South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   5.      Interpretation

   PART 2--Administration

           Division 1--General administrative powers

   6.      Constitution of Minister as a corporation sole
   9.      Power of acquisition
   10.     Research and investigations
   11.     Wildlife Conservation Fund
   12.     Delegation
   13.     Information to be included in annual report
   14.     Minister not to administer this Act

           Division 2--The Parks and Wilderness Council

   15.     Establishment and membership of Council
   16.     Terms and conditions of membership
   17.     Remuneration
   18.     Vacancies or defects in appointment of members
   19.     Direction and control of Minister
   19A.    Proceedings of Council
   19B.    Conflict of interest under Public Sector (Honesty and Accountability) Act
   19C.    Functions of Council
   19D.    Annual report

           Division 3--Appointment and powers of wardens

   20.     Appointment of wardens
   21.     Assistance to warden
   22.     Powers of wardens
   23.     Forfeiture
   24.     Hindering of wardens etc
   24A.    Offences by wardens etc
   25.     Power of arrest
   26.     False representation

   PART 3--Reserves and sanctuaries

           Division 1--National parks

   27.     Constitution of national parks by statute
   28.     Constitution of national parks by proclamation
   28A.    Certain co-managed national parks cease on termination of co-management agreement

           Division 2--Conservation parks

   29.     Constitution of conservation parks by statute
   30.     Constitution of conservation parks by proclamation
   30A.    Certain co-managed conservation parks cease on termination of co-management agreement

           Division 3--Game reserves

   31.     Constitution of game reserves by statute
   32.     Constitution of game reserves by proclamation

           Division 4--Recreation parks

   33.     Constitution of recreation parks by statute
   34.     Constitution of recreation parks by proclamation

           Division 4A--Regional reserves

   34A.    Constitution of regional reserves by proclamation

           Division 4B--Native title

   34B.    Native title in relation to reserves

           Division 5--Control and management of reserves

   35.     Control of reserves
   36.     Management of reserves
   37.     Objectives of management
   38.     Management plans
   39.     Creation of zones within a reserve
   40.     Implementation of management plan
   40A.    Agreement as to conditions

           Division 6--Miscellaneous provisions relating to reserves

   41.     Approval of proposal for constitution of reserve
   41A.    Alteration of boundaries of reserves
   42.     Prohibited areas
   43.     Rights of prospecting and mining
   43A.    Prospecting and mining in regional reserves
   43AB.   Power to prohibit prospecting and mining in the Innamincka Regional Reserve
   43AC.   Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park
   43B.    Entry onto reserves for purpose of investigation and survey
   43C.    Entrance fees etc for reserves

           Division 6A--Provisions relating to co-managed parks

              Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   43D.    Application
   43E.    Objects

              Subdivision 2--Co-management agreements

   43F.    Co-management agreement

              Subdivision 3--Co-management Boards

   43G.    Establishment of co-management boards by regulation
   43H.    Corporate nature of co-management board
   43I.    Dissolution or suspension of co-management boards

              Subdivision 4--Miscellaneous

   43J.    Staff
   43K.    Accounts and audit
   43L.    Annual report

           Division 7--Sanctuaries

   44.     Establishment of sanctuaries
   45.     Protection of animals and plants in sanctuary

   PART 3A--Development Trusts

           Division 1--Development Trusts

   45A.    Interpretation and application
   45B.    Development Trusts
   45C.    Trust to be body corporate
   45D.    Appointment of members to a Trust
   45E.    Chairman and meetings of a Trust
   45F.    Functions of Trust
   45G.    Trust may delegate
   45H.    Staff of a Trust
   45I.    Acquisition of land
   45J.    Financial provisions
   45L.    Dissolution of a Trust

           Division 2--The General Reserves Fund

   45M.    Establishment of Fund
   45N.    Investment of the fund
   45O.    Accounts and auditing

   PART 4--Conservation of native plants

   46.     Application of this Part
   47.     Unlawful taking of native plants
   48.     Unlawful disposal of native plants
   48A.    Illegal possession of native plants
   49.     Permits
   49A.    Permits for commercial purposes

   PART 5--Conservation of native animals

           Division 1--Application of this Part

   50.     Application of this Part

           Division 2--Restrictions upon the taking of protected animals

   51.     Taking of protected animals etc
   52.     Open season
   53.     Permits to take protected animals
   53A.    Review of decision of Minister under section 53
   54.     Dangerous magpies and poisonous reptiles

           Division 3--Release of protected animals

   55.     Restriction on release of protected animals

           Division 4--Prohibitions and restrictions upon the keeping of protected animals and certain dealings in protected animals

   58.     Keeping and sale of protected animals
   58A.    Restriction on keeping protected animals in certain areas
   59.     Export and import of protected animals and native plants
   60.     Illegal possession of animals etc

           Division 4A--Farming of protected animals

   60B.    Interpretation
   60BA.   Declaration of species for trial farming
   60C.    Permit for farming protected animals
   60D.    Code of management
   60E.    Royalty
   60F.    Application of fees and royalty

           Division 4B--Harvesting of protected animals

   60G.    Application of Division
   60H.    Interpretation
   60I.    Plan of management
   60J.    Permit for harvesting protected animals
   60K.    Royalty
   60L.    Application of fees and royalty

           Division 5--Royalty

   61.     Royalty
   62.     Demand for royalty
   63.     Recovery of royalty by civil action

           Division 6--General provisions

   64.     Unlawful entry on land
   65.     Use of poison
   66.     Restriction on use of certain devices
   67.     Devices for the illegal taking of animals
   68.     Molestation etc of protected animals

   PART 5A--Hunting

           Division 1--Hunting generally

   68A.    Hunting permits
   68B.    Unlawful entry on land

           Division 2--Hunting and food gathering by Aboriginal persons

   68C.    Interpretation
   68D.    Hunting and food gathering by Aboriginal persons
   68E.    Exemption from requirement to hold hunting permit

   PART 6--Miscellaneous provisions

   69.     Permits
   70.     Obligation to produce permit
   70A.    Failure to comply with authority
   71.     Duplicate
   72.     False or misleading statement
   73.     Offences against provisions of proclamations and notices
   73A.    Liability of vehicle owners and expiation of certain offences
   74.     Additional penalty
   74A.    Maximum penalties in relation to wilderness protection areas and zones
   75.     Evidentiary provisions
   75A.    Defence
   77.     Powers of court
   78.     Financial provision
   79.     Wilful damage to reserve or property of Minister or relevant board
   80.     Regulations
   81.     Codes of practice etc
           SCHEDULE 3--National parks
           SCHEDULE 4--Conservation parks
           SCHEDULE 5--Game reserves
           SCHEDULE 6--Recreation parks
           SCHEDULE 7--Endangered species
           SCHEDULE 8--Vulnerable species
           SCHEDULE 9--Rare species
           SCHEDULE 10--Unprotected species
           SCHEDULE 11--Species to which Part 5 Division 4A
           SCHEDULE 12--Dissolution of General Reserves Trust
           SCHEDULE 13--Transitional provision relating to Statutes Amendment (Boards and Committees--Abolition and Reform)
           Legislative history

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