South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3A.     Commencement of Lottery and Gaming Act Amendment Act (No. 2) 1966
   4.      Interpretation
   4A.     Crown bound
   4AB.    Act subject to other Acts authorising gambling

   PART 2--Unlawful lotteries

   4B.     This Part not to apply to authorised or exempted lotteries
   5.      Lotteries declared nuisances
   6.      Opening lotteries, and aiding and playing thereat
   7.      Promises to pay money or deliver goods etc on event of lottery
   8.      Advertising lotteries
   9.      Exemptions from Act
   10.     Publication of information regarding lotteries
   11.     Sale of lottery tickets
   12.     Placards relating to illegal lotteries
   13.     Sending money to lotteries
   14.     Allegations prima facie proof

   PART 2A--Authorised and exempted lotteries

   14A.    No offence to conduct or participate in authorised or exempted lotteries
   14B.    Regulations
   14C.    Failure to comply with condition to be an offence
   14D.    Group of associations to nominate person responsible for compliance with conditions of licence

   PART 3--Licensing of suppliers of instant lottery tickets

   15.     Interpretation
   16.     Suppliers must be licensed
   17.     Application for licence
   18.     Licence may be conditional
   19.     Term of licence
   20.     Suspension or cancellation of licence

   PART 4--Lottery inspectors

   21.     Appointment of lottery inspectors
   22.     Powers of lottery inspectors

   PART 5--Unlawful gaming

   49.     Obtaining money etc by cheating
   50.     Gaming and wagering contracts void
   50A.    Agreements in relation to gaming void
   51.     Extending provisions to gaming with coin etc
   52.     Gambling etc in public places
   53.     Betting with persons under the age of 18 years
   54.     Betting by persons under the age of 18 years
   55.     Receiving money for gaming from persons under the age of 18 years
   56.     Promoting sweepstakes for reward
   57.     Soliciting totalisator investments
   58.     Totalisator agents
   58A.    Proof of offence
   59.     Certain games unlawful
   59A.    Certain things declared instruments of unlawful gaming
   60.     Public betting and advertising
   61.     Unlawful gaming and playing of unlawful games
   62.     Being in public place for the purpose of betting
   63.     Unlawful bookmaking
   64.     Unauthorised totalisator betting prohibited
   65.     Unauthorised betting exchange prohibited
   68.     Betting notices and placards
   69.     Removal from racecourses etc of persons suspected of offences
   72.     Obstructing members of the police force in the execution of their duty
   73.     Power of police as to premises where unlawful gaming is carried on

   PART 6--Common gaming-houses

   74.     Common gaming-houses
   75.     Occupying a common gaming-house
   76.     Allowing use of premises as common gaming-house
   77.     Allowing use of premises as access to or exit from a gaming-house
   78.     Power to evict occupier of house used as gaming-house etc
   79.     Cancellation of notice to quit
   80.     Declaration that house a common gaming-house
   81.     Rescission of declaration
   82.     Publication of notice of declaration and rescission
   83.     Notice given of declaration
   84.     Persons found in house declared a common gaming-house
   85.     Penalty on owner of house used in contravention of Act
   86.     Penalty on occupier
   87.     Entry by police
   88.     Obstructing the police
   88A.    Certain offences
   89.     Evidence of house being a gaming-house
   90.     Keeping house for purpose of gaming
   91.     Advancing money for the purpose of gaming
   92.     Receiving money for betting
   93.     Exhibiting placards or advertising betting houses
   94.     Betting advertisements
   95.     Giving false name and address
   96.     Entrance and nomination fees exempted

   PART 7--Evidence

   97.     Immunity of police and other authorised persons
   98.     Evidentiary provision relating to licences and permits
   99.     Allegations to be prima facie proof
   100.    Knowledge of owner as to occupancy of premises
   101.    Secondary evidence relating to lotteries
   102.    Evidence of illegal lottery
   103.    Prima facie evidence of unlawful gaming
   104.    Evidence as to offences
   105.    Reasonable suspicion sufficient to set up a prima facie case
   106.    Certain allegations prima facie evidence
   107.    Proof of age
   108.    Proof of publication
   108A.   "Silent" telephone evidence of unlawful gaming

   PART 8--Procedure and miscellaneous

   112.    Form of complaint, defects in substance or form of conviction and amendment of complaint etc
   113A.   Dishonest, deceptive or misleading conduct
   114.    Premises of body corporate used for unlawful gaming
   115.    Entry of shops, factories and club premises
   116.    Exemption of certain sweepstakes
   117.    Delegation
   119.    Regulations
           Legislative history
           The Parliament of South Australia enacts as

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