South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 2--District Court of South Australia

           Division 1--Establishment of Court

   4.      Establishment of Court
   5.      Court is Court of record
   6.      Seal

           Division 2--Structure of Court

   7.      Divisions of the Court

           Division 3--Jurisdiction of the Court

   8.      Civil jurisdiction
   9.      Criminal jurisdiction

   PART 3--Composition of the Court

           Division 1--The Court's judiciary

   10.     Court's judiciary
   11.     Chief Judge
   11AA.   Acting Chief Judge

           Division 2--Judicial office

              Subdivision 1--Appointment of Chief Judge

   11A.    Appointment of Chief Judge

              Subdivision 2--Appointment of other Judges and Masters

   12.     Appointment of other Judges and Masters

              Subdivision 3--Other provisions relating to Judges and Masters

   13.     Judicial remuneration (other than for Judicial Registrar)
   14.     Leave
   14A.    Special leave
   15.     Removal of Judges and Masters
   16.     Retirement of members of judiciary

              Subdivision 4--Provisions relating to Judicial Registrars

   16A.    Appointment and conditions of Judicial Registrars
   16B.    Judicial Registrar ceasing to hold office and suspension
   16C.    Jurisdiction of Judicial Registrar

           Division 3--Court's administrative and ancillary staff

   17.     Administrative and ancillary staff
   18.     The Registrar
   19.     Responsibilities of non-judicial staff

   PART 4--Sittings and distribution of business

   20.     Constitution of Court
   21.     Time and place of sittings
   22.     Adjournment from time to time and place to place
   23.     Sittings in open Court or in chambers
   24.     Transfer of proceedings between courts

   PART 5--Evidentiary powers

   25.     Power to require attendance of witnesses and production of evidentiary material
   26.     Power of Court to compel the giving of evidence
   27.     Entry and inspection of property
   28.     Production of persons held in custody
   29.     Issue of evidentiary summons

   PART 6--Special provisions as to the Court's civil jurisdiction

           Division 1--General

   30.     Interim injunctions etc
   31.     Restraining orders
   32.     Mediation and conciliation
   33.     Trial of issues by arbitrator
   34.     Expert reports
   35.     Merger of law and equity
   36.     Alternative forms of relief
   37.     Declaratory judgments
   38.     Interim awards of damages
   38A.    Consent orders for structured settlements
   39.     Pre-judgment interest
   40.     Interest on judgment debts
   41.     Payment to child
   42.     Costs

           Division 2--Administrative and Disciplinary Division

              Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   42A.    Interpretation

              Subdivision 2--Administrative appeals

   42B.    Application of Subdivision and interpretation
   42C.    Extension of time to appeal
   42D.    Stay of operation of decision appealed against
   42E.    Conduct of appeal
   42F.    Decision on appeal
   42G.    Costs and ancillary orders etc on appeals

              Subdivision 3--Other proceedings

   42H.    Costs and ancillary orders etc in other proceedings

   PART 7--Appeals and reservation of questions of law

   43.     Right of appeal
   44.     Reservation of questions of law
   45.     Non-application to criminal proceedings

   PART 8--Miscellaneous

   46.     Immunities
   48.     Contempt of Court
   49.     Custody of litigant's funds and securities
   50.     Miscellaneous provisions relating to legal process
   50A.    Service
   50B.    Certain trials of sexual offences to be given priority
   51.     Rules of Court
   53.     Court fees
   54.     Accessibility to Court records
           Legislative history
           The Parliament of South Australia enacts as

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