South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Interaction with other Acts
   5.      Related operational Acts
   6.      Act binds Crown

   PART 2--Objects of Act and statutory objectives

   7.      Objects
   8.      Objectives
   9.      Administration of Act to achieve objects and objectives

   PART 3--Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

           Division 1--Sanctuary

   10.     Establishment of Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

           Division 2--Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Management Plan

   11.     ADS Management Plan

           Division 3--Functions of Parks and Wilderness Council under this Act

   17.     Functions of Parks and Wilderness Council under this Act

           Division 4--Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Fund

   22.     ADS Fund
   23.     Accounts
   24.     Audit

   PART 4--Administration

           Division 1--Minister

   25.     Functions and powers of Minister
   26.     Annual report
   27.     Power of delegation

           Division 2--Authorised officers

   28.     Appointment of authorised officers
   29.     Powers of authorised officers
   30.     Hindering etc persons engaged in administration of Act
   31.     Protection from self-incrimination

   PART 5--General duty of care

   32.     General duty of care

   PART 6--Protection and other orders

           Division 1--Orders

   33.     Protection orders
   34.     Action on non-compliance with protection order
   35.     Reparation orders
   36.     Action on non-compliance with a reparation order
   37.     Reparation authorisations
   38.     Related matters

           Division 2--Registration of orders and effect of charges

   39.     Registration
   40.     Effect of charge

           Division 3--Appeals to ERD Court

   41.     Appeal

   PART 7--Provisions relating to official insignia

   42.     Interpretation
   43.     Declaration of logo
   44.     Protection of official insignia
   45.     Seizure and forfeiture of goods

   PART 8--Miscellaneous

   46.     Native title
   47.     Immunity provision
   48.     Continuing offence
   49.     Offences by bodies corporate
   50.     General defence
   51.     Criminal jurisdiction of ERD Court
   52.     Confidentiality
   53.     Service
   54.     Evidentiary provision
   55.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 1--Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary
           Legislative history

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