Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Application
   4.      Dictionary
   5.      Philosophy—overriding obligations of parties and court
   6.      Names of all parties to be used
   7.      Extending and shortening time


           Part 1--Starting proceedings

   8.      Starting proceedings
   9.      Claim compulsory
   10.     Application compulsory
   11.     Application permitted
   12.     Oral application permitted
   13.     Proceeding incorrectly started by claim
   14.     Proceeding incorrectly started by application
   15.     Registrar may refer issue of originating process to court
   16.     Setting aside originating process

           Part 2--Rules about originating process

   17.     Contact details and address for service
   18.     Representative details required
   19.     Originating process must be signed
   20.     Copy of originating process for court

           Part 3--Claims

   21.     Application of pt 3
   22.     Claim
   23.     Claim must include statement about filing notice of intention to defend claim
   24.     Duration and renewal of claim

           Part 4--Applications

   25.     Application of pt 4
   26.     Content of application
   27.     Service of application
   28.     Service of affidavit in support of application
   29.     Notice of address for service
   30.     Consent adjournment

           Part 5--Applications in a proceeding

   31.     Applications in a proceeding
   32.     Oral applications

           Part 6--Where to start a proceeding

           Division 1--Central registry

   33.     Central registry

           Division 2--Starting proceeding other than in central registry

   34.     Application of div 2
   35.     General rule

           Division 3--Area of Magistrates Courts districts

   36.     Application of div 3
   37.     Extended area of Magistrates Courts districts

           Division 4--Objection to, and change of, venue

   38.     Objection to venue
   39.     Change of venue by court order
   40.     Change of venue by agreement
   41.     Consequences of transfer

           Division 5--Applications heard at a different location

   50.     Applications heard at a different location

           Part 7--Cross-vesting

   51.     Definitions for pt 7
   52.     Application of pt 7
   53.     Starting proceedings
   54.     Special federal matters
   55.     Service
   56.     Directions
   57.     Transfer of proceedings
   58.     Transfer on Attorney-General's application
   59.     Transfer to court if no proceeding pending


           Part 1--Several causes of action and parties in a proceeding

           Division 1--Several causes of action

   60.     Inclusion of several causes of action in a proceeding

           Division 2--Several parties

   61.     Application of div 2
   62.     Necessary parties
   63.     Joint entitlement
   64.     Joint or several liability
   65.     Inclusion of multiple parties in a proceeding
   66.     Identical interest in relief unnecessary
   67.     Parties incorrectly included or not included

           Division 3--Reconstitution of proceeding

   68.     Inconvenient inclusion of cause of action or party
   69.     Including, substituting or removing party
   70.     Procedure for inclusion of party
   71.     Defendant or respondent dead at start of proceeding
   72.     Party becomes bankrupt, person with impaired capacity or dies during proceeding
   73.     No substitution order after death of plaintiff or applicant
   74.     Amendment of proceedings after change of party

           Division 4--Representative party

   75.     Representative party
   76.     Order for representation
   77.     Enforcement of order against representative party

           Part 2--Multiple proceedings

   78.     Consolidation of proceedings
   79.     Sequence of hearings
   80.     Directions
   81.     Variation of order

           Part 3--Partnerships and business names

           Division 1--Partnerships

   82.     Meaning of partnership proceeding
   83.     Proceeding in partnership name
   84.     Disclosure of partners' names
   85.     Notice of intention to defend
   86.     Person improperly served as partner
   87.     Defence
   88.     Enforcement against individual partner

           Division 2--Business names

   89.     Proceeding if registered business name
   90.     Proceeding in business name if unregistered
   91.     Notice of intention to defend
   92.     Amendment as to parties

           Part 4--Persons under a legal incapacity

   93.     Litigation guardian of person under a legal incapacity
   94.     Who may be a litigation guardian
   95.     Appointment of litigation guardian
   96.     No notice of intention to defend by person under a legal incapacity
   97.     Disclosure
   98.     Settlements and compromises
   99.     Proceedings by and against prisoners


           Part 1--Preliminary

   100.    Definitions for ch 4
   101.    Service not allowed on certain days
   102.    Approved document exchanges
   103.    Service after 4.00p.m.

           Part 2--Personal service generally

   104.    Application of pt 2
   105.    Personal service for originating process
   106.    How personal service is performed

           Part 3--Service in particular cases

   107.    Personal service—corporations
   108.    Personal service—young people
   109.    Personal service—persons with impaired capacity
   110.    Personal service—prisoners
   111.    Personal service in Magistrates Courts proceedings

           Part 4--Ordinary service

   112.    How ordinary service is performed
   113.    Service in relation to a business
   114.    Service in relation to a partnership

           Part 5--Other service

   115.    Acceptance of service
   116.    Substituted service
   117.    Informal service
   118.    Service on agent
   119.    Service under contract
   120.    Affidavit of service
   121.    Identity of person served
   122.    Special requirements for service by fax

           Part 6--Service outside Queensland

   123.    Service outside Queensland

           Part 7--Service outside, or emanating from outside, Australia

           Division 1--Ordinary service outside Australia

   124.    When service outside Australia permitted
   125.    Service of counterclaim or third party notice
   126.    Setting aside service
   127.    Service of other process by leave
   128.    Order for service outside Australia
   129.    How service outside Australia to be performed

           Division 2--Service in convention countries

   130.    Service in convention countries

           Division 3--Service under the Hague Convention
           Subdivision 1--Preliminary

   130A.   Definitions for div 3
   130B.   Provisions of this division to prevail
           Subdivision 2--Service abroad of local judicial documents
   130C.   Application of sdiv 2
   130D.   Application for request for service abroad
   130E.   How application to be dealt with
   130F.   Procedure on receipt of certificate of service
   130G.   Payment of costs
   130H.   Evidence of service
           Subdivision 3--Default judgment following service abroad of initiating process
   130I.   Application of sdiv 3
   130J.   Restriction on power to enter default judgment if certificate of service filed
   130K.   Restriction on power to enter default judgment if certificate of service not filed
   130L.   Setting aside judgment in default of appearance
           Subdivision 4--Local service of foreign judicial documents
   130M.   Application of sdiv 4
   130N.   Certain documents to be referred back to the Attorney-General's Department of the Commonwealth
   130O.   Service
   130P.   Affidavit as to service

           Division 4--Service of foreign legal process in Queensland other than under the Hague Convention

   130Q.   Application of div 4
   131.    Letter of request from foreign tribunal—procedure
   132.    Orders for substituted service
   133.    Noncompliance with rules


   134.    Application of ch 5
   135.    No step without notice of intention to defend
   136.    Defendant may act by solicitor or in person
   137.    Time for notice of intention to defend
   138.    Late filing of notice of intention to defend
   139.    Requirements for notice of intention to defend
   140.    Contact details and address for service
   141.    Filing notice of intention to defend
   142.    Service of notice of intention to defend
   143.    Possession of land
   144.    Conditional notice of intention to defend


           Part 1--Introduction

   145.    Application of pt 1
   146.    Formal requirements
   148.    Judgment pleaded

           Part 2--Rules of pleading

   149.    Statements in pleadings
   150.    Matters to be specifically pleaded
   151.    Presumed facts
   152.    Spoken words and documents
   153.    Condition precedent
   154.    Inconsistent allegations or claims in pleadings
   155.    Damages
   156.    General relief

           Part 3--Particulars

   157.    Particulars in pleading
   158.    Particulars of damages
   159.    Interest
   160.    Way to give particulars
   161.    Application for order for particulars
   162.    Striking out particulars
   163.    Failure to give particulars

           Part 4--Progress of pleading

   164.    Time for serving answer to counterclaim and reply
   165.    Answering pleadings
   166.    Denials and nonadmissions
   167.    Unreasonable denials and nonadmissions
   168.    Implied nonadmission
   169.    Close of pleadings
   170.    Confession of defence
   171.    Striking out pleadings

           Part 5--Particular pleadings

           Division 1--Various

   172.    Defence of tender
   173.    Set-off
   174.    Defamation pleadings

           Division 2--Counterclaims

   175.    Application of div 2
   176.    Counterclaim after issue of claim
   177.    Counterclaim against plaintiff
   178.    Counterclaim against additional party
   179.    Pleading and serving counterclaim
   180.    Answer to counterclaim
   181.    Conduct of counterclaim
   182.    Exclusion of counterclaim
   183.    Counterclaim after judgment, stay etc. of original proceeding
   184.    Judgment for balance
   185.    Stay of claim

           Division 3--Admissions

   186.    Application of div 3
   187.    Voluntary admission
   188.    Withdrawal of admission
   189.    Notice to admit facts or documents
   190.    Admissions

           Part 6--Third party and similar proceedings

   191.    Explanation of pt 6
   192.    Reason for third party procedure
   193.    Content of third party notice
   194.    Filing third party notice
   195.    Serving third party notice
   196.    Effect of service on third party
   197.    Notice of intention to defend by third party
   198.    Third party defence
   199.    Pleadings
   200.    Counterclaim by third party
   201.    Default
   202.    Disclosure
   203.    Trial
   204.    Extent third party bound by judgment between plaintiff and defendant
   205.    Judgment between defendant and third party
   206.    Claim against another party
   207.    Subsequent parties
   208.    Contribution under Law Reform Act 1995


           Part 1--Disclosure by parties

           Division 1--Disclosure and inspection of documents

   209.    Application of pt 1
   210.    Nature of disclosure
   211.    Duty of disclosure
   212.    Documents to which disclosure does not apply
   213.    Privilege claim
   214.    Disclosure by delivery of list of documents and copies
   215.    Requirement to produce original documents
   216.    Disclosure by inspection of documents
   217.    Procedure for disclosure by producing documents
   219.    Costs
   220.    Deferral of disclosure
   221.    Disclosure of document relating only to damages
   222.    Inspection of documents referred to in pleadings or affidavits
   223.    Court orders relating to disclosure
   224.    Relief from duty to disclose
   225.    Consequences of nondisclosure
   226.    Certificate by solicitor
   227.    Production of documents at trial

           Division 2--Interrogatories

   228.    Entitlement to deliver interrogatories
   229.    Delivery of interrogatories
   230.    Granting of leave to deliver interrogatories
   231.    Answering interrogatories
   232.    Statement in answer to interrogatories
   233.    Grounds for objection to answering interrogatories
   234.    Unnecessary interrogatories
   235.    Identity of individual by whom verifying affidavit to be made
   236.    Failure to answer interrogatory
   237.    Failure to comply with court order
   238.    Tendering answers

           Division 3--General

   239.    Public interest considerations
   240.    Service on solicitors of disclosure orders
   241.    Costs

           Part 2--Non-party disclosure

   242.    Notice requiring non–party disclosure
   243.    Form and service of notice
   244.    Others affected by notice
   245.    Objection to disclosure
   246.    Objection stays notice
   247.    Court's decision about objection
   248.    Production and copying of documents
   249.    Costs of production


           Part 1--Inspection, detention and preservation of property

   250.    Inspection, detention, custody and preservation of property
   251.    Perishable property
   252.    Order affecting non–party
   253.    Service of application
   254.    Order before proceeding starts
   255.    Jurisdiction of court not affected

           Part 2--Injunctions and similar orders

           Division 1--Preliminary

   255A.   Definition for pt 2
   256.    Application of pt 2
   257.    Relationship with other law
   258.    Procedure
   259.    Part 2 order without notice

           Division 2--Freezing orders

   260.    Definitions for div 2
   260A.   Freezing order
   260B.   Ancillary order
   260C.   Respondent need not be party to proceeding
   260D.   Order against judgment debtor or prospective judgment debtor or third party
   260E.   Jurisdiction
   260F.   Service outside Australia of application for freezing order or ancillary order
   260G.   Costs

           Division 3--Search orders

   261.    Definitions for div 3
   261A.   Search order
   261B.   Requirements for grant of search order
   261C.   Jurisdiction
   261D.   Terms of search order
   261E.   Independent solicitors
   261F.   Costs

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   262.    Part 2 order without trial
   263.    Expedited trial
   264.    Damages and undertaking as to damages
   265.    Other undertakings and security to perform undertaking

           Part 3--Receivers

           Division 1--Application

   266.    Application of pt 3

           Division 2--Receivership generally

   267.    Consent to act as receiver
   268.    Security
   269.    Remuneration
   270.    Accounts
   271.    Default
   272.    Powers
   273.    Death of receiver

           Division 3--Enforcement of judgment by appointment of receiver

   274.    Enforcement of judgment

           Part 4--Sales by court order

   275.    Definition for pt 4
   276.    Application of pt 4
   277.    Order for sale
   278.    Conduct of sale
   279.    Certificate of result of sale


           Part 1--Default

           Division 1--Default by plaintiff or applicant

   280.    Default by plaintiff or applicant

           Division 2--Proceedings started by claim

   281.    Application of div 2
   282.    Service must be proved
   283.    Judgment by default—debt or liquidated demand
   284.    Judgment by default—unliquidated damages
   285.    Judgment by default—detention of goods
   286.    Judgment by default—recovery of possession of land
   287.    Judgment by default—mixed claims
   288.    Judgment by default—other claims
   289.    Judgment by default—costs only
   290.    Setting aside judgment by default and enforcement

           Part 2--Summary judgment

           Division 1--Application

   291.    Application of pt 2

           Division 2--Applying for summary judgment

   292.    Summary judgment for plaintiff
   293.    Summary judgment for defendant
   294.    Claims not disposed of

           Division 3--Evidence

   295.    Evidence
   296.    Service

           Division 4--Other procedural matters

   298.    Directions
   299.    Costs
   300.    Stay of enforcement
   301.    Relief from forfeiture
   302.    Setting aside judgment

           Part 3--Discontinuance and withdrawal

   303.    Discontinuance by party representing another person
   304.    Discontinuance by plaintiff or applicant
   305.    Discontinuance by defendant or respondent
   306.    Withdrawal of notice of intention to defend
   307.    Costs
   308.    Withdrawal of defence or subsequent pleading
   308A.   Discontinuance by parties when proceeding settled
   309.    Notice of discontinuance or withdrawal
   310.    Subsequent proceeding
   311.    Consolidated proceedings and counterclaims
   312.    Stay pending payment of costs

           Part 4--Alternative dispute resolution processes

           Division 1--Preliminary

   313.    Definitions for pt 4

           Division 2--Establishment of ADR processes

   319.    Registrar to give notice of proposed reference to ADR process
   320.    When referral may be made
   321.    Proceedings referred to ADR process are stayed
   322.    When does a party impede an ADR process

           Division 3--Mediation

   323.    Referral of dispute to appointed mediator
   324.    When mediation must start and finish
   325.    Parties must assist mediator
   326.    Mediator's role
   327.    Liberty to apply
   328.    Mediator may seek independent advice
   329.    Record of mediation resolution
   330.    Abandonment of mediation
   331.    Requirements for certificate about mediation
   332.    Unsuccessful mediations
   333.    Replacement of mediator

           Division 4--Case appraisal

   334.    Referral of dispute to appointed case appraiser
   335.    Jurisdiction of case appraiser
   336.    Appearances
   337.    Case appraiser may seek information
   338.    Case appraisal proceeding may be recorded
   339.    Case appraiser's decision
   340.    Case appraiser's decision on costs in the dispute
   341.    Effect of case appraiser's decision
   342.    Requirements for case appraiser's certificate and decision
   343.    Dissatisfied party may elect to continue
   344.    Court to have regard to case appraiser's decision when awarding costs
   345.    Replacement of case appraiser

           Division 5--ADR costs

   346.    Payment of ADR costs
   347.    Party may pay another party's ADR costs
   348.    If ADR costs paid to registrar
   349.    When ADR convenor or venue provider may recover further costs
   350.    Court may extend period within which costs are to be paid or grant relief
   351.    Costs of failed ADR process are costs in the dispute

           Part 5--Offer to settle

   352.    Definitions for pt 5
   353.    If offer available
   354.    Time for making offer
   355.    Withdrawal or end of offer
   356.    Effect of offer
   357.    Disclosure of offer
   358.    Acceptance of offer
   359.    Person under a legal incapacity
   360.    Costs if offer by plaintiff
   361.    Costs if offer by defendant
   362.    Interest after service of offer
   362A.   Multiple beneficiaries
   363.    Multiple defendants
   364.    Offer to contribute
   365.    Failure to comply with offer


           Part 1--Directions

   366.    Application for directions
   367.    Directions
   368.    Proceeding already being managed by the court
   369.    Decision in proceeding
   370.    Failure to attend

           Part 2--Failure to comply with rules or order

   371.    Effect of failure to comply with rules
   372.    Application because of failure to comply with rules
   373.    Incorrect originating process
   374.    Failure to comply with order

           Part 3--Amendment

           Division 1--Amendment generally

   375.    Power to amend
   376.    Amendment after limitation period
   377.    Amendment of originating process
   378.    Amendment before request for trial date
   379.    Disallowance of amendment
   380.    Amendment after request for trial date
   381.    Failure to amend after order

           Division 2--Procedural matters

   382.    Procedure for amending
   383.    Who is required to make amendment
   384.    Serving amendments

           Division 3--Consequences of amendment

   385.    Pleading to amendment
   386.    Costs
   387.    When amendment takes effect

           Division 4--Amending orders or certificates

   388.    Mistakes in orders or certificates

           Part 4--Delay

   389.    Continuation of proceeding after delay

           Part 5--Restricting particular applications

   389A.   Restricting applications that are frivolous, vexatious or abuse of court's process


           Part 1--General

   390.    Way evidence given
   391.    Court may call evidence
   392.    Evidence by telephone, video link or another form of communication
   393.    Plans, photographs, video or audio recordings and models
   395.    Evidence in other proceedings
   395A.   Application to obtain evidence for civil proceedings in another jurisdiction

           Part 2--Evidence given out of court

   396.    Order for examination
   397.    Documents for examiner
   398.    Appointment for examination
   399.    Conduct of examination
   400.    Examination of additional persons
   401.    Objections
   402.    Recording evidence
   403.    Authentication and filing
   404.    Report of examiner
   405.    Default of person required to attend
   406.    Expenses etc. of person required to attend
   407.    Admissibility of deposition
   408.    Letter of request
   409.    Undertaking

           Part 3--Evidence for future right or claim

   410.    Application
   411.    Proceeding to obtain evidence for future right or claim
   412.    Order to obtain evidence for future claim
   413.    Taking, use and admissibility of evidence obtained for future right or claim

           Part 4--Subpoenas

   414.    Power to issue subpoena
   415.    Formal requirements
   416.    Setting aside subpoena
   417.    Order for cost of complying with subpoena
   418.    Cost of complying with subpoena if not a party
   419.    Conduct money
   420.    Production by non–party
   421.    Service

           Part 5--Expert evidence

           Division 1--Preliminary

   423.    Purposes of pt 5
   424.    Application of pt 5
   425.    Definitions for pt 5

           Division 2--Evidence given by an expert

   426.    Duty of expert
   427.    Expert evidence
   428.    Requirements for report
   429.    Disclosure of report
   429A.   Supplementary report
   429B.   Court may direct experts to meet
   429C.   Immunity
   429D.   Costs

           Division 3--Experts appointed after proceeding started

   429E.   Application of div 3
   429F.   Definition for div 3
   429G.   Appointment of experts
   429H.   Expert appointed by parties
   429I.   Expert appointed by court on application
   429J.   Expert appointed by court on court initiative
   429K.   Considerations for court when appointing an expert
   429L.   Report by court appointed expert given to registrar etc.
   429M.   Orders and directions for court appointed experts
   429N.   Consequences of court appointment
   429O.   Court may direct access to information
   429P.   Expert may apply for directions

           Division 4--Experts appointed before proceeding started

   429Q.   Definition for div 4
   429R.   Expert appointed by disputants
   429S.   Expert appointed by court on application

           Part 7--Affidavits

   430.    Contents of affidavit
   431.    Form of affidavit
   432.    Swearing or affirming affidavit
   433.    Certificate of reading or signature for person making affidavit
   434.    Alterations
   435.    Exhibits
   436.    Irregularity
   437.    Filing
   438.    Service
   439.    Examination of person making affidavit
   440.    Scandal and oppression
   441.    Affidavit taken before party

           Part 8--Exchange of correspondence instead of affidavit evidence

   442.    Definitions for pt 8
   443.    Application of pt 8
   444.    Applicant's letter to respondent
   445.    Respondent's reply
   446.    Additional correspondence
   447.    Application to court
   448.    Hearing of application


   449.    Definition for ch 12
   450.    Application of ch 12
   452.    Registrar's powers to hear and decide applications
   453.    Court may decide that matter can not be heard by registrar
   454.    Relevant application must not be made to the court
   455.    Referring relevant application
   456.    Removing relevant applications
   457.    Involvement of court as constituted by a judge
   458.    General powers
   459.    Decision
   460.    Power to correct mistakes


           Part 1--Listing applications for hearing

   461.    Application of pt 1
   462.    List of applications
   463.    Estimate of hearing time
   464.    Adjournments

           Part 2--Setting trial dates

   465.    Application of pt 2
   466.    Setting trial dates
   467.    Request for trial date
   468.    Trial expedited
   469.    Dispensing with signature on request for trial date
   470.    Leave required for steps after request for trial date

           Part 3--Trial

           Division 1--Mode of trial

   471.    Application of pt 3
   472.    Jury
   473.    Third party proceeding
   475.    Changing mode of trial

           Division 2--Proceedings at trial

   476.    Default of attendance
   477.    Adjournment

           Division 3--View

   478.    View by court

           Part 4--Decision without pleadings

   479.    Application of pt 4
   480.    No pleadings
   481.    Directions

           Part 5--Separate decision on questions

   482.    Definition for pt 5
   483.    Order for decision and statement of case for opinion
   484.    Orders, directions on decision
   485.    Disposal of proceedings
   486.    Form and content of separate question

           Part 6--Decision on papers without oral hearing

   487.    Definition for pt 6
   488.    Application of pt 6
   489.    Proposal for decision without oral hearing
   490.    Procedure for making application
   491.    Court may decide that decision without an oral hearing is inappropriate
   492.    Respondent's response
   493.    Applicant's reply
   494.    Respondent's right to require oral hearing
   495.    Applicant's right to abandon request for decision without an oral hearing
   496.    Concise written submissions
   497.    Further information
   498.    Order

           Part 7--Assessors and special referees

   499.    Application of pt 7
   500.    Assessors
   501.    Special referee
   502.    Procedure before special referee
   503.    Submission of question to court
   504.    Report of special referee
   505.    Use of opinion, decision or findings
   506.    Remuneration of special referee and assessor

           Part 8--Assessment of damages

   507.    Conditional order
   508.    Defendant's default or summary decision
   509.    Assessment
   510.    Directions
   511.    Certificate of damages
   512.    Damages to time of assessment

           Part 9--Magistrates Courts

           Division 1--Application

   513.    Application of pt 9

           Division 2--Simplified procedures

   514.    Application of simplified procedures
   515.    Simplified procedures
   516.    Hearing and deciding claim

           Division 2A--Employment claims
           Subdivision 1--Introduction

   522A.   Application of div 2A
   522B.   Definitions for div 2A
           Subdivision 2--Filing employment claims
   522C.   Filing employment claim
           Subdivision 3--Conciliation of employment claims
   522D.   Suspension of conciliation process if application to court
   522E.   Conciliation certificate
   522F.   Record of conciliation agreement
   522G.   Abandonment of conciliation
           Subdivision 4--Hearing of employment claims
   522H.   Notice of intention to defend employment claim
   522I.   Ending employment claim proceedings early
   522J.   Setting hearing date for employment claim
   522K.   Procedure for hearing of employment claim
   522L.   No cross claim in proceeding for employment claim
   522M.   Failure to appear in an employment claim
           Subdivision 5--Miscellaneous
   522N.   Particular rules do not apply to employment claims

           Division 3--Settlement conferences

   523.    Court may require settlement conference
   524.    Holding settlement conference
   525.    Failure to attend settlement conference
   526.    General directions about settlement conferences


           Part 1--Account

   527.    Order for account
   528.    Directions
   529.    Service of judgment
   530.    Form and verification
   531.    Filing and service
   532.    Challenging account
   533.    Witness
   534.    Allowances
   535.    Delay
   536.    Before whom account taken
   537.    Powers exercisable on taking account
   538.    Class interests
   539.    Reference to court
   540.    Certificate as to account
   541.    Further consideration
   542.    Procedure for inquiries
   543.    Directions

           Part 2--Personal injury and fatal accidents

   544.    Definition for pt 2
   545.    Application of pt 2
   546.    Waiving compliance
   547.    Plaintiff's statement of loss and damage
   548.    Plaintiff's statement must identify particular documents
   549.    Plaintiff's statement must be accurate
   550.    Defendant's statement of expert and economic evidence
   551.    Defendant's statement must identify particular documents
   552.    Defendant's statement must be accurate
   553.    Conference if personal injury damages claim
   554.    Insurers
   555.    Privilege
   556.    Pleadings
   557.    Costs
   558.    Assessment of damages

           Part 3--Moneys in court

   560.    Payment or deposit of money in court
   561.    Disposal of money in court

           Part 4--Judicial review

   564.    Definitions for pt 4
   565.    Application of pt 4
   566.    Form of application for statutory order of review
   567.    Form of application for review
   568.    Application for statutory order of review and for review
   569.    Relief based on application for review if application made for statutory order of review
   570.    Filing documents
   571.    Setting directions hearing
   572.    Service on other parties
   573.    Orders and directions at directions hearing
   574.    Hearing and determination of application at directions hearing if parties agree
   575.    Nonappearance of parties at directions hearing
   576.    Application for dismissal or stay at directions hearing
   577.    Application for dismissal to be made promptly
   578.    Application for costs order at directions hearing
   579.    Orders or directions about or for proceeding to be sought at directions hearing
   580.    Additional requirements for order of certiorari
   581.    No proceeding in relation to things done under mandamus order
   582.    Consolidation of proceedings for prerogative injunctions
   583.    Proceedings in relation to statements of reasons
   584.    Application by unincorporated body
   585.    Proceeding for declaration or injunction

           Part 5--Habeas corpus

   586.    Definitions for pt 5
   587.    Application of pt 5
   588.    Originating process
   589.    Application to court
   590.    Parties 591. Form and procedure
   592.    Procedure on application
   593.    Return of writ of habeas corpus
   594.    Enforcement
   595.    Form of writ

           Part 6--Trans-Tasman proceedings

           Division 1--Preliminary

   595A.   Definition for pt 6
   595B.   Interpretation
   595C.   Application of pt 6

           Division 2--Starting proceedings and applications in proceedings

   595D.   Starting proceeding for order under Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act
   595E.   Applications in proceeding under Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act

           Division 3--Subpoenas

   595F.   Application for leave to serve subpoena in New Zealand
   595G.   Application to set aside subpoena
   595H.   Application for issue of certificate of noncompliance with subpoena

           Division 4--Registration and enforcement of NZ judgments

   595I.   Notice of registration of NZ judgment
   595J.   Application for extension of time to give notice of registration of NZ judgment
   595K.   Enforcement of registered NZ judgment
   595L.   Application to set aside registration of NZ judgment
   595M.   Applications relating to a stay of enforcement of registered NZ judgment

           Division 5--Remote appearances

   595N.   Application for order for use of audio link or audiovisual link


           Part 1--Introduction

   596.    Definitions for ch 15

           Part 2--Grants

   597.    Application for grant
   598.    General notice of intention to apply for grant
   599.    Requirements for notice of intention to apply for grant
   600.    Registrar may make inquiries
   601.    When registrar may make grant

           Part 3--Probate and letters of administration with the will

   602.    Contents of supporting affidavit
   603.    Priority for letters of administration with the will
   604.    Evidence of proper attestation of will
   605.    Interlineations, alterations and erasures
   606.    Documents mentioned in or attached to will
   607.    Wills made by blind or illiterate persons
   608.    Marginal note

           Part 4--Letters of administration on intestacy

   609.    Contents of supporting affidavit on intestacy
   610.    Priority for letters of administration
   611.    Grant to attorney of absent person or person without prior right
   612.    Court not to make grant on intestacy within 30 days after death
   613.    Limited administration
   614.    Limited and special administration

           Part 5--Resealing grants under British Probates Act 1898

   615.    Application of part
   616.    Who may apply for reseal of foreign grant
   617.    Notice of intention to apply for reseal
   618.    Production of grant and testamentary papers
   619.    Special, limited and temporary grants
   620.    Notice to original court

           Part 6--Certain proceedings under the Public Trustee Act 1978

   621.    Order to administer
   622.    Revocation of order to administer

           Part 7--Caveats

   623.    Definitions for pt 7
   624.    Caveats by person objecting
   625.    Caveat procedure
   626.    Setting aside caveat
   627.    Withdrawal of caveat
   628.    Effect of caveat filed on day of grant

           Part 8--Contested proceedings

   629.    Definitions for pt 8
   630.    Application of pt 8
   631.    Statement of nature of interest
   632.    Affidavit of scripts
   633.    Notice to persons with beneficial interest
   634.    Notice of intention to intervene
   635.    Claim to name defendants
   636.    Grant to be filed

           Part 9--Miscellaneous

   637.    Subpoenas
   638.    Administration pending proceedings
   639.    Grants to young persons
   640.    Proof in solemn form
   641.    Notice of revocation or alteration of resealed Queensland grant
   642.    Revocation of grants and limited grants
   643.    Relief against neglect or refusal by executor, administrator or trustee

           Part 10--Assessment of estate accounts

           Division 1--Preliminary

   644.    Definitions for pts 10 and 11

           Division 2--Applying for orders for filing, assessing and passing estate accounts etc.

   645.    Application by beneficiary for filing, assessing and passing estate account
   646.    Requirements for making application for filing, assessing and passing estate account
   647.    Application by trustee for assessing and passing estate account
   648.    Requirements of estate account
   649.    Filing estate account and notice of objection
   650.    Referral of issue to costs assessor

           Division 3--Assessment of estate accounts

   651.    Procedure on assessment
   652.    Powers of account assessor
   653.    No participation by party
   654.    Issue or question arising
   655.    Notice of adjournment
   656.    Conflict of interest
   657.    Certificate of account assessment
   657A.   Written reasons for decision

           Division 4--Passing estate accounts

   657B.   Passing estate account

           Division 5--Commission

   657C.   Application for commission
   657D.   Court may require filing of estate account
   657E.   Decision on application for commission
   657F.   Other orders and agreements

           Part 11--Account assessors

   657G.   Eligibility
   657H.   Application
   657I.   Appointment
   657J.   Ongoing disclosure of adverse matters and updated details
   657K.   List of account assessors
   657L.   Charges for account assessments
   657M.   Ending an appointment by request
   657N.   Ending an appointment for sufficient reason
   657O.   Effect of ending of appointment or notice about possible ending of appointment


   658.    General
   659.    Judgment
   660.    Order
   661.    Filing an order
   662.    Certified duplicate of filed order
   663.    Reasons for order
   664.    Delivery of reserved decision by a different judicial officer
   665.    Time for compliance
   666.    Consent orders
   667.    Setting aside
   668.    Matters arising after order
   669.    Appointment to settle


   670.    Security for costs
   671.    Prerequisite for security for costs
   672.    Discretionary factors for security for costs
   673.    Way security given
   674.    Stay or dismissal
   675.    Setting aside or varying order
   676.    Finalising security
   677.    Counterclaims and third party proceedings


           Part 1--Preliminary

   678.    Application of ch 17A
   679.    Definitions for ch 17A

           Part 2--Costs of a proceeding

           Division 1--Costs of a proceeding generally

   680.    Entitlement to recover costs
   681.    General rule about costs
   682.    General provision about costs
   683.    Costs in proceeding before Magistrates Court
   684.    Costs of question or part of proceeding
   685.    Costs if further proceedings become unnecessary
   686.    Assessment of costs without order
   687.    Assessed costs to be paid unless court orders otherwise
   688.    Costs when proceeding removed to another court
   689.    Costs in an account
   690.    Lawyer's delay or neglect
   691.    Australian lawyer's costs
   692.    Amendment
   693.    Application in a proceeding
   694.    Default judgment
   695.    Extending or shortening time
   696.    Costs of inquiry to find person
   697.    Costs of proceeding in wrong court
   698.    Reserved costs
   699.    Receiver's costs
   700.    Trustee
   700A.   Estates of deceased persons and trusts

           Division 2--Basis of assessment of costs of a party in a proceeding

   701.    Application of div 2
   702.    Standard basis of assessment
   703.    Indemnity basis of assessment
   704.    Trustee

           Part 3--Assessment of costs other than under the Legal Profession Act 2007

           Division 1--Before application

   705.    Costs statement
   706.    Objection to costs statement
   707.    Consent order
   708.    Default assessment if no objection to costs statement
   709.    Setting aside default assessment
   709A.   Failure to serve costs statement

           Division 2--Application

   710.    Application for costs assessment
   711.    Service of application
   712.    Agreed costs assessor
   713.    Costs assessor if no agreement
   713A.   Service of order appointing costs assessor

           Division 3--Assessment

   714.    Powers of an assessing registrar
   715.    Powers of a costs assessor
   716.    No participation by a party
   717.    Issue or question arising
   718.    Notice of adjournment
   719.    Conflict of interest
   720.    Procedure on assessment
   721.    Discretion of a costs assessor
   722.    Assessment must be limited
   723.    Disbursement or fee not paid
   724.    Professional charges and disbursements
   725.    Parties with same lawyer
   726.    Counsel's advice and settling documents
   727.    Evidence
   728.    Solicitor advocate
   729.    Premature brief
   730.    Retainer of counsel
   731.    Refresher fees

           Division 4--Costs of assessment and offers to settle

   732.    Costs of assessment
   733.    Offer to settle costs
   734.    Acceptance of offer to settle costs
   735.    Reduction of more than 15%

           Division 5--Certificate of costs assessor

   736.    Agreement as to costs
   737.    Certificate of assessment
   737A.   Information about outcome of costs assessment
   738.    Written reasons for decision

           Division 6--After assessment

   739.    Application of div 6
   740.    Judgment for amount certified
   741.    Costs may be set off
   742.    Review by court

           Part 4--Assessment of costs under the Legal Profession Act 2007

   743.    Definition for pt 4
   743A.   Application for costs assessment
   743B.   If recovery proceedings started
   743C.   Court may direct preparation of itemised bill
   743D.   Notice of application
   743E.   Agreed costs assessor
   743F.   Costs assessor if no agreement
   743G.   Directions hearing
   743H.   Application to court for directions after certificate of assessment filed
   743I.   Application of other rules

           Part 5--Costs assessors

   743J.   Eligibility
   743K.   Application
   743L.   Appointment
   743M.   Ongoing disclosure of adverse matters and updated details
   743N.   List of costs assessors
   743O.   Charges for costs assessments
   743P.   Ending an appointment by request
   743Q.   Ending an appointment for sufficient reason
   743R.   Effect of ending of appointment or notice about possible ending of appointment
   743S.   Old basis for taxing costs equates to new basis for assessing costs


           Part 1--Appeals to the Court of Appeal

           Division 1--Preliminary

   744.    Definition for pt 1
   745.    Application of pt 1

           Division 2--Procedural

   746.    Starting appeal or making application for new trial
   747.    Content of notice of appeal
   748.    Time for appealing
   749.    Parties to appeal
   750.    Inclusion, removal or substitution of party
   751.    Amendment of notice of appeal
   752.    Service
   753.    Directions conference with registrar
   754.    Cross appeals
   755.    Notice of cross appeal
   756.    Effect of notice of cross appeal
   757.    Affirmation on other ground
   758.    Appeal book
   759.    Registry preparation of appeal book
   760.    Setting a date for appeal

           Division 3--Powers

   761.    Stay of decision under appeal
   762.    Dismissal by consent
   763.    Appeals from refusal of applications made in the absence of parties
   764.    Consent orders on appeal
   765.    Nature of appeal and application for new trial
   766.    General powers
   767.    Exercise of certain powers by judge of appeal
   768.    Matter happening in other court
   769.    Insufficient material
   770.    New trial
   771.    Assessment of costs of appeals
   772.    Security for costs of appeal
   773.    Way security for costs of appeal to be given
   774.    Effect of failure to give security for costs of appeal
   775.    Effect of failure to prosecute appeal

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   776.    Appeals from outside Brisbane
   777.    Registrar may publish certain decision

           Part 2--Applications and cases stated to Court of Appeal

           Division 1--Applications to Court of Appeal

   778.    Application in appeal or case stated
   779.    Procedure
   780.    Documents for application

           Division 2--Cases stated

   781.    Form and contents of case stated

           Part 3--Other appeals

   782.    Application of pt 3
   783.    Procedure for appeals to District Court from Magistrates Court
   784.    Procedure for appeals to a court from other entities
   785.    Application of rules to appeals and cases stated under this part
   786.    Notice of appeal
   787.    Procedure for hearing appeal under r 786
   788.    Consent order
   789.    Registrar may give directions
   790.    Preparation for hearing
   791.    Rehearing after decision of judicial registrar or registrar
   792.    Leave to appeal


           Part 1--Preliminary

   793.    Definitions for ch 19
   794.    Enforcement of money orders
   795.    Enforcement by or against a non–party
   796.    Conditional order
   797.    Amount recoverable from enforcement
   798.    Separate enforcement for costs
   799.    Enforcement period
   800.    Stay of enforcement
   801.    Where to enforce money order
   802.    Enforcing money order in different court

           Part 2--Enforcement hearings

   803.    Purpose of enforcement hearing
   804.    When an enforcement hearing may take place
   805.    Application for end of trial enforcement hearing
   806.    Outcome of application for end of trial enforcement hearing
   807.    Statement of financial position
   808.    Enforcement hearing after money order is made
   809.    Person to whom enforcement hearing summons may be directed and service
   810.    Location for enforcement hearing
   811.    Conduct money
   812.    Subpoena
   813.    Enforcement hearing
   814.    Orders at enforcement hearing
   815.    Failure or refusal in relation to statement of financial position or enforcement hearing
   816.    Enforcement hearing warrant

           Part 3--Enforcement warrants generally

   817.    Procedure
   818.    Deceased enforcement debtor
   819.    Application to set aside enforcement
   820.    Issue and enforcement of enforcement warrant
   821.    Renewal of enforcement warrant
   822.    Return of particular enforcement warrant
   823.    Priority of enforcement warrants
   824.    Enforcement throughout Queensland
   825.    Concurrent enforcement warrants—Magistrates Court
   826.    Enforcement beyond the district
   827.    Cross orders

           Part 4--Enforcement warrants for seizure and sale of property

   828.    Seizure of property under enforcement warrant
   829.    Order of selling property
   830.    Payment by enforcement debtor before sale
   831.    Storage before sale
   832.    Nature of sale
   833.    Sale at best price obtainable
   834.    Advertising
   835.    Postponement of sale
   836.    Accountability for, and distribution of, money received
   837.    Reserve price provisions

           Part 5--Enforcement warrants for redirection of debts

           Division 1--General

   839.    Application of pt 5
   840.    Debts that may be redirected under enforcement warrant
   841.    Attendance of, or information about, the enforcement debtor
   842.    When debt redirected under enforcement warrant
   843.    Payment to enforcement debtor despite redirection
   844.    Third person disputes liability
   845.    Claim by other person
   846.    Discharge of the third person

           Division 2--Regular redirections from financial institutions

   847.    Application of div 2
   848.    Procedure for issue of enforcement warrant for regular redirection
   849.    Content of enforcement warrant for regular redirection
   850.    Service of enforcement warrant for regular redirection
   851.    Financial institution to make payments
   852.    Enforcement debtor not to defeat enforcement warrant
   853.    No other enforcement while regular redirection
   854.    Setting aside, suspending or varying enforcement warrant for regular redirection

           Part 6--Enforcement warrants for redirection of earnings

   855.    General
   856.    Procedure for issue of enforcement warrant redirecting earnings
   857.    Attendance of, or information about, the enforcement debtor
   858.    Content of enforcement warrant redirecting earnings
   859.    Service of enforcement warrant redirecting earnings
   860.    Employer to make payments
   861.    No enforcement while redirection of earnings
   862.    Setting aside, suspending or varying enforcement warrant redirecting earnings
   863.    Cessation of enforcement warrant redirecting earnings
   864.    Two or more warrants redirecting earnings in force
   865.    Person served is not enforcement debtor's employer
   866.    Person ceases to be enforcement debtor's employer
   867.    Directions

           Part 7--Order for payment of order debt by instalments

   868.    Order may authorise payment by instalments
   869.    Prerequisites for instalment order
   870.    No enforcement warrant to issue while instalment order
   871.    Discharge or variation of instalment order
   872.    Cessation of instalment order

           Part 8--Enforcement warrants for charging orders

   874.    Application of pt 8
   875.    Issue of warrant
   876.    Effect of warrant
   877.    Enforcement debtor dealing with charged property
   878.    Issuer dealing with charged property
   879.    Application to enforce charge
   880.    Partnership property

           Part 9--Money in court and stop orders

   881.    Money in court
   882.    Stop orders on money and securities in court

           Part 10--Enforcement warrants for appointment of a receiver

   883.    Application of pt 10
   884.    General provisions relating to receivers apply
   885.    Enforcement of a money order
   886.    Relevant considerations for appointment
   887.    Inquiry
   888.    Receiver's powers

           Part 11--Enforcement officer

   889.    Return of enforcement warrant


           Part 1--Preliminary

   890.    Definition for ch 20
   891.    Enforcement of non-money orders
   892.    Enforcement by or against a non–party
   893.    Amount recoverable from enforcement
   894.    Enforcement period
   895.    Stay of enforcement

           Part 2--Enforcement of particular non-money orders

   896.    Order for possession of land
   898.    Order to perform or abstain from an act
   899.    Substituted performance
   900.    Undertakings
   904.    Prerequisite to enforcement by contempt or seizing property
   905.    Conditional order

           Part 3--Enforcement warrants generally

   906.    Procedure
   907.    Application to set aside enforcement
   908.    Issue and enforcement of enforcement warrant
   909.    Renewal of enforcement warrant
   910.    Return of enforcement warrant
   911.    Priority of enforcement warrants
   912.    Enforcement throughout Queensland

           Part 4--Enforcement warrants for possession

   913.    Prerequisites to enforcement warrant for possession
   914.    Procedure
   915.    Enforcement warrant for possession

           Part 5--Enforcement warrants for delivery of goods

   916.    Enforcement warrant for seizure and delivery of goods

           Part 6--Enforcement warrants for seizure and detention of property

   917.    Property that may be seized under enforcement warrant
   918.    Prerequisite for enforcement warrant authorising seizure and detention of property
   919.    Enforcement against officer of corporation
   920.    Return of seized property

           Part 7--Contempt

           Division 1--Preliminary

   921.    Definition for pt 7

           Division 2--Contempt in face or hearing of court

   922.    Arrest
   923.    Custody
   924.    Hearing

           Division 3--Application for punishment for contempt

   925.    Application of div 3
   926.    Procedure under div 3
   927.    Arrest
   928.    Application by registrar

           Division 4--General

   929.    Warrant
   930.    Punishment
   931.    Imprisonment
   932.    Costs

           Part 8--Warrant for defendant's arrest

   933.    Constitution of court
   934.    Application
   935.    Issue of warrant for defendant's arrest
   936.    Enforcement of warrant for defendant's arrest
   937.    Costs of enforcement
   938.    Service of warrant and claim
   939.    Record of enforcement
   940.    Procedure after arrest
   941.    Release of defendant
   942.    Court powers
   943.    Failure to comply with conditions
   944.    Review
   945.    Restriction on further applications
   946.    Costs
   947.    Return of enforcement warrant


           Part 1--Preliminary

   947A.   Definitions for ch 20A
   947B.   Application of rules and practices of court

           Part 2--Reciprocal enforcement of foreign judgments

   947C.   Definition for pt 2
   947D.   Application for registration of judgment
   947E.   Evidence in support of application
   947F.   Security for costs of application
   947G.   Order for registration
   947H.   Register of judgments
   947I.   Registration of judgments
   947J.   Notice of registration
   947K.   Details of service to be written on notice
   947L.   Application to set aside registration of judgment
   947M.   Enforcement of judgment

           Part 3--Reciprocal enforcement of Australian judgments

   947N.   Certificate of judgment


           Part 1--Interpretation

   948.    Definitions for ch 21

           Part 2--Stakeholder's interpleader

   949.    Stakeholder's interpleader

           Part 3--Enforcement officer's interpleader

   950.    Enforcement officer's interpleader
   951.    Failure to give notice of claim
   952.    Notice to enforcement creditor
   953.    Admission of claim
   954.    Enforcement officer's interpleader application
   955.    Action against enforcement officer or enforcement creditor

           Part 4--Interpleader orders

   956.    Default by claimant
   957.    Neutrality of applicant
   958.    Trial
   959.    Disposal of money in court


           Part 1--Documents

           Division 1--General provisions about documents to be filed

   960.    Application of div 1
   961.    Layout
   962.    Figures may be used
   963.    Alterations
   964.    Serial number
   965.    Copies
   966.    Giving copies to other parties

           Division 2--Filing documents

   967.    How documents may be filed
   968.    Filing documents personally
   969.    Filing documents by post
   970.    Affidavit of debt by post
   971.    Filing fees
   972.    Court fees if state-related party
   973.    Scandalous material

           Division 3--Other provisions about documents

   974.    Form of notices
   975.    Use of approved forms

           Division 4--Electronic court documents

   975B.   Definitions for div 4
   975C.   Electronic filing
   975D.   Responsibility for document electronically filed
   975E.   Retention and status of document electronically filed
   975F.   Approved entity must be sent a copy of document electronically filed
   975G.   If both electronic and paper documents filed
   975H.   Request for electronic judgment under r 283
   975I.   Electronic judgment
   975J.   Application for enforcement hearing under r 808
   975K.   Electronic enforcement hearing summons
   975L.   Application for enforcement warrant under r 817
   975M.   Electronic enforcement warrant

           Part 2--Registry

   976.    Office hours
   977.    Registrar to keep records
   978.    Issue of documents
   979.    Issue of commissions
   980.    Copies of documents
   981.    Searches
   982.    Referral to judge or magistrate
   983.    Admiralty
   984.    Clerks
   984A.   Disposal of exhibits

           Part 3--Solicitors

   985.    Solicitor's act
   986.    Change between acting personally and acting by solicitor
   987.    Change of solicitor
   988.    Removal of solicitor by court
   989.    Solicitor struck off or suspended
   990.    Application for leave to withdraw as solicitor
   991.    Leave to withdraw as solicitor
   992.    Effect of leave to withdraw as solicitor
   993.    Withdrawal of town agent
   994.    Crown solicitor etc.


   995.    Rules for proceedings under Corporations Act or ASIC Act


           Part 1--Provision for Uniform Civil Procedure Amendment Rule (No. 1) 2004

   996.    Transitional provision

           Part 2--Provision for Uniform Civil Procedure Amendment Rule (No. 1) 2005

   997.    Transitional provision

           Part 3--Provision for Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Jurisdiction Provisions) Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2009

   998.    Proceeding for claim started

           Part 4--Provision for Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction Reform and Modernisation Amendment Act 2010

   999.    Transitional provision

           Part 5--Provision for Uniform Civil Procedure (Fees) and Other Legislation Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2011

   1000.   Transitional provision

           Part 6--Provision for Uniform Civil Procedure Amendment Rule (No. 1) 2011

   1001.   Transitional provision

           Part 1--Preliminary
           1.1. Short title
           1.2. Notes in text
           1.3. Application of these rules and other rules of the court
           1.4. Expressions used in the Corporations Act
           1.5. Definitions for these rules
           1.6. References to rules and forms
           1.7. Substantial compliance with forms
           1.8. Court's power to give directions
           1.9. Calculation of time
           1.10. Extension and abridgement of time

           Part 2--Proceedings generally
           2.1. Title of documents in a proceeding—form 1
           2.2. Originating application and interlocutory application—forms 2 and 3
           2.3. Fixing of hearing
           2.4. Supporting affidavits
           2.4A. Application for order setting aside statutory demand (Corporations Act, s 459G)
           2.5. Affidavits made by creditors
           2.6. Form of affidavits
           2.7. Service of originating application or interlocutory application and supporting affidavit
           2.8. Notice of certain applications to be given to ASIC
           2.9. Notice of appearance (Corporations Act, s 465C)—form 4
           2.10. Intervention in proceeding by ASIC (Corporations Act, s 1330)—form 5
           2.11. Publication of notices
           2.12. Proof of publication
           2.13. Leave to creditor, contributory or officer to be heard
           2.14. Inquiry in relation to corporation's debts etc.
           2.15. Meetings ordered by the court

           Part 3--Compromises and arrangements in relation to part 5.1 bodies
           3.1. Application of pt 3
           3.2. Nomination of chairperson for meeting
           3.3. Order for meetings to identify proposed scheme
           3.4. Notice of hearing (Corporations Act, ss 411(4) and 413(1))—form 6
           3.5. Copy of order approving compromise or arrangement to be lodged with ASIC

           Part 4--Receivers and other controllers of corporation property (Corporations Act, part 5.2)
           4.1. Inquiry into conduct of controller (Corporations Act, s 423)

           Part 5--Winding-up proceedings (including oppression proceedings where winding-up is sought)
           5.1. Application of pt 5
           5.2. Affidavit accompanying statutory demand (Corporations Act, s 459E(3))—form 7
           5.3. Application for leave to apply for winding-up in insolvency (Corporations Act, s 459P(2))
           5.4. Affidavit in support of application for winding-up (Corporations Act, ss 459P, 462 and 464)
           5.5. Consent of liquidator (Corporations Act, s 532(9))—form 8
           5.6. Notice of application for winding-up—form 9
           5.7. Applicant to make copies of documents available
           5.8. Discontinuance of application for winding-up
           5.9. Appearance before registrar
           5.10. Order substituting applicant in application for winding-up (Corporations Act, s 465B)—form 10
           5.11. Notice of winding-up order and appointment of liquidator—form 11

           Part 6--Provisional liquidators (Corporations Act, part 5.4B)
           6.1. Appointment of provisional liquidator (Corporations Act, s 472)—form 8
           6.2. Notice of appointment of provisional liquidator—form 12

           Part 7--Liquidators
           7.1. Resignation of liquidator (Corporations Act, s 473(1))
           7.2. Filling vacancy in office of liquidator (Corporations Act, ss 473(7) and 502)
           7.3. Report to liquidator as to company's affairs (Corporations Act, s 475)
           7.4. Liquidator to file certificate and copy of settled list of contributories (Corporations Act, s 478)
           7.5. Release of liquidator and deregistration of company (Corporations Act, s 480(c) and (d))
           7.6. Objection to release of liquidator—form 13
           7.7. Report on accounts of liquidator (Corporations Act, s 481)
           7.8. Application for payment of call (Corporations Act, s 483(3)(b))—form 14
           7.9. Distribution of surplus by liquidator with special leave of the court (Corporations Act, s 488(2))—form 15
           7.10. Powers delegated to liquidator by the court (Corporations Act, s 488)
           7.11. Inquiry into conduct of liquidator (Corporations Act, s 536(1) and (2))

           Part 8--Special managers (Corporations Act, part 5.4B)
           8.1. Application for appointment of special manager (Corporations Act, s 484)
           8.2. Security given by special manager (Corporations Act, s 484)
           8.3. Special manager's receipts and payments (Corporations Act, s 484)

           Part 9--Remuneration of office-holders
           9.1. Remuneration of receiver (Corporations Act, s 425(1))—form 16
           9.2. Determination by court of remuneration of administrator (Corporations Act, s 449E(1)(c) and (1A)(c))—form 16
           9.2A. Review of remuneration of administrator (Corporations Act, s 449E(2))—form 16A
           9.3. Remuneration of provisional liquidator (Corporations Act, s 473(2))—form 16
           9.4. Determination by court of liquidator's remuneration (Corporations Act, s 473(3)(b)(ii))—form 16
           9.4A. Review of remuneration of liquidator (Corporations Act, s 473(5) and (6) and s 504(1))—form 16A
           9.5. Remuneration of special manager (Corporations Act, s 484(2))—form 16

           Part 10--Winding up generally
           10.1. Determination of value of debts or claims (Corporations Act, s 554A(2))
           10.2. Disclaimer of contract (Corporations Act, s 568(1A))
           10.3. Winding up part 5.7 bodies (Corporations Act, ss 583 and 585) and registered schemes (Corporations Act, s 601ND)

           Part 11--Examinations and orders (Corporations Act, part 5.9, divisions 1 and 2)
           11.1. Definition for pt 11
           11.2. Application for examination or investigation under Corporations Act, s 411(9)(b), 423 or 536(3)
           11.3. Application for examination summons (Corporations Act, ss 596A and 596B)—form 17
           11.4. Service of examination summons
           11.5. Discharge of examination summons
           11.6. Filing of record of examination (Corporations Act, s 597(13))
           11.7. Authentication of transcript of examination (Corporations Act, s 597(14))
           11.8. Inspection of record or transcript of examination or investigation under Corporations Act, s 411, 423 or 536
           11.9. Entitlement to record or transcript of examination held in public
           11.10. Default in relation to examination
           11.11. Service of application for order in relation to breaches etc. by person concerned with corporation (Corporations Act, s 598)

           Part 11A--Warrants (Corporations Act, section 486B and part 5.4B, division 3, subdivision B)
           11A.1. Arrest of person (Corporations Act, s 486B)—form 17A

           Part 12--Takeovers, acquisitions of shares etc. (Corporations Act, chapters 6 to 6D) and Securities (Corporations Act, chapter 7)
           12.1. Service on ASIC in relation to proceedings under Corporations Act, chapter 6, 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D or 7
           12.1A. Reference to court of questions of law arising in proceeding before takeovers panel (Corporations Act, s 659A)
           12.2. Application for summons for appearance of person (Corporations Act, s 1071D(4))—form 18
           12.3. Application for orders relating to refusal to register transfer or transmission of securities (Corporations Act, s 1071F)

           Part 14--Powers of courts (Corporations Act, part 9.5)
           14.1. Appeal from act, omission or decision of administrator, receiver or liquidator etc. (Corporations Act, ss 554A and 1321)

           Part 15--Proceedings under the ASIC Act
           15.1. Reference to court of question of law arising at hearing of ASIC (ASIC Act, s 61)
           15.2. Court may draw inferences
           15.3. Application for inquiry (ASIC Act, ss 70, 201 and 219)

           Part 16--Powers of registrars
           16.1. Powers of registrars
           16.2. Reference by registrar

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