South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

           Division 1--Interpretation, application and construction of Act

   1.      Short title
   2.      Transitional provisions
   4.      Interpretation
   5.      Application of Act
   5A.     Interaction with Marine Parks Act 2007
   5B.     Licence or other right is not personal property for the purposes of Commonwealth Act
   6.      Petroleum pool extending into two licence areas
   7.      Points etc to be ascertained by reference to Australian Geodetic Datum
   7A.     Certain portions of blocks to be blocks

           Division 2--Administration of the Commonwealth adjacent area

   8.      Definitions
   9.      Minister a member of Joint Authority
   10.     Minister as Designated Authority
   11.     Delegations under Commonwealth Act
   12.     Public servants performing functions under Commonwealth Act

   PART 2--Application of laws

   13.     Modification of the applied provisions
   14.     Jurisdiction of State courts
   14A.    Disapplication of State occupational health and safety laws

   PART 3--Mining for petroleum

           Division 1--Preliminary

   15.     Delegation
   16.     Graticulation of Earth's surface
   17.     Reservation of blocks

           Division 2--Exploration permits for petroleum

   18.     Exploration for petroleum
   19.     Advertisement of blocks
   20.     Application for permits
   21.     Grant or refusal of permit in relation to application
   22.     Application for permit in respect of surrendered etc blocks
   23.     Application fee etc
   24.     Consideration of applications
   25.     Request by applicant for grant of permit in respect of advertised blocks
   26.     Grant of permit on request
   27.     Rights conferred by permit
   28.     Term of permit
   29.     Application for renewal of permit
   30.     Application for renewal of permit to be in respect of reduced area
   30A.    Certain permits cannot be renewed more than twice
   31.     Grant or refusal of renewal of permit
   32.     Conditions of permit
   33.     Discovery of petroleum to be notified
   34.     Directions by Minister on discovery of petroleum
   35.     Nomination of blocks as location
   36.     Declaration of location
   37.     Immediately adjoining blocks

           Division 2A--Retention leases for petroleum

   37A.    Application by permittee for lease
   37B.    Grant or refusal of lease in relation to application
   37BA.   Application of sections 37A and 37B where permit is transferred
   37C.    Rights conferred by lease
   37D.    Term of lease
   37E.    Notice of intention to cancel lease
   37F.    Application for renewal of lease
   37G.    Grant or refusal of renewal of lease
   37H.    Conditions of lease
   37J.    Discovery of petroleum to be notified
   37K.    Directions by Minister on discovery of petroleum

           Division 3--Production licences for petroleum

   38.     Recovery of petroleum in adjacent area
   39.     Application by permittee for licence
   39A.    Application for licence by lessee
   40.     Application for licence
   41.     Determination of rate of royalty
   42.     Notification as to grant of licence
   43.     Grant of licence
   43A.    Application of sections 40 to 43 where permit etc transferred
   44.     Variation of licence area
   45.     Determination of permit or lease as to block not taken up
   46.     Application for licence in respect of surrendered etc blocks
   47.     Application fee etc
   48.     Request by applicant for grant of licence
   49.     Grant of licence on request
   50.     Grant of licences in respect of individual blocks
   51.     Rights conferred by licence
   52.     Term of licence
   53.     Application for renewal of licence
   54.     Grant or refusal of renewal of licence
   55.     Conditions of licence
   57.     Directions as to recovery of petroleum
   58.     Unit development

           Division 4--Pipeline licences

   59.     Construction etc of pipelines etc
   60.     Acts done in an emergency etc
   61.     Removal of pipeline etc constructed in contravention of Act
   62.     Terminal station
   63.     Application for pipeline licence
   64.     Grant or refusal of pipeline licence
   65.     Rights conferred by pipeline licence
   66.     Term of pipeline licence
   67.     Application for renewal of pipeline licence
   68.     Grant or refusal of renewal of pipeline licence
   69.     Conditions of pipeline licence
   70.     Variation of pipeline licence on application by pipeline licensee
   71.     Variation of pipeline licence by Minister
   72.     Common carrier
   73.     Ceasing to operate pipeline

           Division 5--Registration of instruments

   73A.    Interpretation
   74.     Register of certain instruments to be kept
   75.     Particulars to be entered in register
   76.     Memorials to be entered of permits etc determined etc
   77.     Approval and registration of transfers
   78.     Entries in register on devolution of title etc
   80.     Approval of dealings creating etc interests etc in existing titles
   80A.    Approval of dealings in future interests etc
   81.     True consideration to be shown
   82.     Minister not concerned with certain matters
   83.     Power of Minister to require information as to dealings
   84.     Production and inspection of documents
   85.     Inspection of register and documents
   86.     Evidentiary provision
   86A.    Minister may make corrections to register
   87.     Appeals
   88.     Minister not liable to certain actions
   89.     Offences
   90.     Assessment of fee
   91.     Registration fees
   92.     Exemption from stamp duty

           Division 6--General

   93.     Notice of grants of permits etc to be published
   94.     Date of effect of surrender etc of permits etc
   95.     Commencement of works
   96.     Work practices
   96A.    Conditions relating to insurance
   97.     Maintenance etc of property
   98.     Sections 96 and 97 to have effect subject to this Act etc
   99.     Drilling near boundaries
   100.    Directions
   101.    Compliance with directions
   102.    Exemption
   103.    Surrender of permits etc
   104.    Cancellation of permits etc
   105.    Cancellation of permit etc not affected by other provisions
   106.    Removal of property etc by permittee etc
   107.    Removal of property etc by Minister
   108.    Payment by instalments
   109.    Penalty for late payments of instalments etc
   110.    Special prospecting authorities
   111.    Access authorities
   112.    Sale of property
   114.    Minister etc may require information to be furnished etc
   115.    Power to examine on oath
   116.    Failing to furnish information etc
   117.    Release of information
   118.    Safety zones
   119.    Discovery and use of water
   120.    Survey of wells etc
   121.    Records etc to be kept
   122.    Scientific investigations
   123.    Interference with other rights
   124.    Inspectors
   125.    Powers of inspectors
   126.    Property in petroleum
   127.    Suspension of right conferred by permit
   128.    Certain payments to be made by State to Commonwealth
   129.    Determination to be disregarded in certain cases
   130.    Continuing offences
   131.    Persons concerned in commission of offences
   133.    Orders for forfeiture in respect of certain offences
   134.    Disposal of forfeited goods
   135.    Time for bringing proceedings for offences
   136.    Judicial notice
   137.    Service
   137A.   Service of documents on two or more permittees etc

           Division 6A--Powers of authorised persons

   137B.   Interpretation
   137C.   Powers of authorised persons
   137D.   Search warrants
   137E.   Exercise of powers in serious circumstances

           Division 7--Fees and royalties

   138.    Fees
   141.    Time for payment of fees
   142.    Royalty
   143.    Reduction of royalty in certain cases
   144.    Royalty not payable in certain cases
   145.    Ascertainment of well-head
   146.    Ascertainment of value
   147.    Ascertainment of quantity of petroleum recovered
   148.    Payment of royalty
   148A.   Provisional payment of royalty
   148B.   Adjustment of payments of royalty
   149.    Penalty for late payment
   150.    Fees and penalties debts due to State

   PART 3A--Occupational health and safety

           Division 1--Introduction

   150A.   Definitions
   150B.   Occupational health and safety
   150C.   Listed OHS laws
   150D.   Regulations relating to occupational health and safety

           Division 2--Functions and powers of the Safety Authority

   150E.   Safety Authority's functions
   150F.   Safety Authority's ordinary powers
   150G.   Judicial notice of seal

           Division 3--Safety Authority Board

   150H.   Functions of the Board
   150I.   Powers of the Board
   150J.   Validity of decisions

           Division 4--CEO and staff of the Safety Authority

   150K.   CEO acts for Safety Authority
   150L.   Working with the Board
   150M.   Delegation
   150N.   Secondments to the Safety Authority

           Division 5--Other Safety Authority provisions

   150O.   Minister may require the Safety Authority to prepare reports or give information
   150P.   Directions to the Safety Authority
   150Q.   Reviews of operations of Safety Authority
   150R.   Liability for acts and omissions

   PART 4--Regulations

   151.    Regulations
           SCHEDULE 2--Convention on the Continental Shelf
           SCHEDULE 3--Area that includes the adjacent area
           SCHEDULE 4--Scheme for transitional arrangements
           SCHEDULE 6--Petroleum (Submerged Lands) (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 1994--Transitional
           SCHEDULE 7--Occupational health and safety
           Legislative history

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