditions of office
   14.     Allowances and expenses
   15.     Procedure at meetings
   16.     Conflict of interest under Public Sector (Honesty and Accountability) Act
   17.     Functions of Board
   18.     Delegation by Board
   18A.    Annual report

   PART 4--Pastoral leases

   19.     Grant of leases
   20.     Assessment of land prior to grant of lease
   21.     Execution of leases
   22.     Conditions of pastoral leases
   23.     Rent
   24.     Term of pastoral leases
   25.     Assessment of land
   25A.    Establishment of pool of persons for the purposes of section 25B
   25B.    Assistance to lessee
   26.     Extension of term of pastoral leases and variation of conditions
   27.     Exemption from stamp duty
   28.     Dealing with pastoral leases
   29.     Agreements to deal with a lease
   30.     Consent to certain share transfers in pastoral company
   31.     Alteration of boundaries
   31A.    Variation of land subject to lease
   32.     Resumption of land
   33.     Abandonment of land
   34.     Vacation of land
   35.     Penalties for late payment of rent
   36.     Waiver
   37.     Cancellation of lease or imposition of fine on breach of conditions
   38.     Cancellation of pastoral lease obtained by false statement
   39.     Compensation
   40.     Notice of adverse action to be given to holders of registered interests or caveats

   PART 5--Land management and protection

   41.     Property plans
   42.     Verification of stock levels
   43.     Notices to destock or take other action
   44.     Reference areas

   PART 6--Access to pastoral land

           Division 1--Public access routes and stock routes

   45.     Establishment of public access routes and stock routes

           Division 2--Travelling stock

   46.     Travelling with stock

           Division 2A--Indigenous land use agreements

   46A.    Indigenous land use agreement binding on lessees
   46B.    Immunity from liability
   46C.    ILUA to be endorsed on lease

           Division 3--Public access

   47.     Rights of Aboriginal persons
   48.     Right to travel across and camp on pastoral land
   48A.    Public register
   48B.    Trespassers on pastoral land the subject of an ILUA
   49.     Public access not to be obstructed

           Division 4--Wind farms

   49A.    Interpretation
   49B.    Minister may grant licences
   49C.    Applicant for licence to enter access agreement
   49D.    Interaction between Division and licence
   49E.    Rights under licence
   49F.    Minister to fix terms and conditions
   49G.    Waiver of conditions etc
   49H.    Dealing with licence
   49I.    Cancellation of licences
   49J.    Access to pastoral land prior to grant of licence
   49K.    Payments
   49L.    Appeals to ERD Court
   49M.    Exemption from stamp duty
   49N.    Special provisions relating to Murray-Darling Basin and River Murray Protection Areas
   49O.    Application of Crown Land Management Act 2009
   49P.    Rights under wind farm licence to prevail

   PART 7--Appeals

           Division 1--The Tribunal

   50.     Establishment of the Tribunal
   51.     Determination of questions
   52.     Powers and procedures of the Tribunal
   53.     Compulsory conferences

           Division 2--Right of appeal to Tribunal

   54.     Appeal against certain decisions
   55.     Operation of certain decisions pending appeal

           Division 3--Review of valuation and right of appeal to Land and Valuation Court

   56.     Right of review or appeal

   PART 8--Miscellaneous

   57.     Misuse of pastoral land
   58.     Notice to be given of cattle muster
   59.     Right to take water
   60.     Policing powers
   61.     Powers of entry etc
   62.     Act does not derogate from Mining Act, Opal Mining Act or Petroleum Act
   63.     Offence of hindering or obstructing person exercising powers under this Act
   65.     Duty of Registrar-General
   66.     Certain debts are charges over leases
   67.     Service of notices
   68.     Evidentiary provision
   69.     General defence
   70.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE -Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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